Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dita Von Teese's Awesome Half-Moon Mani

Normally I don't do the "celebrity" thing. I could really care less what LiLo or J-Lo or K-Fed or whoever does with their nails. Celebrity nail trends are very boring and uninspired and just not that interesting. There are really only two celebrities whose nails I care about- Rihanna and Fergie, as they always seem to be breaking away from the trends and doing their own thing.

I'm making an exception by posting this awesome picture of the incredibly gorgeous Dita Von Teese wearing an awesome red and white half-moon mani. I'm in love with this look in any color combination. I especially loved the Sephora catalogue white and orange one.

Photo Credit: WENN

Click the image to enlarge. Isn't that a great look? It looks so old fashioned retro glamourous.

What do you think of the half-moon style? Have you ever tried it? I'm curious!


  1. I LOVE the half-moon style (and Dita, at that!) but i suck majorly at it

  2. Laura, I've tried it before and couldn't get it to look right. There must be a trick to it. And I love Dita- she's pale, curvy and beautiful! Refreshing :)

  3. I have just bought some of those stickers you put on your nails for a french mani but I was planning to do the half moon look. Do you think black ploish would work?

  4. Taffy, DEFINITELY! I think it would look awesome :)

  5. Hi, I love the half-moon style, I think it looks very elegant. But I must say, although I love Dita, I don't like the way she wares it. I think she always has this style, in red, with half-moons in silver, and long, pointy nails. I think it would be much prettier with shorter nails...

    How do you do a half-moon style? I also use stickers for french mani. Is there a simpler way for at home mani?

  6. I love that look - but how to do it yourself? Can I request a tutorial ;o)

    (I live in Norway. The cost of a simple mani is almost 80 dollars... As a result I do my own nails.)

  7. Oh yeah, I like this look. I've actually done it on myself with a lot of patience/time & french manicure stickers, lol. I like the way it came out also! I didnt even think to do a white/red one so I'll do that sometime soon. Great inspiration Scrangie! Thanks!

  8. I think it looks awesome in general and on Dita in particular.

    I wish I could pull it off, but my nail beds are too short; let alone I'm too clumsy to make it look perfect.

    My first thought - "Oh, Scrangie's picture, wonderful" LOL. I'm still trying to wake up.

  9. She did the same look in Harper's Bazaar a few months ago. It was a really clear picture. She definitely can pull that look off. I haven't even attempted one because a)my nails are on the shorter side bc I play guitar and it would look strange and b)there is no way I could do a half moon mani without it looking terrible.

    It's definitely a great look though. Maybe one day I'll get it done by a professional

  10. LOVE it. Do you know if there are there sticker templates available to help with this?

  11. Gee... those shoes must hurt... her feet look broken or something.. ouchie :@

    Hmm... I'm undecided on this one... Maybe it's shape of her nails I don't like...

  12. I love it, I've been planning to do one forever but never get around to it.

  13. I love the half-moon look in general, and Dita wears it extremely well. It suits her retro/glamourous look perfectly.

    I've tried it, but I just left my moons bare instead of using white. It was kind of a pain to do, but I'd do it again if I had some time.

    I used OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

  14. Blah, that pic URL didn't show up.

    Try this?

  15. FM - your link worked; and there is a picture (I believe, the same) on Nailgal.

  16. Dani, I've used those french manicure guides when I've tried it. Instead of placing them across the tip, I put them toward the bottom of my nail! I'm not sure what is the most simple way, I haven't "perfected" this yet :)

    Delirium, wow! That's expensive. I always do my own nails anyway- nail salons here are SO FILTHY!
    Once I figure out how to do this and make it look nice I'll definitely post a tutorial :)

    xojordangalorexo, awesome! I'm going to have to try this again, I really love this look!

    Masa_inn, LOL!!! I wish ;-)

    Sanna, yay! I think it looks awesome :)

    Grace, that's an excellent reason to have short nails :) I miss my guitar playing days, but when I was playing guitar I missed my long nail days, lol!

    Kyl, as far as I know, there aren't stickers specifically for this, but I'm sure I could make my own out of labels or scotch tape or something... Or french manicure guides :)

    Gef, lol! And her nail shape is very old fashioned. I like the retro long pointy nail look, but not everyone can pull that off! It does look dated.

    Steph, I bet you would rock it with your long elegant nailbeds :)

    Faintlymacabre, that's AWESOME! I LOVE IT!!! Great job, it looks perfect!!

