Friday, July 25, 2008

Comparison: Essie Summer 2008 Ulta Exclusives

I've searched through my stash to find some matches for these Ulta Exclusive colors, and I think I've found some decent ones.

Thumb to pinkie: Essie Surfer Dude, OPI The Lifeguard Makes Me Blush, Zoya Whitney, Goldie 80's, OPI I Prefer Pink.

As you can see, the equally hard to find OPI I Prefer Pink seems to be the closest match. However, Goldie 80's, which is still available at Bath and Body Works is a decent match and is just a touch lighter than Surfer Dude in real life.

Thumb to pinkie: Essie Life Guard, Essie E-Nuff Is E-Nuff, Essie Wife Goes On, Zoya LC, OPI Cajun Shrimp.

Essie Wife Goes On is pretty much identical to Life Guard. Wife Goes On is a recent release and should still be readily available anywhere that carries Essie.

Index to pinkie: Essie Life Guard, OPI My Chihuahua Bites, OPI Most Honorable Red, OPI Sun-Body Loves Me!

These are similar, but not exact matches.

Thumb to pinkie: Essie Pool Boy, Zoya Audrina, OPI I'm India Mood For Love, Essie Bermuda Shorts, China Glaze Designer Satin.

It seems like the closest match is China Glaze Designer Satin. It's slightly less purple.

Thumb to pinkie: Essie Pool Boy, New York Summer Super Violet, OPI It's Toe-tally Summer, Color Club Power Play, OPI Passion For NY Fashion.

Again, no exact matches, but New York Summer Super Violet is similar and a steal at only 99 cents.

If I come across a more exact match to any of these I'll be sure to let you know! These are compared to polishes I already own, so if there's something you think might be a better match, let me know and I'll check it out!

Hope this helps!


  1. You are too awesome. Thank you so much! I was able to get a CP of these from a great gal on MUA, but may still need Zoya LC & Whitney anyway... I'm awful!

  2. Lyzi, you are *very* welcome! I love to help :) I really like the Zoyas, I'd almost say it's worth having both (but that's my polish-addicted justification!)


  3. Where do you buy NY Summer polishes?

    Thanks for the comparisons.

  4. Thanks for the swatches! Surfer Dude was the only one I wanted, but since I have I Prefer Pink I can cross it off my list. :)

  5. Designer satin is such a beauty:) You're amazing with swatches, thank you!:D

  6. Grace, I get mine from :) NY Summer has some pretty cool colors- I love NY Summer Amaranth (medium green) also!

    Gymnastgirly, you're very welcome! :D I always luck out with the Ulta Exclusive OPIs and Essies in the clearance bins ;-)

    Badbomben, thank you :) You're welcome! :D <3

  7. WOW these look exactly like the Gossip Girl collection from Zoya. I have LC, Lo, Audrina, and Elodie. So I guess I definitely don't need the Essie summer collection too. What do you think scrangie?

  8. Beautylover, I think you're exactly right :) Unless you like to collect (I do) you really can't tell too much of a difference between colors and probably don't need both. They're strikingly similar! :D


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