Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dazzle Dry Spring/Summer 2009 Morocco Collection (Partial)

Dazzle Dry, the creators of the fastest-drying nail polish in the known universe, just released their summer collection for this year. Much to my delight, it contained what appeared to be two greens and a yellow alongside some rather uninteresting reds and corals. When I received them, I was actually a little surprised by how they turned out. Take a look!

Casablanca. This picture is slightly misleading, as it's not such a bright blue in person, it's more toned down and greenish. It's closer to the color in the bottle. It's very similar to the dusty turquoise/teal colors we've been seeing lately, such as Essie Greenport. I love this shade. I wouldn't call it completely green as I was expecting from the promo pics, but it's not entirely blue either. I'm going with dusty turquoise.

Oasis. Another surprise! This one is a very light, metallic green, not quite chrome but still somewhat reflective. This is pastel green, a little on the yellow side. Surprisingly enough, this one doesn't make my hands look too red. That's the main thing that bothers me about super light greens- they're hard to wear, even for me.

Sahara. This is honestly one of the best yellows out there. The shade itself isn't horribly unique- it's a nice, bright, creamy lemon yellow. It's the formula. Yellows are normally a nightmare and a half to apply, streaky, thick, goopy, stringy, you know the drill. This one is really thin and smooth, not nearly as streaky as other yellows, and is even in two coats. Not to mention the fact that it dries completely in about a minute.

The formula on these is great. They're thin and opaque. They dry faster than any polish I've ever used.

Since this is a special nail system, please refer to my original post for application instructions. You must use their base coat with these polishes in order to prevent chipping and peeling. I've provided a full review of the process, formula and wear in my original post as well.

One special thing about Dazzle Dry polishes that I found extremely interesting is that they are said to contain no nitrocellulose, therefore preventing your nails from becoming stained yellow.

I've always noticed that no matter what color I wear, my nails get stained yellow after a while. I had heard from various sources that it was a component of the polish itself rather than the shade that caused the staining. This is the first time I've heard nitrocellulose named as the culprit and it makes a lot of sense to me now.

All this time it's been nitrocellulose causing the yellowing? I guess it doesn't really bother me since I'm wearing polish 24/7/365, but for some people who like to have naked nails or wear sheers, that might be a helpful tip. Dazzle Dry claims to be the only polish without nitrocellulose, though. I'm not sure if this is 100% true, but from a quick scan of the ingredients labels from all the major brands, it appears to be the case.

Anyway, I really love Dazzle Dry's formula and the drying time, and I also experience exceptional resistance to chipping and tipwear when I wear these. I attribute that to the nail prep (basically fancy alcohol) and the thin coats of polish. Even if they did chip, I'd still love these because of how ridiculously fast they dry.

Dazzle Dry polishes can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, VB Cosmetics.


  1. I can't wait to see what you thought of Afternoon Delight. I absolutely abhorred it for some reason!

  2. I think it's part of the charm of a nail polish to have to wait for it to dry. I was checking thinking they eventually ended this weird stuff, in France, Sephora have removed OPI nail polishes (that are so ugly and don't sell) from their online site but those stuff are still there: nail patch. Some nail polish stickers. really don't see much the point. Or who can even buy that. Sometimes I wonder about French women...

    Of course I'm being ironcal about OPI, yesterday I read a woman saying if she wasn't already married she'd marry OPI but duh I just had the same idea the previous day. And... ah! I'm not married so I can lol.

    When do you swatch the Sun-believable collection Scrangie? I ordered Sea I told you and wanted to make sure it was nice.

  3. Can't wait to the rest.

    Since someone mentioned OPI, would you believe OPI is coming out with matte versions of six of their most popular shades? I read it in the new Allure and I found more about it when I Googled it. Four of the colors I know for sure are Strawberry Margherita (spelling?), La-Pazitively Hot, Lincoln Park After Dark, and Alpine Snow. A matte LPAD sounds so awesome to me.

  4. That's good they didn't do only dark colors like zoya. I wonder what strawberry margarita will give in matte, I actually considered buying the normal one.

  5. I found a little article on about the OPI mattes:

    Looks like Russian Navy will be getting the matte treatment as well. I can't wait until July!

  6. Wow, I really really like!! :-D
    Hope they ship to Norway ;-)

  7. They look great - nice summery colours. Nothing I neeeed (I just haled about 15 new polishes from Boots today) but the yellow really caught my eye. Good to hear the application was so good...and dry in a minute - wow!

