Saturday, May 9, 2009

OPI Bright Pair Collection with Paige Premium Denim: Brights 2009

In the previous post you saw some comparisons and duplicates from this collection, now here's the "real" post :)

There are also swatches of the collection at The Nailphile and Sterling Nails.

A Grape Fit. Rich lavender creme. This is my new favorite pale purple. The problem I have with the pale purples/lilacs/lavenders is that sometimes they're so pale they look lifeless. This one is soft but still rich and bright enough to be interesting for me, and it looks good with my skintone.

In My Back Pocket. A bright orange creme. Ooh, orange! For some reason we don't see oranges being released very often... I wonder why that is? They're so bright and happy and flattering on most skintones. This one is especially nice because it's a little softer than most of the oranges that I have. It's definitely not neon and it's a little softer than pumpkin.

No Room For The Blues. Bright sky blue creme. Not the least bit unique but still a beautiful color. I really can't resist these bright blues, they are just soooooo pretty that I'm always drawn to them!

On The Same Paige. Deep orange creme. I want to call this red-orange- it's definitely orange but has a much deeper red tint than the other orange in this collection. Maybe it's coral? Would you call this more coral or orange? Coral is extremely confusing for me.

Over The Taupe. Taupe creme. This picture came out a little warmer than the color looks on me in real life. This is another color I never thought I'd like, but it ended up being my favorite from the collection. It's the most unique in the collection and it has that soft, grungy, edgy 'mushroom' look that I love so much.

Shorts Story. Hot pink creme. I'm going to use OPI's description for this one: "Hot Pink. The end." Haha! It's to the point and pretty accurate. This is a nice cool hot pink though, so it doesn't make my hands look dirty. I have a hard time wearing pinks, but I can usually wear the cooler, more blue-violet toned ones like this and OPI I'm India Mood For Love.

This collection is supposed to pair with the Summer line from Paige Premium Denim. Admittedly, I had never heard of the brand until this OPI collection mentioned it, but then again, I'm neither a denim wearer nor fashion enthusiast. But since seeing the promo pics for this collection that feature Paige denim in all sorts of bright colors, I kinda want some now.

That looks awesome. Admit it. Except.... Those jeans are ridiculously tight. I'm betting they're those 'skinny' jeans that don't look good on anyone but Emo boys (wait, did I say it looked good on emo boys?)....

The formula on these was flawless. Smooth, thin and opaque in two to three coats depending on the shade. I had zero application issues and the drying time was very fast. The Pro-Wide brush in these makes application really fast for me as well- I was able to use one quick stroke on each nail!

This collection of brights is missing what made the previous OPI brights collections unique- fun shimmers! The original sets of brights had duochromes (like Electric Eel) and sheer crystal shimmers in fun colors (like That's All Bright With Me). The Night Brights collection introduced us to one of the greatest polishes of all time: My Private Jet. It gave me one of my most favorite purple polishes, OPI Ink. Unique colors with no duplicates to be found. Mod about Brights gave us green and yellow. The Bright Pair collection is really pretty and all the colors are nice, but there isn't really anything unique about them.

I do like this collection a whole lot. The colors themselves are gorgeous, the formula on them is perfect and they all look really nice together. I only wish there were six more shades to balance out the cremes. It would have been cool to have coordinated layering shades like the old collection. But, it seems like the polish companies are scaling back lately and not releasing as many shades as they used to.

So... OPI Summer 2009 is almost done (one more collection to go!) and then we get what looks like an amazing set of collections for fall and winter. Woohoo!!


  1. All I have to say is Over the Taupe and A Grape Fit, come to mama :-D

  2. Even though I like Over the Taupe, I don't get why it's in a collection called "Brights". :S

    Thanks for the swatches - as always, your nails look perfect!

  3. Yes I thought too the taupe was weird in this collection. They'd better make a teal creme, they don't have any.

  4. Scrangie, you were right - those are skinny jeans. Bright orange skinny jeans. :)

  5. They're all lovely, but A Grape Fit is really catching my eye. Thanks for showing these :)

  6. That is a very nice collection and those brights looks awasome, especialy A Grape Fit, but I have to say that I agree with every word that you wrote about missing something....

  7. Lol I even read in an article that skinny jeans can give you a fungal infection you know where

  8. Super tight jeans, and a hand model with her painted nails on her (non-existant) butt. Beautiful. Truly tells a story!

  9. Your nails are so pretty! I really like Over the Taupe, it has a real neat look to it, an eye catcher. Clean and excitingly subdued. I dig the Blue polish, too. There was a time when you saw a blue, once in a while, out on the street or in the mall. Lot's blue nail polish, but I don't see a lot of it worn.


  10. These are some great pictures - thanks so much for sharing!!

    I really like A Grape Fit, In My Back Pocket, and Shorts Story. I share your affinity for blue toned pinks. I LOVE I'm Inda-mood for Love and hated ElePhantastic Pink. It looked horrible on me.

    What did you mean to say when you said "OPI Summer 2009 is almost done (one more collection to go!)?" Is there another OPI collection for summer besides these brights and the Colorcopia collection? Do tell!!!

  11. You know, I really like On the same Paige! I have been looking for a creme in that shade for awhile. I also think Over the Taupe and Grape Fit are something I might like.

  12. Your pics make me want polishes I already have! lol

  13. I'd been avoiding this collection as I didn't think there was anything I neeeeded, and I thought OTT was a fairly close dupe of You Don't Know Jacques. But the more I see A Grape Fit, the more I like it. Hmmmmm.

    Are skintight orange jeans "in" for this season then? Ohhhh dear!

