Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fancy by Jessica Simpson

Totally not nail polish related, I know, but this is a beauty blog so it's technically on topic, right?

I just stumbled across this new fragrance by Jessica Simpson, due to be released sometime in August. I was one of the (apparently few) people who loved the Dessert line (but not really the Dessert Treats garbage) so this has me a little interested. I am really not a fan of celebrity fragrances. I do own a few, but that's based on how they smell (and in one instance a short-lived obsession with all things Paris Hilton). However, if the celebrity fragrance promises to make me smell like cupcakes, I'm sold.

I like the way the bottle looks, and the notes sound half good and half awful. I'd be curious to give this a sniff to see if it's awesome or awesomely bad. Cause toasted almonds!! I can't resist something promising to make me smell like toasted almonds.

If you can't tell from that picture, the notes are: Pear, Apricot Nectar, Red Fruits (?), Gardenia, Night Blooming Jasmine, Toasted Almonds (!!!), Caramel, Creamy Crystals (wtf?!?!) and Vanilla Cream.

Seriously.... what the hell is a "creamy crystal"??

All of that aside, when I look at this fragrance, I can't help but think...

Here's your one chance, Fancy don't let me down....


  1. Interesting bottle. It does sound promising though...

  2. ok, that Reba lyric seriously made me crack up just now. me and my room mate sing it all the time! the reason why is a pretty uninteresting story, so I'll save you the boredom.

    Have you tried "with love" by hillary duff? it is simply amazing. seriously, it smells so freaking good. best c3eleb scent evar!

  3. I love when fragrances try to sound so grandiose (night blooming jasmine, creamy crystals...hahaha).

    I'd be intrigued to smell this one as well. Oddly enough, many stupid celebrity perfumes actually smell good. I know that Hillary Duff's was good, and the MaryKate and Ashley ones weren't bad either (oh the joys of having a 12 year old cousin!)

  4. With a name like that it had to have some fancy wth ingredients, right?!

  5. The quote made me laugh. I never thought you paid attention when I was listening.

  6. "creamy crystal" never heard of it-
    Now I wanna know what it is lol

  7. Diann_co, I really can't wait to smell it... I'm so curious about it!

    Laura, lol! I'm glad someone got my joke ;-) I think I have a sample of With Love lying around somewhere... I don't think I've tried it yet! I'll dig out my sample and test it out :D

    Grace, I am embarrassed to admit that I love Britney Spears Fantasy. I know, I know! I'm so ashamed. But it smells like weird fruity cupcakes!!

    Micha, I guess so! Creamy Crystals sound pretty fancy to me, lol

    Anonymous, hi Mom!

    Sanna, I'm not sure if ANYONE knows what it is, LOL! ;-)

  8. uh...let's see, as if she didn't have enough issues with the now discontinued Dessert Line. I suppose she had to do the environmentally conscious thing & had to recycle those perfume notes somehow. Gardenia + creamy crystal (wth?) plus those gourmand notes in my mind seem to kinda add up to something like BS Curious (IIRC the floral note is magnolia mixed with gourmand notes) ick...I hate BS Curious. Fantasy isn't too bad. I'm not opposed to celebri-scents because I do own and like JLo Glow and Celine Dion Belong. I even had Naomi Campbell premiere fragrance (bought 2 bottles). I also have to say I fell to the hype back in the 90's of Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds and Black Pearls. I have to admit, Elizabeth Taylor's classic Hollywood glamour style is iconic and understandably so and can see why someone would be attracted to owning a product carrying her image on it. OTOH, I don't see myself rushing out to by something just because it's endorsed by Jessica Simpson.

  9. Hontapocasgreen, great comment! I think Elizabeth Taylor is an exception. Think of how many people bought Chanel No.5 after Marilyn said she wore it? I think glamour just has that irresistible appeal, and Elizabeth is all about glamour, celebrity fragrance or not. :D

  10. *wraps head around 'creamy crystals', fails*

    I don't really like gourmand scents. I was born and raised in the tropics, so I worry if I smell too sweet or dessert-y, I'd attract flies and bees and cockroaches although I admit my paranoia may be baseless. Bring on the mosquito-repelling citronella! :P But I have been wearing a touch of vanilla (Shalimar, no less, a spritz and only when I am in heavily air-conditioned environments), so baby steps, baby steps. I hope the perfume lives up to the expectations of Dessert fans!

  11. Shryh, I think I'd qualify as a "gourmand junkie" lol. :D I completely understand your hesitation to wear sweet scents! I have a bit of a biting-insect phobia (the kinds that don't bite are cool with me!) so I'm always covered in bug spray when I'm outside... I'm pretty sure that's not so good for me, but at least it keeps me from flipping out every time I hear a mosquito buzz near my head! lol ;-)

  12. Not to be redundant, but I agree with WTF creamy crystals? What does that even mean?

    In terms of sweet smells, have you experienced Mariah Carey's 'M' fragrance? Two words: toasted marshmallow. And, I actually...kind of like it.

  13. Kyl, seriously! Creamy.... crystals...???
    I have not tried M, but toasted marshmallows? I think I'm gonna have to check it out ;-) I just can't let anyone see me buying it... lol XD

  14. You know what, I loved Dessert Beauty too. I'm a sucker for anything sweet, I have Britney Curious In Control, Midnight Fantasy, and Kyle Sweet Darling too :D Now I have to go sniff Mariah (schnorf!) in case she does smell like marshmallow. I thought it was quite flowery when I saw it in the shops.
    And I love the look of the 'Fancy' bottle. I'm relying on you to go sniff it for me when it comes out, as bet your bottom dollar we won't get it here in the UK!

  15. kittylamour, yay another Dessert fan! I think the "Taste" fragrance (tahitian vanilla, white chocolate, coconut cream and honey) is one of my favorite fragrances of all time!!

    Anyway, I forgot all about Kylie's fragrance! I'd be interested in trying that. I wonder who carries it...?

  16. Love the bottle:) creamy cryst..excuse me, what did you say?;D

  17. I Totally have the Reba song in my head now =/

    This looks interesting!

  18. Shammy, lol! Yeah, it's definitely been stuck in my head for almost a week now! So catchy XD

  19. OK, I only found your blog today and love the polish comparisons, so thank you!

    But really that's not why I wrote. I, too, loved the Dessert line, and love all those lovely food scents!!

    That's not why I wrote, either. It was the "Fancy" line that sent me over the edge. The song has not left my head since I read it and read all the comments above mine!

    So, yeah, nice sense of humor.

  20. Karina, haha thanks for the comment! ;-) (The song has been stuck inmy head on repeat for the last few weeks.... GET OUT OF MY HEAD, REBA!!!) LOL

  21. Good for people to know.


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