Friday, May 29, 2009

They're almost here...

The Zoya mattes are almost here... Check out this promo image straight from Zoya!

Those bottles looks super cool. Almost like they're frozen!

I can't wait. This is awesome.


  1. They do look like they came straight from the freezer! I'm just not too sure about these.

  2. Eeeeh they are gorgeous!!! the wine looks more red in the promo pic than I thought but I will get it anyway I am sure. I cannot wait for these. I love the bottles!


  3. Ha-ha~they do look a bit frozen! They are lovely. I just mattify most of my polishes for the matte look using a matte top coat, but I will buy these. Probably not the OPI's, but these are a yes :)

  4. I can't wait either. First I wanted all 3 for sure, no matter what. Then I thought, maybe two and one opi. Then I thought, well, definitely one of them. I'm not sure of them because everyone said beforehand, they don't last as long as "normal" polishes.
    I love black nail polish, but I seldom wear it, because you have to paint very, very exact.
    The grey one is a must :-D
    And the wine one, well, I think I would like to see swatches first, because on the first promo picture it looked a dark pink, almost purple. "Wine" is more of a dark red and in the second promo picture it looks brighter than I might like it.

    As for the OPIs .. .the only one I would be interested in, would be "lincoln park after dark", but the photo shows a deep - yet clearly recognizable - purple, while all swatches I have seen so far are almost black with just a tint of purple when the light hits it just right.

    A friend of mine is getting me the orly matte topcoat and I am very excited to try it out.

    What do you think, orly matte top coat over an almost matte zoya? ...
    I heard the manglaze polishes would stay matte, but the KO polishes would get glossier each day you're wearing them ...

    You know, as depressing as it sounds, but I'm afraid, in the end it will all come down to a financial decision - only that much money in the house, only that much money left for nail polish and then I have to think hour after hour, which polish I will buy ^^

    They grey zoya is an almost safe guess, though ^^

  5. They do look amazing. I can't wait to get my hands on them!!

  6. I am looking forward to these. The bottles remind me of the frosty mugs of root beer I get from a local drive-in restaurant.

  7. I'm smitten! I love the frosty mug sensation of the bottles.

    Did I just type that?

  8. OPI is coming out with really cool matte colors tooo! i cant wait! :D

  9. you know I seldom wear reds, but I'm really looking forward to Posh.

  10. if it looks like the bottles I will be very happy ;~)

  11. Can a bottle be sexy? Love them and I probably buy them all. Just to have the bottles! Colors look really good.

  12. Pretty sure the bottles are cg.
    I love the idea of the matte polishes, but you cannot use base/top coat and no lotion should be put there and they do not last very long... Sound very high maintenance.
    So I guess for starters I will get one and see how it will work out.

    Your blog is great! Thanks for taking the time to do this :)

  13. Oh wow, the picture is fantastic, I can not wait!

  14. Can't wait! I've been using Man Glaze and NEED some new colors! The matte is just a very cool alternative to gloss, and for guys, it's even more acceptable (some of the colors anyway).


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