Thursday, October 13, 2011

Philosophy Marshmallows For Toasting Gift Set Holiday 2011 Review

My first Philosophy Christmas item of the year! Too bad it didn't quite work out for me... But first, let me show you the set.

This is the Marshmallows for Toasting set. It comes in a big sturdy box shaped like a house with a little window for viewing the products inside... though, you can't see all three items, so not sure how useful that little cutout is. Also, I could really do without all the babies on every Philosophy package!

Here's what's inside. A Marshmallows for Toasting 3-in-1 Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath (4 ounce), a Marshmallows for Toasting Body Lotion (2 ounce) and a full size Marshmallows for Toasting Lip Shine (.5oz).

The Marshmallows for Toasting 3-in-1 is really pretty. It's all pearlized and sparkly and just barely tinted pink.

The Marshmallows for Toasting Lip Shine is really gorgeous. It's a sheer (very sheer) milky pink with fine white shimmer and larger (but still fine) opal rainbow sparkle. Go ahead and enlarge these. You'll see little flashes of pink, yellow, pastel blue, pastel green and even a little red.

Sadly, I think I'm going to have to return this. This is a first for me. A Philosophy scent that is completely unwearable. Let me try to explain...

The 3-in-1 shower gel smells all right. A little bit like plastic, a little bit like nothing, a hint of something kind of off but overall generically sugary.

The Lip Shine is a little better. A nondescript sugary sweet, no real marshmallow or vanilla notes. The plastic smell is barely noticeable.

But the lotion.... Yeeeeesh. I've never had a Philosophy product that smelled this bad before. The main scent is vinyl- fresh vinyl. You know how when you get a brand new vinyl shower curtain, it smells up the whole bathroom with that vinyl chemical smell? This smells like that. But, underneath the vinyl is a disturbingly savory scent... Sort of like.... goat cheese. Or brie. Vinyl and brie. Then, underneath the cheesy vinyl aroma is sugar. A little bit like cotton candy, but not sweet if that makes sense. It's too creamy and savory and not at all sweet and marshmallowy.

It's just completely unusable for me. I can't handle it. It's too gross. I have never had to return a Philosophy product because it smelled gross. And the worst part is that it stays with me. You know how when you smell a really good smell, you can't get enough of it and you have to keep reapplying? But then when you smell a really bad smell, it's all you can smell and you can't get it to go away... This won't go away. A shower and a dozen hand washings and I can still smell it on my hands.

I really like the Lip Shine, though. It doesn't have that bad cheese and vinyl smell like the 3-in-1 and the lotion have. I mean... it doesn't smell great, but it's not bad either. The color is really, really pretty and I don't want to give it up. I think I'll probably return this and get this set instead so I can still have the Marshmallows for Toasting Lip Shine.

I thought this would be more like the Ooey Gooey S'mores or Melting Marshmallow scents, 'cause those were amazing. Ooey Gooey S'mores is my all time top favorite Philosophy scent. The Marshmallows for Toasting doesn't smell like marshmallow at all. Huge sadness.

Oh well... Maybe I'll have better luck next time. Anyone else try the new Philosophy holiday scents? I'm super curious about all those ones that are supposed to smell cold/snowy. Might have to order them.

In case you wanted to check this out or buy it, I got mine at Sephora. The Marshmallows For Toasting set is only $22 so it's a pretty inexpensive little gift for someone who actually enjoys the scent.


  1. What a bummer about the lotion! And yeah, I am tired of the cloyingly cute children on the packaging. Why can't they just have food porn on their packaging like everybody else?

  2. Cheese and vinyl? How yummy-smelling! Hahahaha - oh wow, what a terrible fail from Philosophy!

    Your description of the lotion made me laugh so hard and also not want to try it. Although, I would be curious to smell it. Y'know when someone says, "This smells so gross. Smell it!" And then they put it close to your nose so that you can get a whiff and confirm that the smell is indeed nasty? Yeah.

  3. The Peppermint Bark lip shine in the other set you're thinking of getting is one of my favorites. I think you'll enjoy it :)

  4. Ooooh, that kind of smell in lotion would be a no-no for me too. I may endure it with the body wash but lotion? Stays on me all day, no thank you.

  5. I want the lipgloss!

    Also, the snow-scented stuff really does smell oddly snow. I was very surprised.

  6. Do it. The cinnamon bun flavor/scent is amazing. I got the same gift set in cinnamon bun 2 or 3 years ago. I used the body stuff up in a hurry, and still have the lip gloss (even though I should probably toss it) since I'm not a makeup wearer. But it's really beautiful, alone or over lipsticks, and smells fantastic.

  7. Bummer! Not sure if I could handle those products if they really did smell like a marshmallow. The thought of smelling like sticky sugar doesn't really appeal to me.

  8. Yuck! I'll stay away from this set.

  9. I was getting excited about this until you described the smell....

  10. YIKES! Yes I know the feeling. It's why I absolutely will NEVER buy 100% Pure products again. I had a bad bottle and it smelled so awful it was like dog poo. Seriously. There was stuff growing in the bottle. They were awesome about replacing it but no, never again.

    Now, that being said, I got some of the Philosophy "cotton candy" (I think the correct name is "spun sugar" or something) and had read reviews to let the bottle cool off after getting it in the mail, because it did smell odd at first. Much better chilled.

    Sorry you had a bad experience :( That is odd since I love everything I've gotten from them.

  11. I tried it today and thought it smelled absolutely delicious. I'm going back to buy the lotion next time I'm at the mall. Or you can send yours my way :p


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