Monday, October 17, 2011

Givenchy Gelée D'Interdit Smoothing Gloss Balm Crystal Shine - Celestial Black and Neon Orange Swatches and Review

This has a bit of a Halloween theme and it was completely unintentional! But since they look so smashingly Halloweeny together, I figure, hey, what better time to post them than in the middle of October?

These are the Givenchy Gelée d'Interdit Gloss Balms. My boxes are a little crushed. I'm getting pretty tired of things I order from Sephora looking like they've been stomped on by angry gnomes when they arrive. The outside box is always in pristine condition, but this is the sixth time now I've had a brand new item arrived crushed/broken/damaged. Anyway....

Givenchy Gelée d'Interdit Gloss Balms; 02 is Celestial Black and 09 is Neon Orange.

These are very, very sheer. They look really fantastic in the tubes, but on the lips they look like practically nothing. Only a hint of color and a little coating of glitter.

The scent is a rather strong perfumey fruity-floral scent and has a perfume aftertaste. It isn't really enjoyable. It smells cheap, like dollar store heavily scented lipstick. Or kind of like your Grandma's makeup.

The texture is the nicest thing about these. It is a gel, it feels light and a little cool, yet, at the same time, a bit oily and slick. I am a fan of how these feel when you apply them. They feel moisturizing and slippery. They do migrate outside my lip line after a while (it's like they melt or something) and the glitter does end up all over my face somehow... They still feel nice on the lips.

But, in all honesty, these look cheap. I'm all for cheap makeup, but when I have paid $26.50 for one lipgloss, I want it to look and feel and smell and perform like a $26.50 lip gloss.

The glitter used in these isn't fancy or special. It's the same glitter in the Wet n Wild glitter lip glosses, which are 99 cents, by the way, and you can't tell the difference between the Givenchy and the Wet n Wild once they're on your lips. For this price tag, they could afford to use some higher-end glitter, like the glass fleck duochrome particles in MAC Dazzleglass.

As cool as these are, as amazing as they look in the tubes, I have to say, they're not worth it. I wanted to buy myself something a little special and different as a gift for reaching a personal milestone, but now I feel ripped off. Ripped off and reminded again of why I'm not a fan of Givenchy's makeup. It's just not a quality befitting the price.

Even after all this, I still want the neon purple one. WHY?! What is wrong with me? I know it's going to be the same crappy gloss for the same absurd price, but because it's neon purple and filled with glitter, I still kinda want it.

The name of these means Forbidden Jelly.... As in, I am forbidden to waste any more money on these!

I got mine from Sephora and they are currently listed as a Sephora Exclusive.


  1. Thanks for the review.
    I tried the black one in Sephora, but i was also disappointed with the finish on the lips. But it's so cool in the tube:((

  2. Ahh that really sucks that they're so bad. The nice thing about Sephora though is that for what ever reason you have you're allowed to return them! I once used half a bottle of primer, realized it was breaking me out and returned it for ALL of my money back. Return these and you won't feel as angry. :D

  3. I would want all of them!!! I especially love what you said about the texture because I hate sticky.

  4. OMG. I am totally loving these even though 1.) I am poor 2.) I hate glosses and 3.) I am on a no-buy. But thanks for posting this!!! I am addicted to all things neon orange. But for $26 they should be of a much higher quality.

  5. I alwasy want toe black one but I don't think would use it on my lip because my lip is kinda dark

  6. That's really strange about getting a perfectly good box but having the product boxes all messed up. I have to wonder if Sephora packs their warehouse like a hoarder or their overworked elves just put them together as fast as they can so they couldn't care less.

    The packaging actually reminds me of an Asian brand ( but that one also came with a mirror on the side and LED lights in the brush cap unlike this one.

    For the price and quality, I think it's sad that you end up paying more for the brand than the product. Tsk, tsk, Givenchy.

  7. Waaaah, what a shame! I never have high hopes for black glosses but I did for the orange one :(

  8. "Forbidden Jelly" is such an amusing name! What a bummer they suck for the price, because in packaging and swatches they look mighty tempting. You photograph shiny and sparkly things like no other, girl!

  9. Yuk. What a disappointment. I agree, a gloss that sets you back almost twenty-seven clams should be so gorgeous and special that it makes you shiver. Since it was a special treat for reaching a milestone, it should have been doubly wonderful.

    Boo, Givenchy! Boo Sephora!

  10. I love it ! Specially the second one

  11. I recently bought "lune rosée", a prism blush of the new collection... and it´s just perfect. So bad they don´t have the same quality in all the products

  12. Sorry to hear that these were so bad. I would feel awful if I spent so much on a lip gloss only to find out that it smelled gross and didn't perform better than much-cheaper lip glosses!

    In the tubes, they do look really gorgeous, and even in your swatches, they twinkle brilliantly, but of course if they don't look special on the lips, that's the biggest deal breaker.

    I don't own anything from Givenchy, and looks like I won't be getting this, either.

    I do appreciate your honest reviews, and even when the review is saying you don't like something, it helps a lot so I can figure out what to avoid.

  13. Oh what a BUMMER that those suck! I started bouncing up and down in my desk chair as soon as I saw a tube of sheer black glitter. And my prior Givenchy glosses (Pop Gloss, Pop Gloss Crystal) have been so good! Argh. Maybe I'll order one anyway, just to see...I can live with sheerness, but the migratory glitter scares me a little.

  14. What a shame to spend that amount of money & they're shear. Please return them! I would complain to someone about your packages.

  15. Thanks so much for this review. You just saved me $53. I guess I'm still hunting my personal white whale--a sheer-but-not-too-sheer black gloss (rainbow sparkles a plus) that'll look good on its own or over other lipstick (also a gold with similar properties).

  16. You want the purple too because Givenchy is kind of special and since I have the holiday 2012 gloss, I want the black too! I think that there are less sparcles in them then in other glittery glosses and somehow they look phenomenal on the lips!


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