Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Minx Lashes

The first Revlon lashes I reviewed, the Intensifying lash, worked very well for me. In fact, almost all of the Revlon lashes I've tried worked well for me. However, my experience with the Minx style lash wasn't as good as the previous lashes.

Here's the Minx lash from Revlon. As you can see, the set includes one pair of lashes and one tube of lash adhesive.

Here's what they look like on me. (I didn't realize that there was a ball of mascara-covered glue on my lash until I took the picture, sorry!)

As you can see, I had a little bit of trouble with them.

The style itself is very nice. It's a thick, long lash with a fun criss-cross arrangement. This particular arrangement of lashes is meant to create a dense, voluminous look.

I'm not sure if my issues are due to my lack of skill or the lashes themselves, but here's where I had problems:

The lash band is very thick, wide and stiff. Normally, I aim to glue the edge of the band to my eyelid- essentially the top of the lash strip. The band was so stiff and wide that I couldn't get the lashes to sit right. I could only get the widest part of the band glued on. The thickness and stiffness of the band also prevented the lash strip from conforming to the natural shape of my lid. Even with a lot of flexing ahead of time, the strip maintained a steep curve and I couldn't keep the inner and outer corners attached.

My other main problem is that the lashes won't curl. Since I was not able to position the lashes properly, they aimed straight out with a slightly downward slope instead of upwards like the other Revlon lashes do. I assumed that this could be fixed easily with an eyelash curler, but these lashes wouldn't curl. Maybe it's the material that they're made of, but no matter what I did, they just wouldn't budge. The best I could do was produce a strong curl in my natural lash that supported the false lashes and gave them a bit of lift.

Also, the ratio of band to lashes seems really off. Like I mentioned before, this pair of lashes has a wide, thick, stiff band, but the lashes themselves aren't quite as substantial as you would expect from that such a band. Normally, a thick band is there to support a very thick dramatic lash, usually a costume type lash, but not in this situation.

I wanted to love these lashes because I love the style of them. They seemed like they would give me the length, drama and volume I am looking for in a false lash, but I couldn't get them to work for me. I think that if I had been able to position them in a manner that would cause them to curve upwards I would have loved these lashes.

Overall, my experience with this lash wasn't very good. If any lash experts out there can offer me some tips on how to make the Minx lash work for me, I would be very grateful. But, despite my problems with this lash, all of the other Revlon lashes I have worn so far have been great. I especially loved the Intensifying, Flirty and 91001 (no name) style lashes (which I will be posting my reviews of soon).


  1. They look great! I wish I had enough skill to get them on. I've tried many times but I just can't work fake lashes.

  2. Before applying lashes, you have to wrap them around your finger to give them some flexability. After you "warm up the lashes," so to speak, test the length and make sure they're long enough and trim them accordingly to fit your eye - this way, you won't have to deal with the ends of the lashes sticking up.

    Hope that helps some!

    - Puff xx

  3. Aquay, wow, thanks! They take a lot of practice, but I love them when I can do them right.

    SarahPUFFY!, thanks! I do flex them and warm them up but it didn't seem to work with these :(

  4. Scrangie, you have gorgeous eyes no matter what kind of lashes you wear! It sounds like the hassle wasn't worth it for these ones, but they did end up looking quite good in your pics.

    My eyes have gotten much more sensitive over the years, and mascara alone is enough to make me cry (except MAC for some reason...). The glue in falsies is even worse. Luckily, I have fairly thick natural lashes, but every once in a while (like Hallowe'en), I want to go for a more dramatic look. I appreciate your reviews of other types of cosmetic enhancements :)!

  5. Gorgeous eyes and eye makeup. I'm a hand and nail man, but I call 'em as I see 'em.


  6. please tell me how and what products you used for your eyeshadow! It is the prettiest look.

  7. You have really pretty eyes =O

    I can't wear falsies, it's always uncomfortable on me :(

  8. Scrangie, you are so gorgeous!

    Also, would you maybe consider doing an eye makeup tutorial? You're eyeshadow is always amazing in your pics and I am so jealous that I know next to nothing about applying eye makeup (other than mascara really)...

  9. i was wondering what camera do you use? the pictures are gorgeous!

    and i'm not a fan of falsies but i'm enjoying the revlon ones...


  10. What a shame, the lashes are so pretty. I haven't tried any lashes yet. They always look so easy to apply. My eyes water so much at times. I wonder if the adhesive wil even stick?

  11. I've never tried false eyelashes (although I love the look) so therefore don't have any advice other than to put mascara on them and that kind of defeats the object!

  12. Even from the box pic it's obvious the bands are thick. Also, in the second eye pic, it appear the lashes are coming detached on the inner corner. It's too bad, because they are a really pretty style. You have gorgeous eyes!

  13. Heys I am living in Singapore and these are not available here. Is there by any chance you can offer help to purchase these lashes and send them to me? Of course I will bear the full cost & shipping. Your help will mean soooo much to me. :)

  14. I think you look beautiful! Am I the only one that thinks the lashes look fab? Anyway, would love to know what makeup you used for this look!

  15. I demand more makeup pics from you :P

  16. omg LOVE the colour of your eyeshadow!!! please do a tutorial on that!!! it's sooooooo pretty!!!

  17. Melli, thank you so much, you're so sweet to me :) I am pretty happy with my natural lashes, but whenever I can achieve more drama I go for it! :)

    Scott, hahaha, thank you!

    Anonymous, I used two purples and the black from the Kat Von D Beethoven palette and Urban Decay Zero 24/7 liner :)

    Nail Fanatic, thank you! They can be a bit uncomfortable, I always find myself playing with them when I wear them.

    Jess, awwwe, thank you!! I can try to do that. I do get a lot of requests for tutorials of various types and then I try to do them and I always think they suck so I never post them. LOL

    Abigail, thank you! I use a Canon G5 :) Pretty old but it gets the job done, right?

    Lucy, I bet they will- my eyes water a lot too, especially with my allergies in the summer.

    Helen, thank you! I do put mascara on them to 'blend' them, it helps a little bit though!

    Deb, if you look closely you can see that they're detached at the inner and the outer corners in most pics :( They kept wanting to curve back into the original shape!

    Spunkmyarse, hey there! I don't offer CPs, but I may be able to help. Send me an email and I'll see what I can do :)

    Kristina, haha thank you! If I could get them to stick and curl I'd probably love them. I used the Kat Von D Beethoven palette :)

    Hailey, you got it! I always want to, makeup was my first love :)

    Anonymous, wow, thank you! I will try!

  18. I have zero experience with fake lashes myself, but Carmindy from What Not to Wear always recommends cutting the lashes in half and applying them in pieces. I'm not sure if that would solve your problem or not, but I thought I'd pass on the tip.

    P.S. As always, your make-up looks gorgeous, lady!

  19. Scrangie...I love your eyes and how you make them up. Any tips?

  20. Hi! just to tell you that I speak about your blog on my blog, if there's any problem just tell me!

    Have a nice day!

  21. Scrangie - your eyes are beautiful! I love your nail swatches, thanks for your blog.

  22. Rachelskirts, thanks babe! :)

    Anonymous, awwe thank you! Hmm... tips... I always line inside my lashes with black liner and put the darkest shadow color in my crease!

    Chupa, wow, thank you! I'm honored :)

    Markjoy, that is so sweet. Thank you. You made my day :)


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