Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Rescue Beauty Lounge Colors!

Rescue Beauty Lounge just released three new colors- Bikini Bottom, Square Pants and Starfish-Patrick. Do you sense a theme there? I found it a little odd myself, but I'm not complaining, these colors are pretty cool!

I picked up Bikini Bottom and Square Pants. Starfish Patrick just didn't seem like a color I'd wear very often- from the picture it looked like a pale, peachy-coral.

Bikini Bottom and Square Pants are semi-sheer, and look good both with two coats and with three. They're barely streaky (the streaks disappear as it dries!) and they have that wonderfully smooth formula that Rescue Beauty Lounge is known for.

Bikini Bottom, two coats. Looks like a pale, watery blue.

Bikini Bottom, 3 coats. This is beautiful! It looks like a retro blue- I'm thinking 50's maybe? Either way, I'm in love with this color.

Square Pants. Uh oh, this reminds me of Sheer Natural without the shimmer.... Hmmm

Square Pants, 3 coats. YES! Much better. A perfectly pale and soft buttery yellow. Delicate and eye-catching at the same time. Those of you who are looking for the perfect non-neon yellow or don't want to spend $25 on Chanel L.A. Sunrise, this is your yellow.

I might have to get the other one now! I didn't think I'd like these as much as I do- I expected them to be much sheerer (is that a word?) after seeing the pictures, but after trying them on I think they're perfect. Square Pants is definitely my new favorite yellow.


  1. Thanks God I don't care for pale/pastel colors!

    I'm afraid of coming Fall collection, thou.

    Wonderful swatches, as usual.

  2. Crap from your pics I can tell Bikini will be going back for sure. Though Bob might be a keeper for me. Mine come later this week.

  3. Wow I agree with 3 coats of Bikini Bottoms, its like one of those old 50s plastic melamine bowls we used to make whipped cream in when I was little :) Might have to try and find this in the UK now, I still on pills from not finding the green lovely RBL Recycle in the UK :( But I like Bikini so much I might have to overcome my stinginess now and order from America.. :)

  4. I think I just added another np for mye RBL order, love Square Pants!

  5. Your 3-coat swatches just sold me on both!! They're kinda old-fashioned while still gorgeous and sexy :D

  6. Me likey Bikini Bottom, it's such a cute color! I'm gonna get it, thanks for the pics Scrangie!


  7. Ah shucks. I don't think I'm sold on either though you've made Bikini Bottom sound very attractive. The polishes don't seem to be on the website, where can one get them? :)

  8. oooh, i think im going to have to add these to my growing rbl w/l! :D

  9. oh my god! I need these, do you have any idea of a site that sells lippman scrang?

  10. Great swatches! I was waiting for your swatches before I made up my mind. :) My wallet was really hoping to pass on these - as I can see that's not happenin. I'm quite suprised that their not as translucent as imagined. Did you have any application problems with the yellow?

  11. Masa_inn, I can hear your wallet breath a sigh of relief, lol :)

    Tink, aw, at least they let you return! You might end up liking both though :D

    Lina-Elvira, yes exactly! That's what I'm picturing when I see that color :) I hope you're able to find these at a reasonable price, they're quite lovely!

    Ane Kristine, yay I love it too :D

    Michelle, exactly! I think that's why I'm drawn to them- they seem delightfully retro but still pretty :D

    TK, you're very welcome! :D

    Shryh, this is the link they gave me in the newsletter : http://www.rescuebeauty.com/NewForPreFall.html

    Ocelot1, Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes are really a treat, you need at least one to fully experience the joy! ;-)

    Hey Tabe-Chan! I know that a couple places sell Lippmann- Bath and Body Works, Beauty.com, Nordstrom, Lippmanncollection.com and QVC.com, but I'm not sure how many ship to NZ... Hopefully most of them do :)

    Steph, thank you! The yellow was pleasantly thin for a yellow polish, and I did experience a little streaking on the first coat, but it actually started to even out as the polish dried! The second coat was the same way, the streaks disappeared as it started to dry. Third coat showed no streaks at all :D

  12. Grayeyez, I think they're lovely :) Such pretty, calming colors!

  13. Ohh, that's great. RBL's Yellow Fever is the only "yellow" that applies perfect for me so, I'm excited to try this new one out. Starfish Patrick is calling your name - don't torture yourself! :)

  14. Makes me want Spongebob nail stickers.. wonder if such exist. I LOVE SPONGEBOOOOBBBBBBB.B.

  15. Steph, hehehe I think you're right :) I may have to get it!

    Mizz X, lol! With all the wacky licensed merchandise they have these days, I'm sure there are Spongebob nail stickers... Or you could just use regular stickers :)

  16. JFYI: Fall collection will be available mid-October.

    I sent an email asking about Fall collection and got an answer from Baek! Too bad I cannot get an autograph on it :)

  17. Masa_inn, awesome!! I can't wait to see what they have planned :) Maybe if I'm super lucky I'll get a preview or something, a girl can only dream ;-)

  18. Could you pretty pretty please do swatches of these colors over a white polish?!


  19. Is there a similar shade to Bikini Bottom that's not so sheer? Also maybe one that doesn't have a $18 price tag? I really love the color...

  20. Datura Rose, the only match I've been able to find is Hot Baby Blue by New York Summer. It's just as sheer, but only $1! You can get it at TransDesign.com :D Hope this helps! :)


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