Friday, May 8, 2009

Comparisons with OPI Brights 2009 Bright Pair with Paige Denim

This time I thought I'd try something a little different and put the cart before the horse, so to speak.

I do love this collection of brights, but they are very similar to other brights I own, especially ones by OPI.

Index and ring: OPI A Grape Fit
Middle and pinkie: OPI Do You Lilac It?

As you can see, they're similar shades of lilac purple but Do You Lilac It? is significantly lighter.

Index: OPI No Room For The Blues
Middle: OPI Just Groovy
Ring: Zoya Yummy
Pinkie: Misa Right Here Now, No More Later

There are minuscule differences between these colors, but can you really tell? I wouldn't know this was four different colors unless someone told me.

Index: OPI On The Same Paige
Middle: OPI Orange You Glad It's Summer?
Ring: OPI Don't Be Koi With Me
Pinkie: Misa Um You're Too Delicious

These oranges weren't as close as they appeared in the bottle. Similar, but I don't think I have an exact match yet.

Index: OPI Over The Taupe
Middle: OPI You Don't Know Jacques
Ring: Butter London Fash Pack
Pinkie: Orly Country Club Khaki

Hmm, no dupes here! Similar, but again, nothing exact.

Index: OPI Shorts Story
Middle: OPI I'm India Mood For Love
Ring: OPI D.C. Cherry Blossom
Pinkie: China Glaze Laced Up

I thought I had more pinks similar to Shorts Story in my collection, but I couldn't find a duplicate. I'm sure that one exists, but I'll have to keep looking to find out what it is.

Index: OPI In My Back Pocket
Middle: OPI Osaka To Me Orange
Ring: OPI It's A Bird, It's A Plane... It's OPI
Pinkie: OPI Orange You Glad It's Summer?

This one seems closest to my favorite orange, OPI Osaka To Me Orange.

Aside from No Room For The Blues, I haven't found an exact duplicate of any of these colors. In my opinion, they're unique and pretty enough to own all of them, but only if you really love the color. I happen to love them all even though they look like other things in my collection.

I only wish this year's brights had the matching crystalline shimmers like the old Brights collections, but I'll save my lamentations for the 'real' post :)


  1. Thanks for the swatch comparisons! They all look so beautiful!

  2. Wow, I cannot tell the difference between those blues! Good job, Scrangie...thanks for the pics! :-)

  3. I want Over the Taupe, it's the one taupe that seems warm enough not to wash out my skintone. Other than that, nothing is killing me.

    I'm starting to get jaded and only want things that stand out as unique in my collection. The only colors that break that rule are purples and turquoises. Then I just want AOT. I'm tempted by the purple in the bunch too, but I worry that it will do the pale purple thing and make my hands look ashy.

  4. GREAT POST SCRANGIE!!! This was very helpful in deciding which colors to actually purchase to see them on. I love the taupes, and You Don't Know Jacques happens to be one of my favorites. I have been eying Country Club Khaki so to see that it's no where near the same, even on nails makes it an easy decision.

    Thanks for taking the time to swatch and compare all these.

  5. Great comparision! I like Butter London Fash Pack very much! Do you think over the taupe is close to opi sepjora metro chic?

  6. Scrangie, you're awesome!
    I thought they were these were dupes, but was too lazy to dig up the old ones and compare. TY for pics - you are the greatest!

  7. Awesome! I've always wanted to see those blues together!!! Here's my question: On the blues, which one had the best application? Best formula? Best opacity?

  8. Thanks for your always excellent pics! Now I know I don't need and of the Bright Pair colors, which cuts my lemmings a lot. Okay, a little.

  9. Seeing them in comparison, I definitely have room in my collection for another purple. A Grape Fit it is!

    I already have two of the four blues: Just Groovy and the Misa with the long name. However, I could use another orange. I feel like there are so few true oranges. Thanks for the comparative pics. Most helpful. :)

  10. Thanks for the comparisons! Now i know i need Over The Taupe. How does "Brights power" compare to any of the oranges you compared?

  11. Denette, you're welcome :)

    Amanda, isn't that crazy? I still love them all hahaha

    HoneyHoneyNY, I'm loving Over the Taupe. Me. In taupe polish. Crazy! But it's so pretty!

    Dara, thank you so much, I really appreciate your kind words :) Makes it all worth while!

    Alice, I didn't think they were too close in the bottles, but now I'm second guessing it- I think I'll have to compare them on the nail to be sure. Metro Chic had a more purple look to it, but now I'm not so sure!

    Siobhan, awwe! Thank you! The feeling is mutual <3

    MariahGem, tough call! None of them gave me any problems, all of them were pretty smooth. I'd say the most opaque would be Misa, followed by No Room, then Yummy and Just Groovy is the sheerest of them.

    Silverin, hehehe :) You know, I can never resist a pretty bright even if I have 209475098 dupes. It's an illness, LOL!!

    Tarotbydiana, oh, yes, definitely! A Grape Fit is *beautiful*. And I adore oranges, I wonder why they're so rare? No one seems to release many oranges! My favorite is OPI Osaka To Me Orange, the perfect shade of Halloween *sigh* :)

    M, me too! It's HOT!!

    .jackie.jaci., I think it would be really close, and that's the one I wanted to compare the most, but I went looking for my bottle and couldn't find it!! Boooo!! :( I think I have to buy a new one!

