Saturday, October 15, 2011

Teal Nails for National Feral Cat Day

Did you know that Sunday, October 16th is National Feral Cat Day?

In order to spread the word about National Feral Cat day, the Teal Cat Project is asking people to wear teal nails to show their support. For more information on how to help or to find an event near you, please visit The Teal Cat Project (also on Twitter and Facebook) and Alley Cat Allies.

I'm wearing one of my most favorite teals, China Glaze For Audrey. And while you're wearing teal to support the kitties, don't forget that it's also the color for Ovarian Cancer Awareness!

Edit: In case you don't click any of the links for more information, let me explain briefly. National Feral Cat Day isn't just hey, feral cats! Be aware of them! It's a day to promote awareness about humane Trap-Neuter-Return programs for feral cats that help to reduce or eliminate the amount of cats who are rounded up and killed in groups or brought to animal shelters and then promptly euthanized.


  1. Just had to put my 17 year old cat to sleep, he was a lover boy from the humane society. My toes are feral cat color.



  2. I'm not going to have a chance to re-paint my nails today. The good news is my toesies are already painted teal. I'll just make sure to wear flip flops about tomorrow, even if it's not really flip flop weather any more, lol.

  3. Thanks for the info Scrangie.

    I love the picture of the cat, and the polish of course; one of my favourites.

    I'm a huge cat lover and have saved over a dozen of them from the cruel streets of Geneva Switzerland.

  4. OK...with all due respect, this is just silly. Teal nails for Nat'l Feral Cat Day? Really? I'm all for awareness...but... ><

  5. So, Emily... Shelters overflowing with cats, (most of them unadoptable feral cats or kittens of feral cats), with over two million being euthanized every year in the United States alone... that's silly? :(

  6. there's nothing silly about it. i'm a huge cat lover and i love teal, so it looks like my next mani color has been decided!

    i'm down with showing my support for both feral cats and ovarian cancer awareness.

  7. Haha, the cat picture you chose to use made me giggle! :D

    For Audrey looks wonderful on your nails - such a great colour!

  8. A cause is a cause, and I for one think this is good one. The feral cat population in North America is directly our responsibility as humans, because we are the ones who brought them over when we colonized the continent. Sure, some causes are not for everyone, but insulting the poster is not appropriate. And saying "with all due respect", just means you are about to insult someone and doesn't make up for what follows. If you don't agree, don't post a comment.

  9. I always make an effort to adopt any pets I get, there are so many that need a good home :(

  10. PLEASE spay or neuter your animals! I've seen too many owners CELEBRATE the fact that their cat just had ANOTHER litter they can't find homes for, the cats' abdomen is already dragging the ground from the countless other litters. If you want to adopt an animal, I URGE you to rescue a pet from a shelter.

  11. Scrangie--no. Those things you mentioned do not seem silly to me at all, and I don't ever like to see animals confined or harmed. I've merely questioned this particular cause. Perhaps I've grown weary of seeing all these awareness campaigns lately...

    To others who say I shouldn't have commented--comment forums are meant for expressing personal opinions. Period. The preface "with all due respect" does not simply mean that I'm about to insult anyone--it only means that I am about to calmly question an idea.

    I love this site, I love nail polish, and that's why I come here. But I also love diversity of opinion. So guys...please calm down.

  12. Thanks, Emily! No hard feelings.

    Please do keep in mind that this is not an open forum or message board; it's my personal blog. Differing opinions are welcome; disrespect and insult to myself or others is not. So let's shake hands and move along...

  13. Thank you for posting about your National Feral Cat Day, we have nothing like it in Australia, so I will support yours.

    About five years years ago, we had a feral cat problem in the park land near our house. Our family bought traps, caught the cats, neutered and released (we kept kittens that could be re trained as companions were possible). We also fed them at our back door so they wouldn't catch native wildlife.

    We did this with 9 cats. Many of these cats no longer come for food and must have died, but we no longer have a feral cat problem. The catch- neuter-release really works.

    Off to put on teal nails.

  14. We don’t see this sort of campaign in Australia so I have for many years been doing my own trap, neuter, release efforts. I have tamed, some, found homes for some and released others back into their surroundings while continuing to feed them. They no longer breed, are well fed and at least live out their short lives with a little more safety.
    Feral cats are a huge unseen problem. By nature they are secretive and shy and hide away from people – that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.
    Teal nails for the win – today and as often as I wear them during the year they add incentive to the cause.
    Ps Is the pictured kitty your cat Mermaid? Or did I read of a very similar cat being adopted by someone else. (Sorry I’m a bit of a lurker around the nail blogs :) )

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  16. I absolutely love that cat pic!! Too cute!!

    I love cats, I love teal, so I'm on board.... now to pick a polish....CG's Techno Teal Holographic? Orchid's Teal Me a Secret? Orly's Halley's Comet? OPI's Yodel Me on My Cell? Nicole's Too rich for You? or their Iceberg Lotus? Hmmm.....

    Thanks for the heads up, Scrangie... and Jez, my 18 year old Tortoiseshell kitty says hi!!

  17. I adopted a kitty. He was feral and has FIV now...I dont think he knows and thats what matters lol hes happy :)

  18. I love that cat picture. And I painted my nails teal for tomorrow.

  19. This is great Scrangie! If my boyfriend wasn't allergic to cats I would already have brought home 1 or 2 from our local cat shelter. One day I hope since I can't imagine living without a cat for the rest of my life!

  20. the best post as for today! wow, I wanna stop people on the street and show that cat!
    Nails very good to those goggles!

  21. I'm a huge supporter of CNR programs. So much so that it almost jeopardized my passing the bar exam. Here's a story:

    My mom has been feeding anywhere between 2-4 feral cats for a few years now. They stop coming around, or new ones show up... that's how it goes. She's even got a couple of little shelters for them (and they are effective - our current two survived last year's Chicago blizzard in one!).

    Anyway, most of them had been fixed and had a clipped ear. One did not. She had a litter of four last summer - two beautiful brown tabbies, two lovely blacks. We HAD to do something about it.

    We rented traps from a local ally, caught the kittens when they were about seven weeks old. Caught the mom, brought her to be fixed at a feral cat friendly doctor. Of course, I'm in the middle of studying for the bar. And now would be a perfect time for my mom to leave the country, right?

    She goes to Australia for work two days after we catch the kittens. If anyone has ever tried to socialize feral kittens before, you know how hard it is. If you haven't ... it is HARD.

    I almost threw them outside a couple of times (especially after mama was back - meowing at each others for hours on end is not really a great study environment.

    But! All four are in good homes now, and I did pass the bar. And mama still comes around and doesn't make any more babies!

    It's an awesome cause. Thanks for bringing attention to it!

  22. Love it! There was a woman in SF that used to feed the feral cats in the park; I guess when she died she had set up a fund so that people would continue to care for the cats even after she was gone... though none of 'em had those awesome goggles/face!!!

  23. It's awful that there are so many feral cats. If they can be caught & socialized it's great. What can you do with them when they aren't adoptable? I think an answer would be really cheap spaying & neutering. I had cats growing up & they went in and out of the house. Of course they ended up having liters. Thankfully my Mother always found homes for them. We also kept some. We couldn't afford to have the cats fixed. My parents didn't even have enough money for our families doctor visits. If it was really cheap to get the cats fixed it would help. Also too many people just drop their animals off "in the country". It's just a darn shame.

  24. I love For Audrey, I recently added it to my collection! FAB color!

  25. Thank you so much for sharing your stories!! I'm happy to see that so many people care about animals :)

    Catkin, nope, not mine! Just a random internet meme cat that I always get a laugh out of :)


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