  17. Thank you Scrangi.
    I love your blog :), keep up the good work! :)

  18. Goodness those shoes look like theyre ankle breakers! But wow do her nails look lovely.

    Scrangie I would love if you could do a comparison for my mum? Shes trying to find a sheer pink, sort of like opi passion but just a teeny bit pinker. If you could do this id love you forever lol Heres her list...

    Passion, Privacy Please, Mimosas for Mr and Mrs, Bubble Bath and Get me to the Taj on time. If you dont have any of those colours thats fine n_n

  19. Dani, thank you! And you're very welcome :)

    Tabe-Chan, lol! Those shoes do look dangerous. And of course, I'd love to do that comparison- I *think* I have most of those, but I'll have to check! I've been a little slow with my swatches lately because it's been so cloudy, so it might take me a day or two to get good pictures :)

  20. Oh! Great! I hope you figure out this mani soon :)

    I have only gotten one mani in my entire life. In London where it was under half price. But I do think I do a rather good job myself, and I'm free...

  21. Delirium~, I have gotten a few professional manis, and it always seems like I do a better job :D No one knows your hands like you do!

  22. I love the half-moon. I just did my nails (a few hours ago) and I've got a half-moon look going on with red H&M laquer. pics in my blog.

    Love it!

  23. Rouaa, I just checked out your pic- AMAZING! You did such a great job, I love it! I also REALLY love that green eyeliner! Good job! <3

  24. Scrangie hihi thanks! :D
    I love the look. I did it before with China Glaze Up all night. it looked kind off wierd, so I tried the red laquer. haha.

    I never thought I would ever like it this much. Even my hubby likes it! And my sis told me that it was pretty. So it really grew in my eyes. haha :)

    I think you should try it! really! Show us! :) If you don't wanna freehand it you could make stickers out of tape or something. :D haha

    Thank you! I love the liner! Do you have GOSH over there? If you do, then buy some! I think I'll try the blue one tomorrow.. We'll see. Check back tomorrow :p

    Btw did you understand anything of the Swedish on my blog? :p

    Btw.. I love your blog!

  25. Rouaa, yes, I think I will give it another try! Yours looks soooo good!

    I have never seen GOSH over here, but I think I might be able to get a similar color from another brand... It looks awesome.

    And I do understand a little bit of Swedish- I'm trying to learn more :)

    I'd love to put a link to your blog on my sidebar, if that's okay with you :)

  26. Scrangie I'm waiting for your vintage style nails then ;)

    Hehe well okay. Tell me if you need me to send you some it you don't finde anything that catches you eyes or so. :)

    Dang! How do you find it? Is it hard to learn?

    Oh that would be great! Can I also put a link to your blog on my sidebar? I'm always here anyway ;) haha

  27. Rouaa, fantastic! I'll put up your link :)

    Swedish more difficult to learn than any language I've tried to learn... I have a hard time with the pronunciation and spelling! I pick up bits and pieces, I have one of those foreign language CD-ROMS and a decent English-Swedish dictionary :) But mostly I learn words from reading all of the amazing Swedish blogs! ;-)

  28. Scrangie lovely! and I'll put yours up!

    What language do you speak? More than English :p
    Yeah I heard that Swedish is very hard to learn. The grammar can be a bit tricky for some and the spelling. We shouldn't even mention the pronunciation as you said. Hehe. I can't remeber if it was hard for me. I was about 7 years old when I learned Swedish ;)

    Hope you'll learn more soon! Just as me, or Sanna or someone else if you wonder anything about the spelling or pronunciation ;) haha.
    have a great day!

  29. Thank you, Rouaa! I only fluently speak English, but I have studied Japanese, German, Spanish and Mandarin (that one was impossible!!). But, as they say, use it or lose it, and it seems I've lost most of it! XD

  30. Scrangie haha true. I can only speak Arabic, Swedish and English fluently, but I also studied German and French. I still can some German but the French... well... *blush*. haha :D

  31. Rouaa, wow, I envy you! Arabic seems reallyt complicated, too. I'd love to speak more than one language!

  32. Scrangie well I don't know about that. my first word was in arabic so ;)

    Oh my god! It's so hot here! I think I died and went to hell!
    Or no wait... heaven! Hitting the MAC disc later today. haha. How's your day?

  33. haha i realize this post is almost a year old but i just perfected my dita manicure and wanted to post a comment on your blog (which i just got hooked on and i'm reading all the back entries). here is my attempt :)

  34. Kelliegonzo, WOW! You did such a great job on that, it looks flawless!!!


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