  12. i'm wondering if orly blue color is also a dupe for the blue as well? i've always wondered how it compared to just groovy, no room, and yummy

    also i was wondering if OPI "don't think just pink" is dupey for shorts story? i've wanted don't think for a while now but can't find it anywhere

  13. Thank you so much Scrangie for this post! I was hoping to see swatches of the new OPI Brights before buying any of them. I wanted to get Grape Fit, but after seeing your swatches I think I will pass for now. I have so many shades that are so close to it that not even I would be able to tell the difference.
    Hunny you do a fantastic job here. I wish I had your dedication!!
    Peace and light****

  14. I love Over the Taupe and I'm getting YDKJ, because I think taupe is such a wearable color. But I don't think I need anything else though.

    And a swatch request: could you do some of the 2006 Brights? I've seen them at a local store, and I can't decide whether I need them or not, as a lot of them are sheers. Like Call my Cell-ery, This Little Piggy etc. Thanks!

  15. Great comparison swatches, very helpful; you rock, girl!!

  16. Thank you Scrangie and bless you. I'm ending up with so much polish that are just miniscule shades off. I know only we nail polish fanatics can appreciate the difference. I'd rather have some really different colors.

  17. Great post, thanks a lot Scrangie.
    If I can't wait for the collection to come out here in Europe at least I should be able to find close enough dupes thanks to you :o)

  18. Do you know if OPI Over the Taupe is similar to China Glaze Channelesque?

  19. wow Scrangie, I have a love/hate relationship with reading your blog because when you swatch new colors on your perfect nails, I always want to buy them and I can hear my wallet start to cringe. This post is awesome though, because it's definitely helped me out with some of the colors I've been eyeing.

    Just one question - how similar are those blues to CND's hot pop blue?

    Thanks for always posting something new, I can't wait to see what comes next!

  20. Pam, ah, sorry, I don't have either of those! I do know that Don't Think Just Pink is lighter than Shorts Story but they're quite similar.

    Kat, wow, thank you so much sweetie! :)

    Kimchix3, you bet! I've been trying to do them *forever* but keep getting sidetracked, lol

    Vanessa, awww thank you so much!

    Lucy, wow, thank you, thank you!! <3

    Chocaddict, yay, that's good to hear!

    Atomica, hmm... If I recall correctly, Channelesque is a purple creme? I think?

    Tiff, thank you :) Wow, I'm not doing too good- I don't have that one either! But from the pictures I've seen, Hot Pop Blue seems a little deeper and slightly more green-tinged :)

  21. hey scrangie!

    these comparisons are awesome! any chance u can do a one for opi done out in deco & orly bon bon? think its in the liliac versions tooo.. =p

  22. How did you find the application for No Room for the Blues? Mine was streaky and sticky, but turned out ok. I talked to someone else and they said their's was flawless.

  23. GREAT swatch comparisons, I think it will save me money and help me to decide which new colors I "need" to try, and which ones I can pass up.

    You reinforced that I need to buy You Don't Know Jacques AND Over the Taupe.

    I think I have fairly similar coloring, so your blog is really the perfect way to see how these colors translate.

    Thanks again!

  24. Gracie, hmm... I don't think I have Orly Bon Bon! I'll check, and if I have it I'll do it :)

    Shojo Flash, mine was flawless as well. Super smooth!

    Markjoy, thank you so much :)

  25. I love the comparison swatches!! They ususally give me a clear view on wich polish to buy or if they really look alike...But I have a question.. Could you maybe swatch:

    OPI Shorts Story
    OPI Elephantasic Pink
    OPI That's Hot! Pink
    OPI India Mood For Love

    These polishes for me so I could see a comparison?
    Thank you so much!

    CiaoOo Marieke

  26. Marieke's suggestion is a good one! I'd love to see a comparison of these colors.

    I was at a nail salon recently, and the color name on the OPI bottle had fallen off. I've been wondering which one it was, and I think possibly it was one of those.

  27. Marieke, thank you! You know, I could have sworn that I already did comparisons of those next to each other. I can tell you that Elephantastic Pink isn't like any of those other ones- it's a warm toned pink and the others are really cool and blue toned :)

    Markjoy, If I haven't already done them, I'll definitely do a comparison! I really thought I had done those next to each other... I'll have to look through my photo folder!

  28. I love your comparisons Scrangie! They are what helped me determine I need You don't know Jacques and not Over the taupe!
    I have a request:
    Could you please look in your collection to find a dupe of Chanel Coconut (if you don't have it, the lovely Gabrielle shows it on her blog:
    I've tried to find this polish to no avail and am desperate for a sheer white I can wear on no-polish days!
    Thanks so much for any advice!
    Keep up the amazing nails!

  29. Hey Scrangie,

    Could you please look in your collection to find a dupe of Chanel Coconut (
    I am desperate for a clear white polish to wear on my no-polish day.
    Thank you so much!!

  30. Hi Scrangie,

    I have another request - if you have the polishes, could you compare Color Club Emerald Depths and Orly It's Up to Blue, please? I have searched pics and pics and it's very hard to tell if they are dupes or not. Depths might be a bit brighter.
    Your skin tone seems similar to mine...
    Thanks again for all your hard work!

  31. Any chance you could do a comparison of Essie Mink Muffs and OPI Over the Taupe and if you have it...could you thrown Chanel's new color, Particuliere, in the bunch? I'm trying to find the best dupe for the Chanel color.


  32. I really love seeing these comparisons. I need to thin down my stash due to a major down sizing in my life needed. How to weed through over 1500+ bottles that for most I really have attachment to - have not bought or included in my stash a ton of Revlon and other drugstore brands - these are all OPI quality and up. Best I can do is to weed out the like shades and pick one within close range of hue.

  33. hi
    i love your pic..can i have barrow yours pics? i want to sell my .opi produkt ,,i will use u pics?can i ? thanks cathy


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