Monday, May 4, 2009

OPI Colección de España Fall 2009 and OPI Holiday Wishes Winter 2009 at P'ssion!

If you haven't seen them already, the lovely Emelie of P'ssion has posted promo images of OPI's upcoming fall and winter 2009 collections!

They both look amazing, but I'm most excited about España!  There's a GREEN!!!!!

Thanks for posting, Emelie!


  1. A couple of the Spain ones look interesting (agreed on the green!) but I can't say I'm counting down the days to Christmas.

    Need to see them in the flesh/swatched but I'm a bit underwhelmed at first sight.

    Don't quote me though - I may be singing a different tune later in the year!

  2. I think everyone's excited about the green :) I wish OPI would release more greens.

  3. OPI always leaves me in a tizzy, thanks so much for bringing this to my attention!

  4. AHHHH! No buy will be over when these come out later this year! Did Suzy read all of the nail blogs? The green, gray, and browns look amazing in the Spain collection. I agree the Christmas one is not as exciting, but the ginger and bronze are interesting additions.

    Looking forward to the swatches!

  5. anyone else tired of the "taupe" puns already? i know suzi loves puns... but seriously, pick a synonym for taupe already!

    i want holiday glow and merry midnight... i need to see espana swatched :)

  6. i wonder if the green one is actually a dark khaki with some gold hue?

  7. I WANT!!! LOL that green looks nice. More excited for Spain collection than the Holiday.

  8. To me it seems like OPI just CAN'T do a collection without REDS. Not digging it, how many reds do we have/need? I know the general public loves pinks, French manicures and reds, but everything seems done all over again. The Spain one looks interesting though. The Christmas one just don't make me jump for joy.

  9. Yay! I've been waiting for these. I'm pretty excited about Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees, Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow, Manicurist of Seville, and Pamploma Purple. I also think Dear Santa looks nice, but I'm a sucker for shimmery reds.

  10. Hooray!!! Can you hear me cheering from where you are? XD

  11. I actually love the look of both of these collections. Any idea what the release date for the Spanish collection will be? I think most of them look gorgeous.

    And those of you moaning about the reds, you can't have a Christmas collection without reds, it's a very Christmassy colour!!

  12. Thanks for the links! I am most intrigued by Suzi Skis in the Pyrennes and Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow. However, between the two, Here Today... is the one I really have my eye on.

  13. I'm cautiously optimistic about the España collection. I think most of the colors look like retreads from the last few fall collections (Give Me Moor! looks like it might be another near twin of LPAD of which we see at least one of every year), but both the green and blue shades pique my interest. I'm hoping that the blue will look how I wanted Siberian Nights to: a deep dark indigo creme. Not too blue, not too purple and not so dark that it looks black indoors. I only hope the green isn't so dark you can't tell it's green in most lighting. I hate colors that look one color in the bottle but are too dark on the nail. I like black polish, but if I want black I wear black, YKWIM?

  14. however, if these Spain collection polishes are Big Three Free, just like the South Beach collection, they just don't last, chips within 2 days.. not very lasting... :-( sigh!

  15. Yes, I like these two collections too.

    Though I've just bought 9 bottles of nail polish and for now I'm not feeling that I miss any color in particular.

    Except for pastel yellow and a pastel blue and those aren't really pastels lol.

    I would need sthg going out of the ordinary like holos but I'm starting to have many of them.

    It's true it sucks there are so few magnet polishes, maybe that's sthg I would have bought. I had missed the star magnet the first time I had seen Scrangie's wish list and then saw it and thought wow so pretty! But no way I can find any online.

  16. Helen, definitely need to see swatches or in person as well :) Some of the Christmas ones look nice and glittery, so I hope they turn out cool!

    Mary, oh yeah, you hear that OPI?? Give us GREEN! :D

    Krasey Beauty, you're welcome! I love OPI :)

    Melli, I sure hope so! Everything looks so good to me right now, especially the green, purples and the gingerbread! :)

    Mimi, hahaha I agree! :)

    Fudge, it very well could be, I can never tell until I see them in person, but I do hope it is green!

    Nina, me too :)

    Anonymous, I AGREE!!! How many variations on red can there possibly be?! I did like the reds from last year, so maybe these will at least be interesting reds :)

    Megan, I can not wait to see these in person :)

    Mazoo, *cups hand over ear* Whoa, I can hear you! And I can hear the ocean! Ahhh! lol :D

    Andi, I believe it's supposed to be early August :) I don't mind Red in a Christmas collection, but they give us 6+ every year at Christmas, lol Green is Christmassy too, OPI! :D

    Deb, you are most welcome! That's the one I'm most excited about.

    Diana, totally. I hope so too. I wonder if they'll end up being more like Black Cherry Chutney?

    Melsh, agreed!

    Fudge, awwwe :( I haven't had any problems with them, luckily! They seem to be improving :)

    Meyahna, ohhh Magnet Polishes, how I wish OPI would do them! Or anyone, really!

  17. I'm excited about Here Today... Aragon tomorrow... but I'm wondering how close it is to At Your Quebec and Call from the Canadian collection.

  18. OMG! i *LOVE* the fall collection! its AMAZING! truely i am so very excited!! i can not wait to get it! the holiday one is not my fav holiday collection but i do like it. its just that it doesnt scream christmas to me. and to who ever made the comment about the reds, NO we can NEVER have to meny reds! and these are esp. pretty!


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