  14. It's funny you should mention My Private Jet, because I got an Ulta flyer last week advertising and exclusive "Best of Brights" collection that inludes My Private Jet along with Modern Girl, Greenwich Village, That's Hot! Pink, Dating a Royal, and In My Back Pocket. However, it remains to be seen if it is the holo version (which one of my all-time favorites as well).

    Ulta is also debuting their own "Professional" collection of nail polishes. I noticed my local store was reorganizing the polish section to make way for them. Some of the colors look like they could be good. There are some grays, metallics, purples, and blues.

    Sula Paint and Peel polishes are also going to be available. As much as being able to remove polish easily is great, I would be afaid that such easy remove means your polish will come off when you don't want it off.

  15. These are all gorgeous, especially the Grape and Taupe colours.

  16. I appreciate your blog so much! You don't have your blog hidden in a mass of ads and your comments are honest and helpful. In addition to the nail polish, would like to see the occasional makeup review too, like you've done previously. I've stopped reading blogs because they got too commercial. Yours is perfect!!

  17. Krasey Beauty, aren't they hot? :D

    Atomica, seriously. Taupe is a bright? What are they smoking? lol

    Meyahna, good observation, they really need to make one!

    Sprinkles, hahaha I used to have a pair of skinny jeans. Wonder if I'll be fashionable if I wear them now :)

    Mary, you're very welcome!

    Tuli, glad you see it too! :)

    Maja & Sussi, haha I believe it!

    Anonymous, LOL! I admit I like the color of the jeans combined with the color of the mani more than the jeans themselves :)

    Scott, thank you! All I ever see are bad thick french manis and naked nails here :(

    Denette, thank you! :) There's one small collection of 'brights' coming out soon, should have swatches before the end of the month!

    Sarah, they are all hot :)

    Lackoholic, hahaha sorry! :D

    Helen, they must be! I like the color, maybe I'll find some regular ones :)

    Deb, interesting! I didn't see that Ulta display, but I did go looking for the new ones. They didn't have the Ulta Professional ones, but they had a brand new full display of the Sula- lots of really cool colors but I doubt they'll wear longer than 10 min :)

    Nikki, I love those :)

    Kaybee, wow, wow, thank you. That means *so* much to me. I am glad you notice and appreciate that :) I stopped reading a lot of my old favorite blogs because of that. That makes me so happy to hear you say! <3

  18. I had a look at the Ulta Professional ones today. Honestly, nothing stood out to me except a black one called Black Diamond. It was black with gold shimmer, but I saw multicolor flashes in it when I examined the bottle closely The others looked like they could be OPI dupes with less witty names. I also took the lid off the bottle. The formula must be thicker than OPI, because the polish didn't drip from the tip of the brush.

    The Sulas are pretty, but I don't think they would last either. The formula seemed very watery, and it smelled like that kiddie nail polish that peels off.

  19. Have you seen the OPI Sunbelievable colection yet Scrangie? There are only 4 colours but I think you'll love them!

  20. Fantastic swatches - thank you. I love a grape fit; over the taupe and no room for the blues. Was great to see ott against ydkj - thanks for that comparison.
    Just waiting for opi sunbelievable to come out now... The blue looks interesting in the bottle... Any ideas when they're releasing this collection for sale?

  21. I saw your blues comparion on and it was exactly what I thought! They all look sooo similar!

  22. Deb, good to know! I'll keep my eye out but I don't have my hopes up

    Andi, yep :) I'm not supposed to say though!!

    Anonymous, I have the release date somewhere, I'll have to find it, I think June 1?

    Shojo Flash, I know! Why not just make a new color?

  23. I just tried In My Pocket - 3 coats and it's kind of thick. Maybe I wasn't paying attention (I was so anxious to try it). I still love the color a lot.

  24. Deepo, ah that's sad! :( Mine are perfect :( Maybe it's the temperature?

  25. I got grape fit the other day and put 2-3 coats with base and topcoat too and it peeled completely off a few nails in one day!
    I love the color, but I wonder why this happened??? Opi never peels off

  26. Shonn, that's so weird!! It's probably not the polish- what basecoat and topcoat do you use? Polish can peel off in sheets for a few reasons, we can troubleshoot!

  27. I used the same one I always use. I use the Nicole base (can't remember the exact name off hand) and I use CN super shiny for my topcoat. Maybe my nailbeds were oily prior to putting on...What is the best base to use?

  28. Shonn, It was probably a little oil. I don't know if there's a 'best' base, things work differently for everyone, but I use Qtica basecoat and it works great for me. I don't have very good results with CND products, though- perhaps it was the topcoat?

  29. Hi Scrangie,
    Love your blog, amazing swatches but I can't believe how different (not in a good way) my short story is. Mine is a medium dusty pink, nothing like your swatch. Too bad for me:(

  30. Maria, that is VERY strange! Mine is definitely the bright bubblegum pink in my picture... but certain companies are notorious for being inconsistent when they release shades :(

  31. I have On the Same Paige on my toes today, and it looks a little more orange/tomato and definitely not coral. More color inconsistencies? I hope it's just lighting! Either way, it's a pretty color, but I think I'm going to save it for when my skin tone is a bit more tanned, if ever that should occur.

  32. Nail Lovin CoCo chicaOctober 9, 2009 at 9:23 AM

    Scrangie as always your nails are SO gorgeous! loving Over the Taupe but need your humble opinion, do you think it will compliment or clash on dark skinned gals??? (think Kelly Rowland) i have Tickle my Francey and that looks great. recently ordered Orly's country khaki, waiting on that and hoping i like it...but OTT is darker and the most edgy mushroom shade ive seen yet!! :)

  33. nail loving coco chicaOctober 9, 2009 at 9:25 AM

    Scrangie as always your nails are SO gorgeous! loving Over the Taupe but need your humble opinion, do you think it will compliment or clash on dark skinned gals??? (think Kelly Rowland)


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