Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Del Sol Solar Color Change Polish

I no longer feel good about recommending this brand, so I've archived my review.


  1. Secret Crush is my favorite!! I just might have to head over to their site!!

    Thanks for these beautiful pics.

  2. Oh wow - I am impressed. A good trawl of the website doesn't mention anything about international shipping though. Bah.

    It's never sunny enough in the UK to warrant polishes like this I suppose! Maybe I should just book myself on a Del Sol cruise?!

  3. I bought 4 and only 2 of them worked. I took them back but the store wouldn't even let me exchange them. All in all, it wasn't a happy experience. Buyer beware; if you're purchasing them in a store, make sure they work first. They do change in the bottle. Once you walk out the door, they're yours to keep.

  4. Hi Scrangie,
    when I saw the Del Sol polishes, I just HAD to have them. But as Del Sol refuses to do international shipping, I had to find another way. Finally, through an ebay-seller I could make an order for me and 9 other girls *g* we ordered quite a bunch of different colors for $13 per bottle.
    That "buy 3 get 4" also didn't work since Del Sol does this offer only when you buy directly from them.

    I myself ordered true love, super hero, vanity, girls night out and sassy.

    True Love is a pearly whitish shade, sometimes it looked kind of yellowing, too. It turns a soft shade of purple-blue-grey, hard to describe. Greyish with a tint of blue.

    Girls Night Out is a pretty pink, not a "whoa-my-eyes-somebody-help-me", but a really nice pink, which turns into a darker pink. Not a purple, as shown on the website, more of a burgundy pink.

    Sassy is a light lilac with distinct golden shimmer in it, I have an eyeshadow almost exactly this color, lilac with iridescent pale cool gold, not a warm gold.
    It turns pinkish, but not very strongly.

    Superhero is a light blue and it looks a bit metallic, brush-strokes were visible. It turns into something between lilac and light purple.

    Vanity is some kind of whitish something, lil bit yellow, lil bit pale pink, and it turns into a soft lilac-purple. I have to admit, this one looked the nicest to me and I am a bit disappointed because both colors are not really what I expected them to be.

    From one of my friends I know that heartbreaker does the best color change, she only has to be near a window to make the silver go red.

    Whereas another friend told me that her blue rockstar doesn't really turn into green, it's a very subtle change on her nails.

    So all in all I can say, they do work, but not as extreme as shown on the website. The color change is there, but more subtle. But they change fast, in full sunlight within a few seconds, though the colors wouldn't change inside my house *shrug* I always had to go outside to get "real sunlight" ;)

    They are fun and I will definetely get Heartbreaker as well.
    (Scrangie, did you ever try that one as a topcoat on another color? Like, when you have blue nails with Heartbreaker as topcoat, will they be blue-silverish inside and blue-purplish outside?)

  5. Oh, those colour changing polishes again! I would love to try one of these but unfortunatly Del Sol doesnt ship to Europe. So I'll just hang out at your blog and be jelous over your gorgeous pics ;-)

  6. Thanks for posting these! I love Ruby Slipper!

  7. I have 2 of them, and neither work. They're pretty on their own, but it's hard to wear them without being disappointed.

  8. I love these! I actually picked them up while on vacation in Hawaii and whenever someone sees the color change, they are in awe and love it! I can't remember what colors I have but I definitely like these for the uniqueness!

  9. These are cool, but I am kind of worried about buying them from anywhere but the website. It sounds like others haven't had consistent luck with them. Maybe with older bottles the colour change doesn't work? Too bad, because the quality of these looks fantastic in all of the swatches I have seen.

    I used to buy Toma mood polishes when they sold them at a local Shoppers' Drug Mart. Those were more heat sensitive than light sensitive. Fun, but I wonder if any company has found a way to make the colour changes more reliable.

  10. OH wow- these are amazing.

    Great post as you always do :)

  11. Secret Crush is a stunner, wow.


    Ruby Slipper might just be my favorite one! It's such a nice contrast, very light to very rich colour!

    Great post once again Scrangie!

  13. I love these but they're sooo expensive, at least for my budget. Maybe I can start off with one.. ;)

  14. Rock Star turns a mere subtle teal in the sunlight for me. And that's after waiting a long time in direct sunlight. Fortunately, I love the glittery blue colour!
    How many coats did you use? I've tried using just two... three... four!...

    Ruby Slipper has been a lot of fun to layer with other polishes. It's stunning over China Glaze's "New Day". Heartbreaker also layers well... although it's rather awesome on its own!

    True Love is kind of fun... though I much prefer it outdoors. Same with "Reckless"... I don't care for the white-ish indoor colours.
    Secret Crush is just too pink indoors, but I still enjoy wearing it.

  15. Heartbreaker is pretty, but oh my god Secret Crush is AWESOME!

  16. I took advantage of the buy 3 get 1 free sale at the Del Sol in New Orleans. I have tried three of them so far, and am pleased with the colors both in and out of the sun.

    My only problem is that they seem to chip really easily - and I use base and top coat religiously. Anyone else have trouble with this too???

  17. I just realized I mixed up heartbreaker and ruby slippers. I meant ruby slippers ^^

    the chipping thing occured to me as well, girls night out was worst. I applied it before going to bed, let it dry, gave it a nice shiny coat of essie good to go and when I got up in the morning, there were 2 small chips. a few hours later at lunchtime there were visible chippings and when I went home in the afternoon, there were flakes the size of 4 mm missing.

    I think Melli has got a point. Maybe older bottles don't work as well as newer ones .. unfortunately when you don't live in the USA, you have no choice than get them from other retailers.

    Still love the color change, even when it's subtle ;)

  18. Interesting and gorgeous. I looked at the web site and couldn't really tell what the colors were. If they used your pictures they'd sell tons of them. Pretty colors and of course I love the glitters.

  19. These are so fun! I have wanted them for ages but they're kind of expensive for something that strikes me more as a novelty polish. But maybe with the sale...

    I wonder if you wear one where you prefer one color to the other, if you find yourself staying inside/going outside more to bring it out?

  20. i hate that you can't get these in the UK!

  21. i want these so bad, but $10 shipping? That's the same price as the bottle.

  22. we will be selling these as well
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  23. just wondering, why dont you feel good about recomending the brand?

  24. I was wondering the same as the above poster. I just ordered the Holiday set (heartbreaker, ruby slippers and island fever - and I think they're all full size according to the site description) and it was on sale for only $5...and I found a $5 off coupon code so all I paid was the $9 and change in shipping (sheesh!).


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