Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Misa Fall 2008 Poisoned Passion Collection Swatches

Misa Poisoned Passion collection... What can I say? They're perfect in every way. Seriously, the colors, the formula, the shimmer, the promotional images, everything! These polishes have my name written all over them. I mean, look! Blue! Green! Purple! Charcoal! These are the types of colors that I wear 90% of the time, so this collection has me ecstatic.

Enough babble, on to the good stuff.

A Sin Worth Committing. Hello! Take a look at this beauty. It's a deep, clean blue with shimmer that just explodes with brightness when the sun hits it. It's one of those lit-from-within colors. And as a sidenote, this didn't stain my fingers blue after I removed it.

Dying Love. A smoky, shimmery charcoal color. The promo pics made it seem lighter, but I like the real version better! It's sooty, almost like graphite or granite (it matches my kitchen counter, lol)

Fatal Affair. This one reminds me of Blueberry Glaze! It's a deep, dark purple base with an overlay of blue shimmer, and then you look at it in direct sunlight it also has red microshimmer! Very complex.

Forbidden Lust. Oh my. Shimmery purple!! Glowy, sparkly, vampy purple goodness.

Love Bite. The only cream of the collection. Deep yet translucent vampy burgundy. It's almost a bright magenta sort of color with one coat, and with two coats it transforms into this!

The gem of the collection.... Toxic Seduction.
I'm not sure what to say about this color. I think the picture speaks for itself. I feel happy looking at this color. I'm speechless.

The application on these was excellent. No goo, no drips, no streaks, nothing!

Usually there are one or two things I don't like about a collection, but I have no complaints here. None. This is perfect. I like every single color.

These will be available for purchase in August!

Special thanks to Misa for these polishes!


  1. Awesome swathes!

    I wish I could pull Dying Love off (let alone - photograph it like this, LOL).

  2. GORGEOUS! I think some are dupes but still gorgeous

  3. Must. Have. Forbidden Lust. and. Toxic Seduction.

  4. OMG! Toxic Seduction, I covet you :) Can't get Misa in UK, so will have to make do with Essie "Aruba Blue" and OPI "Purple with a purpose" for now.. :(

    And OMG how great is your blog?? You got me thru my recent illness in (nail) style. Keep up the fab work! :)

  5. Scrangie, thanks for the swatches, your pics are the best! I think I'm gonna get most (if not all) of them!

    Off topic, but may I know what is your fave base and top coat?


  6. Scrangie you are KILLING me!!!

  7. i love these! but im worried i might have similar colors in my collex...can u see if they are dupey to other colors? thx!! :D

  8. Fatal Affair is awesome! I'm still totally loving blue nails.

    Your nails always look flawless.

  9. Where can you get these?

  10. Oh my word. I need those, especially A Sin Worth Committing and Toxic Seduction.

  11. These pictures almost makes me want to cry because I'm so jealous that you already have them. How come you already have them?! I NEED THEM! Gorgeous, all of them.

  12. OMFG!!! One of the best colletions ever! awesome swatches!

  13. Oh yes! I can hardly wait for these! I have been exited about them ever since I saw the first pictures! Your swatches made me extatic! Wonderful, wonderful colors!

  14. Wow -- those are STUNNING. I'm new to this whole nailpolish thing (seriously, I haven't worn any in about 20 years, and all of a sudden dove in with both feet) -- is it possible they'll release a set with minis of all of them, or are they only available full size?

  15. I just love Forbidden Lust and Toxic Seduction. Can't wait.

  16. Toxic Seduction and Dying Love are just *beautiful*. Bugger - I feel another transatlantic purchase coming on.

    Liz x (Squeezeweasel on MUA)

  17. omg.... Forbidden Lust is to die for!!!

  18. wow i love the green! do you know if misa is big 3 free?

  19. Masa_inn- it looked great on you in your pictures! :D

    Diann_co, I think there are definitely dupes, except Toxic Seduction! ;-)

    Grace, bwahahaha! Aren't they gorgeous?

    Lina-Elvira, sorry to hear you were ill! I hope you're feeling better! :) I think head2toe beauty will ship to the UK.... I'm not 100% sure but they might!

    Hey TK! Thanks :) My favorite base coats are OPI Nail Envy and Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator, and my favorite top coat of all time is Seche Vite! :D

    Ponchy, hehehe sorry dear! ;-)

    Ocelot1, definitely! I'll post some dupes for you :)

    Naomi, thank you so much :)

    Dirrtyxx, I get mine from head2toebeauty.com, but you can sometimes find them in nail supply stores and salons! :D

    Sybelle, Toxic Seduction is incredible, I'm wearing it right now and I'm in loooove!

    Chaosophia, sorry! :) Misa sent them to me as a preview! I'm very grateful that I was able to see these early :)

    Sanna, I'm glad you think so, I think so too!! :D

    Sminkan, thank you, thank you!! :D

    G-shadowslayer- As far as I know, Misa has not done minis before, so they will most likely only ever release full size in this collection. Misa is a very affordable brand, so it won't set you back too much if you decide to get them all :) Companies that do minis regularly are OPI, China Glaze and Color Club, so if you like minis they might have something you're looking for :)

    Sminkjante, I love them also :) They will be released soon :)

    Liz, hey there! :D I think these are worth it, hehe :D

    Davina, I'm glad you love it, I think it's gorgeous!

    Andie, I'm not sure, but I think they are. I can find out! I'll check on that! :D

  20. Scrangie,

    Can you compare Sally H. Flair to Fatal Affair? Descriptive is good, but picture would be even better :)

  21. Thanks for the pics Scrangie!!! They are all gorgeous! Toxic Seduction is very unique. Since I passed up OPI YGGTB, I'll get Misa's A Sin Worth Committing :)

  22. Masa_inn, of course :D

    Grayeyez, the formula on them is great, I like it better than the new 3-free OPI formula :D They'll look awesome on you! :)

  23. you have wonderful swatches. are those your real nails?

  24. Anonymous, thank you! Yes, those are my real nails, 100% natural! :D

  25. Misa is 3 free. You can get Misa in the UK as well. Go to NSI UK.

    From Misa

  26. How do you do so many swatches without killing your nails with acetone? What is your secret?

  27. Misa, thanks! :)

    Anonymous, it's a little rough on my cuticles- I use acetone nail polish remover, and not pure acetone and I apply lots of lotion and cuticle oil afterwards :)

  28. A Sin Worth Committing is gorgeous! I will definitely be purchasing that.

  29. Hey Beautychick101, it really is fantastic, I think you'll love it :)

  30. Scrangie-
    On the "Black Phoenix Trading Post "Blood Countess" picture..what's the color on the pinky finger?

  31. Rachell, it's one coat of the same polish (two on the rest of the nails)


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