Friday, May 1, 2009

BB Couture For Nails Green Goblin

It's been rainy and cloudy here for the past week so I haven't really had a chance to swatch anything. I'm enjoying the weather, but it's creating a huge backlog of things I planned on swatching!

However, this beauty arrived today and I had to find a way to get a picture of it. Good picture, bad picture, it didn't matter. I just *had* to show you this. I resorted to using ambient light from my back door, so pardon the reflections.

BB Couture Green Goblin.

When I saw this nail polish, a magical thing happened. I think the bottle may have been glowing. I could faintly hear Handel's Messiah playing in the background. Suddenly, the world was a better place.

Behold, a dark green polish.

This particular shade of green is earthy and mossy. It's dark but not so dark that you can't tell it's green. It has a creme finish but the polish itself has an almost blurry, mottled looking effect- it's not a flat, uniform color. It says 'moss' to me. I love it.

The formula is flawless. Smooth, opaque, not too thick, not too thin. Drying time is good. No bubbles, no shrinkage. No complaints.

I especially love the name. Green Goblin. I love goblins. The best part is, this one won't kick your ass with Bomb Toss!

This has been a very good week for green polish. I have another unbelievably cool green to show you as soon as I can get a decent photo of it. It's from the British brand Illamasqua and it is truly a sight for sore eyes. My cries for deep green polish are being answered.

BB Couture polish can be purchased from OverallBeauty (and there are MULTIPLE greens!!).


  1. Is that a jelly-ish finish on that polish or are my eyes fooling me?

  2. Thx for posting this! I definitely hear Handel's Messiah!!!
    Dana Cerise

  3. I am sooo wanting this!!! Gorgeous!!!

  4. HoneyHoneyNY, nah, it's a pretty dense creme, I think the reflection is playing tricks on you :)

    Dana, hahah see?! It's awesome!

    Createitcottage, get it, it's so amazing, it makes me giddy!

  5. Hmm, could it be Rampage you'll show from the UK brand? If so, could you also do a side by side comparison of Rampage, RBL's Recycle, BBC's Green Goblin and any other dark greens of the same type? I really like Rampage but the shipping's heavy for just one nail polish.

  6. Green Goblin is STUNNING on you! It looks like it was made just for you. *swoon*


  7. Crotchfairy, omg your name is awesome! You're correct- it is Rampage! I can do a comparison for sure, I actually have all of those our right now so I don't have to spend an hour searching for them, LOL

    Vennie, wow, thank you so much!! <3

  8. This is the second swatch I have seen of this and I die every time (and resurrect apparently). It reminds me of the green waves in a stone called moss agate.

  9. Nothing like a gorgeous green to lift your spirits on a rainy day, huh? It's so pretty! =)

  10. OPI are you listening!!? Green green green green green....

  11. That is a pretty, glossy, creamy green. I can't deny it.


  12. Using overallbeauty, how long did it take you to receive your order after placing it?

    The site says "Orders go out in 5 to 7 business days" and I'm used to orders shipping the day after ordering, I'm wondering if it truly does take that long.

    Thanks. =)

  13. WOW! That is an awesome green

  14. Wow, it is amazing, been hoping to see a swatch of this. Better than I hoped it would look, must have!

  15. Hi Scrangie! Green Goblin looks freaking gorgeous on you. I ordered and got this just today. My order took 2 days to get here! Kim at is fantastic. Amazing customer servie. I made an order and then saw the Green Goblin polish later that day. I emailed to see if they could add it to my order. Too late my order had been processed and was being sent out. Kim said to order it and I will refund your shipping. That's jsut what she did. I also got another green, Venom! I love BB polish.

  16. OMG, wow. I usually don't even go for green on anything but this is just gorgeous. :)

  17. Yeeeeeeees! A side by side comparison of Rampage, RBL's Recycle, BBC's Green Goblin it's a great idea!!!

  18. A "mint" comparision will be great as well, don't you agree?

  19. omg - I love that. must have. what a great finish - so deep and rich!

  20. **faints**
    BB Couture is becoming my new favorite brand...I love their colors!

  21. Can it be compared with Nars Zulu?

  22. Hello, hello.
    It's the fairy again. You probably already know this, but I asked for a swatch comparison between RBL's Recycle & Rampage that Michelle from "All Laquered Up" did and posted today. Basically, if you feel that it's unnecessary to do a comparison of all three than that's fine, too (I'm curious about BBC's GG compared to the other two, still). I'm just glad there are gorgeous dark greens to choose from in lieu of Zulu.

  23. I read in another blog that OPI's Fall 2009 Collection is one based on Spain and includes a dark green shade. I will say I really don't see the appeal in green nail polish. And I'm a girl who loves my OPI, kwim? Am I missing something?

  24. Love it and it looks fab on you! I am so into greens and blues, and those are the colours I get the most compliments on. I am on a no buy again, but BB couture is definitely on my list of brands to try.

  25. Tarotbydiana, your description sounds nearly poetic! Sounds like a gemstone I would love, I might have to go shopping!

    Lady Lostris, exactly :)

    Fudge, ditto!! Listen to us, OPI!!

    Scott, you know you love it, it's too amazing not to love!

    Anonymous, in my experience, OverallBeauty ships really, really fast, usually same day or next day. They also have top notch customer service!

    Mazoo, you totally do!

    Nina, awesome indeed!

    Clockwork, and the formula is really good too! Good color, good formula, it's a win-win situation!

    Lucy, Kim is fantastic! So helpful, sweet and responsive. Awesome customer service!

    Jess, it's like a beautiful forest on my nails!

    Alice, done! :)

    Alice, I can do that too!

    Anonymous, it is a masterpiece!

    Amanda, they're making such great colors lately, they must be listening!

    Anna, done! :)

    Sanna, I know that this would look beautiful on you ! <3

    Crotchfairy, I'm still doing it, no exact matches but still a good comparison!

    Anonymous, yes, you are! Green polish is the scheiße!

    Melli, thank you! The great thing about BB Couture is that nothing seems to be limited edition so you don't have to worry about them selling out during your no-buy :)


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