Friday, July 25, 2008

A Little Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Action....

I hit the Nordstrom anniversary sale and picked up a few pretty things.... First, the polishes!

Dior Liquorice


Chanel Rose Tourbillon.

And some of the MAC Colour Forms collection....

Outer boxes...

Closed palettes...

Cool Eyes x5 Palette

Warm Eyes x5 Palette....

Naked To The Core lipstick...

Pop Circle lipstick, and

Play Around Pink Colour Forms powder.

Mmm, MAC and nail polish.... what more could you want?


  1. *licks screen, even though I hates the taste of licorice* It all looks like sweeties!! Is Zoya Bebe meant to be a dupe for the Chanel? Purty-ness :)

  2. Liquorice is GOOOORGEOUS!

    How is the formula?

  3. I need Liquorice. *sigh*

  4. I really, really like Warm eyes palette... Have you tried it yet?

  5. Kittylamour, I don't have Bebe, but from the pics I've seen it looks pretty much identical! :)

    Grace, it's a little thick and gooey, to tell you the truth. Love the color, but I'm not impressed with the application!

    Steph, I had to call the Nordstrom Beauty Hotline to get mine (along with Red Ebony) and those people can find anything!

    Masa_inn, I haven't used it yet, actually! I love the colors in it, I'm going to wear it this week. I've been too obsessed with my Two To Glow Mineralize Eyeshado Duo to wear much else lately, hehe ;-)

  6. Oh, how do you like the duo? Is it really all that chunky and glittery? I'm torn between Glow and Plums...

  7. Masa_inn, I *love* the duos! They're so much better than the older Mineralize shadows- nowhere near as chunky/flaky/glittery. They're much smoother and not as sparkly. I love all of them, but my top three are Two To Glow, Play On Plums and Fresh Green Mix. I have brown eyes and they're all very flattering combinations :) I might need a backup of Two To Glow, it's incredible and looks awesome with my eyes/hair/skin color! :D

  8. Thanks for good news! I'm going to try them tomorrow: need a retail therapy in a rather big dose. I'm blue-eyed, so brown/orange really make my eyes pop.

    BTW - is Liquorice Nordy's exclusive? Is it still available?

  9. Masa_inn, oh, definitely give them a try, you may love them :) And Liquorice is Nordstrom exclusive, I think it's sold out online, but Nordstrom Beauty Hotline should be able to find you one from a store and ship it to you :) Those people seem to be able to find anything!!

  10. Dior Liquorice looks delicious!

  11. Currently very jealous that I don't live in the states!
    Loving both the nail colours!

  12. Sanna, definitely :) It's perfect for fall!

    Naomi, aww! At least you don't have to buy overpriced Chanel and Dior nailpolish cause it's "on sale" hehee ;-) (That word "sale" gets me every time!)

  13. Plum indeed :) And love it so far.


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