  8. Those are gorgeous!! I love the vibrant!

  9. Ooh, pretties! I like that yellow.

    Would you mind doing comparison swatches of MAC Mercenary with Zoya Richelle and L'Oreal Tribal Treasure? Tribal Treasure is part of L'Oreal's new summer collection. I'm trying to convince myself that I really don't need Mercenary... despite the truly awesome name...

  10. These are some pretty colors ! I especially loved Casablanca :-)

  11. My favorite is that bright yellow. So pretty. Interesting fact about the yellow nails. I hate when that happens. I just try to buff the nails a little.

  12. I have to tell you that I have never enjoyed reading a blog as much as yours! You are so funny, and I can't believe that someone out in the world has the same opinions as I do on so many levels! You are so right about the chemicals in nail polish. I am a retired nail tech, and I agree totally with you about the formulas being crap now. It's refreshing to read your blogs and see my own personal thoughts being written down by you!

    I too am a total makeup/nail/skin care/body care junkie! I am so ocd about it, if I have a favorite that I think may be discontinued, I buy every one I can find! You aren't like some of those idiot MUA people who think the sun shines out of their ass either! Keep up the great blog, I love reading it since I discovered it about a week ago!

  13. Vampy Varnish, hahaha, I only got the ones I would actually wear, wasn't looking forward to reviewing another blah pink/coral/peach lol

    Meyahna, that is very interesting! Thank you! I'll have Sunbelievable soon, I'm thinking this week sometime? Possibly next week?

    Deb, that is SO AWESOME. I asked OPI about it and they're doing Gargantuan Green Grape, You Don't Know Jacques and Russian Navy too!! :D

    Kristine, I hope so too!

    Helen, haha nice! :)

    Amanda, me too, I just looooove yellow!

    Electrogirl, sure! I don't have the L'Oreal but I'll see if I have something similar :)

    Tuli, me too :)

    Lucy, I do buff a little when I'm planning on swatching sheers, but Dr. G's nail whitener works really well for removing stains :)

    Lesa5363, oh wow, thank you! I am flattered :)

  14. I have been reading some of your older blog posts, and well, my friends are really clueless when it comes to make up too, I mean I am 46 and I look pretty darn good, but one of my friends looks like a beat up Barbie doll and the other one who wears makeup looks like a mortician applied it for her! They look at my stash and think I am nuts, (I could have probably bought a bigger house) but I don't consider Wet N Wild high end, ya know? I don't care how much my lip stick costs, if I like it, I buy it, and those who are makeup challanged be damned! I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to scrub Morticia's face and put real makeup on her in stead of that looks like death look, orange, orange, and more orange! She will probably look better in her coffin when the time comes. And Barbie, well, she is beyond all hope. Who wears the same purple blush now that they wore in the '80's? I know I am showing my age, but she looks like a Flock of Seagulls groupie who was rode hard and put away wet! Keep up the fabulous blog! You make me feel so normal. Someday, I may even be brave enough to post my own blog, and show my absolutely obscene collections of everything! The drawers in my living room wall unit are full. The husband suggested it, and I took him up on it. I threw my couch out when he moved in, but he knew not to ask me to get rid of any of my makeup, perfume, nail polish, body care, anything, or the wedding was off. Whatta guy!

  15. Lesa5363, LOL!!!! You are TOO funny!! Right on!!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I got my Sea I told You, it's very pretty; aquamarine/turquoise with small glitters. However I'm a bit disappointed a the two other OPIs I got; Eiffel for this Color and Black Cherry Chutney. Both too dark. I had bought Midnight Ride as I wanted a dark purple it was mostly black so I bought Eiffel for this Color but it's more red than purple. Beside both are very thick.

    Do you know of a real dark purple? It seems the Lincoln Parks are mostly black too.

  18. Meyahna, oh, that's sad to hear :( You would probably like Essie Sexy Divide or Color Club Electronica :)

  19. Yes actually Essie Sexy Divide is my ultimate choice, it looks real dark purple. I just hope that it will apply better than my two other Essie.

  20. When my nails get stained (even though I'm like you and I have nail polish on every day, all day)I mix toothpaste and lemon juice and put that yucky little mixture on my nails and it takes the stains right off!


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