Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Color Club Halloween Lip Ideas

Halloween is the one time of year when all the fun makeup colors start showing up on shelves. Lipsticks and lip glosses in shades of black, blue, blood red, green, orange, purple, glitter... And for those of us who wear those types of colors year-round, it's like a makeup wonderland every September and October. Color Club is in on the Halloween makeup game, but they offer their spooky shades all year long.

Some Color Club lip color ideas for Halloween:

Color Club Lipsticks in Lights Out and Club Blue and Color Club Lip Gloss in Juicy Jolt.

Swatched heavily, with flash and without: Lights Out, Juicy Jolt, Club Blue.

I've previously reviewed the Color Club lip gloss formula here, and Juicy Jolt is the same as the others, formula-wise. The color is a vibrant bright orange, not neon bright, but still attention grabbing. Orange lips are really hot this year and I have to say, this color is pretty close to perfect on me. It's sheer enough that it doesn't look like too much, but colorful enough to look undeniably orange.

The lipsticks are a different story. They're extremely sheer. If you're seeking a true black-out black or an opaque bright blue, these are not the lipsticks you're looking for. But, if you want an easy to apply, practically mistake-proof sheer color, you may like these.

I'm not sure how I feel about the lipsticks, myself. They are extremely heavily scented with that sweet-floral-perfumey, lanolin-heavy 'cheap makeup' scent. Remember stuff like The Color Workshop in the 90s? How everything was sheer and had that strong smell to it? That's how these are. They feel like play makeup. They have a smooth, balmy, waxy, non-drying texture which I do like, but the scent is so strong that you can taste it even after you take it off.

The lipstick formula contains three forms of lanolin, which contributes to the strong smell, but also makes them feel very balm-like. Think of putting Qtica Intense Cuticle Repair Balm on your lips and that will give you an idea of the scent and texture of these.

The lip gloss formula is heavy on the petrolatum, and interestingly enough, contains vanilla oil and cinnamon oil (along with 'parfum' further down the list), yet there is no detectable cinnamon, vanilla or any other scent except for petrolatum.

The lip gloss and lipstick are both $10 each at Shop Color Club. I know that Club Blue and Lights Out are not listed on the website, but they are available if you call or email about them.

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. Hmm, not a huge fan of these. The orange gloss is nice though; it's more wearable

  2. Like the orange gloss..but I've got others that won't cost me another 10$ that I can spend on polish!LOL!!

  3. When I saw Lights Out in the tube, I was so excited, but then I saw the swatch of it. Too sheer. I feel like if you're going for a black lip look, you should go all out - dark and opaque.

  4. Could you possibly review Illamaqua's (sp?)lipstick in "Pristine"? Compare it to this color club one? That would be awesome.
    Thank you!

  5. "These are not the lipsticks you're looking for" made me giggle. Sorry, sci-fi nerd here. :)

    Love blue lipsticks and lipglosses so much but I'll be giving this one a miss.

  6. Christel, I'll have to check that one out! Haven't seen it yet, thanks for the suggestion!

    Lovecat, haha I'm so glad someone picked up on that :D

    Thanks, everyone :D


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