Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lippmann Collection Summer 2009

Two new beauties from Lippmann Collection for summer 2009!

It's Raining Men. A super-bright red creme. This is one very flamboyant red. It's bright and flashy. I'm not sure if my picture captures the brightness of this color. It's a retro, sexy pinup girl red creme and I'm sure you could see this color from a mile away. I love it. I'm picturing it as a matching manicure, pedicure and lipstick with one of those hot retro red and white polka dot bathing suits.

Call Me Irresponsible. Rich purple jelly. Finally, a true purple jelly! This is an amazing polish. It is sheer but not the least bit streaky. It actually looks good with one coat. It builds opacity with each coat and reaches full opacity at four coats. Another interesting quality of this polish is that it seems to change color with each coat. First coat is reddish purple, second coat has more blue added, third coat it reaches a true purple shade and fourth coat it matches the bottle color. Very cool. This is the perfect shade of purple. It is bright enough to always look purple (not blue or black) and the jelly texture makes it really fascinating to look at.

The formula on these is perfect, as usual. I've never had a Lippmann polish with iffy formula, they are always nice and smooth. These also dry very quickly and have a shiny finish even without topcoat. No complaints on the formula.

Did you know that Lippmann Collection polishes contain Biotin and green tea? They do! I'm not sure how effective they are in such a small topical dose, but it's really cool to know that there are little extras in the formula. It also contains Aucoumea Klaineana resin extract, which is supposed to be a good nail strengthener and an alternative to formaldehyde. Here's a really interesting bit of information about the use of Okume resin in cosmetics.

Great colors, great formula, I only wish there were more of them! If I recall correctly, Lippmann Collection used to do sets of four for seasonal collections but now they seem to have switched to sets of two. Ah, well, I can't complain. They do manage to give us great colors every season and I think Call Me Irresponsible has satisfied a purple craving that no one else so far has.

Lippmann Collection Call Me Irresponsible and It's Raining Men are available now and can be purchased directly from their website and retail for $15 each.


  1. Scrangie, I don't know if this was intended when they named this luscious red, but I can tell you that men will notice it! It is probably one of the most attractive reds I have seen - and it loooks sensational on your wonderful nails!

  2. Scrangie, i wish one company would dedicate a complete collection to jelly nail polishes, their so beautiful!

  3. OutspokenWallflowerMay 7, 2009 at 1:00 PM

    Thank you for posting this, I was hoping you'd get these! I bought both and now I cant wait to try them! =D

  4. You can also buy Lippmanns from have free shipping and great customer service.

  5. did you see the jellies that essie has made for the jell-o naming contest? they are so cute! if you go to, click new in 2009 at the bottom of the page and wait, you will see them. apparently, they are not for sale, but are a second prize for winners of said contest. gosh, i want those polishes! what do you think?

  6. Hi Scrangie! I'm a relatively new reader, but I just have to say I love your blog and your nails are soooo pretty. Thanks for all your swatching :)

  7. I'm neither here nor there with most reds but that one does look fabulous.

    The purple really does it for me though - absolutely amazing!

  8. Jason, wow, thank you! :) The name made me think of drag queens, actually, as It's Raining Men seems to be a popular anthem, lol! Either way, I love it!!

    PhDSkin, I agree! Jellies are really cool!

    OutspokenWallflower, oh, I just know you'll love 'em!

    MoLo, thanks!

    Liz, I just found out about those, I'm going to see if I can win one, haha :)

    Anonymous, wow, thank you! That makes me so happy to hear :)

    Helen, I'm not really a red fan, but I do love the bright ones and the blood-like ones :)

  9. Thanks for posting this Scrangie. Do you think this purple looks similar to Orly Rio night? Thanks!

  10. Love these two! They look beautiful on you as always. That red is gorgeous. The purple jelly is out of this world. This will be a future purchase.

  11. Cool colors! Rich and deep,love it! Thanks for posting them!

  12. Hi Scrangie! I was wondering how long does an average bottle of remover last you? And do you use the acetone free remover?; since you change your manicure often =D

  13. $15 for a nail polish! i'm totally going to buy that! SIKE

  14. Anonymous, it's similar but not an exact match :)

    Lucy, I love em :)

    Velvet, you're welcome!

    Danica, oooh tough question! With 'regular' use about a month, if I'm swatching a lot it could only last a week. I never use acetone free, it sucks, lol :) I just use an acetone-containing polish remover (when I'm swatching I use Supernail cause it's fast and cheap)

    Anonymous, lol, don't buy it then... >.>

  15. Hello,
    I was wondering if you know anything that help the nail polish stay longer. I paint my nails the for a day and if i'm washing dishes for example, it starts to peel off..? please help

  16. It's Raining Men is such a bold, perfect red. It fit's well with your perfect nails! It looks like Lippmann does a great job with colors. Call me Irresponsible is an eye catcher, too. Thanks, Scrangie.


  17. The purple jelly is awesome! I'm dying for it. On your nails they look like hard candy.

  18. It's raining men has to be the most beautiful red I've ever seen!

  19. Wow, I really like both of these.

  20. Mae, use a good basecoat (I use Qtica) and make sure your nails are free of oil or moisture before applying polish. Also, avoid water for a few hours after polishing your nails :)

    Sanna, agree :)

    Scott, why thank you! I thought you might like it :)

    HoneyHoneyNY, hard candy, exactly! Love it!

    Alexlyndra, it is super hot!!

    Sebastian, me too :)

  21. Ah, your blog is too awesome. I love PTY, and call me irresponsible. so pretty. Now I must go on another nail polish mission. : )

  22. how many coats of Call Me Irresponsible do you have on? I'm wondering how sheer it is... At the salon I go to they always do 2 coats on all colors no matter what. So when I buy colors myself I like to make sure I'll like the result in two coats.
    Also are there any other similar colors? I like China Glaze Flying Dragon but prefer something without glitter.


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