Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Amazing Zoya Tweet Buy!!!

If you aren't already following Zoya on Twitter, you should be! Otherwise, you might miss out on incredible 'secret sales' (called 'TweetBuys'!) like this:

Purchase a Zoya Color Lock System ($48) and get Ooh La La and La Di Da Collection samplers for FREE! Add the Zoya Color Lock System to your cart and enter code HH3. Samplers will appears in cart automatically. Expires tonight at midnight.

Now, I don't normally post about Zoya's TweetBuys on here because you're supposed to find out by following them on Twitter, but this deal is way too amazing to pass up.

Check out my swatches of Ooh La La and La Di Da here:

Ooh La La

La Di Da

And be sure to follow Zoya on Twitter to hear about more of their amazing TweetBuys!


  1. Great deal...thanks so much :)

  2. Well, I guess I depend upon others to re-tweet for me. Thanks for the heads up, I just placed my order. I had been waiting for a coupon to pop up for these collections!

  3. I already placed my order. I don't tweet, I have enough reading to do with blogs. Great that I got the code ManicureMommas.com. I didn't know if anyone else had the code. It's nice of everyone to share!

  4. Thanks for posting! I just got it. I almost didn't get it, but your swatches pulled me over. Thanks again!

  5. So we buy the color lock system and we get 12 nail polishes for free? Unbelievable! The samplers aren't minis, are they?

  6. Amazing deal! I think this one tops all their previous ones!

    Thank you so much, Scrangie, for posting this. I recently turned off the Zoya tweets from coming to my phone because there were waaaay too many. Thanks again for looking out for all your fellow polish addicts. :)

  7. anicegirlnamedfloMay 12, 2009 at 5:29 PM

    I love the picture caption for this! I have a question...I have a dotting tool, but the "dotter" is so damn small! I have to let a bit dry to increas the diameter/circumference of my dots. Did you do that? Or is the dotter you have a larger ball? I have a Dirty Sexy Money/Orly Black Vinyl dot manicure in mind, but I have worries I'll end up with smal, uneven dots :(

  8. Did you have any luck with the color lock system?

  9. Oh no! I so wanted this but they don't ship outside the US! :(

  10. I do not tweet, so thanks so much for sharing. I can't imagine the peeps at zoya wouldn't be happy for help in selling more colorlock systems. I swear they will do anything to get us to try them. I'm actually really wanting to try the ridge filler and I love Remove + so it's a win for me.

  11. Mary, it is an AMAZING deal, two free sets! :)

    Dee, no prob!

    Lucy, I just visit Zoya's twitter page now and then to see what's going on :)

    Claire, if not they'll make great gifts!

    MoLo, yes, isn't that AWSOME?! Full size!!

    Fauxfun, I agree, best deal I've seen yet! I couldn't imagine sending Twitter to my phone, my texts would be going off 24/7 LOL

    Anicegirlnamedflo, I have a set with varying sizes- small to pretty large. I usually just use the largest size- I think I got my set (3 double ended ones) from 8ty8 :)

    Liz, the first times I used it, it gave me a whole week of polish wear but I haven't tried it since last summer- it really does extend wear time dramatically.

    Xuan-An, I'm sorry :(

    Tarotbydiana, haha I felt like I was cheating by posting it outside of Twitter, but I love Zoya and I know a lot of people will be VERY happy about this deal! The new Color Lock set is really awesome, it has the new thinner in it too! And the big old bottle of Remove+ :)

  12. Thank you Scrangie. I just ordered mine (after the midnight deadline to boot but they still put the samplers in the cart. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!) I'm not a tweeter person. Too Much Info for me in real time and I can barely catch up with all the other things (including my fav blogs...LOL)

  13. TR, woohoo! Yay! I never follow Twitter in real time, too much to pay attention to, LOL


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