Monday, May 11, 2009

Nubar Parisian Collection Summer 2009

Nubar's new Parisian collection is a set of sheers, pinks and french manicure shades.

Champs-Elysees Pink. A warm, pale pink. This has a very soft peachy tone to it, I'd call this in between baby pink and pastel peach. This looks like a creme, but if you look really closely you'll see that it has a faint amount of soft shimmer. This is three coats.

Cineaqua Shimmer. A metallic coral-pink. This is a very shiny and reflective shade of warm pink. When applying this one you should be mindful of the frosty metallic formula to avoid brushstrokes as much as possible. The brushstrokes fade slightly when the polish is completely dried. Three coats.

Eiffel Tower Sparkle. Sheer crystalline pink shimmer. My favorite of the collection! It's so pretty and sparkly, it starts out sheer and builds opacity with each layer. This reminds me strongly of OPI Princess Rule!. Three coats.

Hotel Baby Pink. Pastel pink creme. This one is a very mod-60's looking pale pink creme. It really stands out despite being soft and pale. Three coats.

La Siene Shimmer. A sheer warm pink with strong blue flash. This is a really cool color. The blue flash is really nice and it's great for layering. It looks really nice over neon pink as well as on top of these sheers. I've been trying out a few different layering combinations for this one. Three coats.

Louvre Nude. Sheer nude-pink jelly creme. This really does have a jelly-like texture. It is transparent and milky. This can easily be worn with one or two coats because it's not the least bit streaky. This is four coats.

Notre Dame Nude. Milky nude-pink creme. This one is similar to Hôtel Baby Pink in finish but it's a slightly cooler shade of pink. Very hard to describe. It also has that 60's-retro look to it. Three coats.

Parc Floral Pink. Sheer petal pink creme. This one almost has a jelly finish to it, but it's a little more milky than Louvre Nude. This shade of pink is particularly delicate- almost white but pink enough to blend with your natural skintone. Another very sheer polish that isn't streaky. Four coats.

Since this is designed to be a french manicure collection, I did a little layering with the two shimmer shades to give some examples of what you can achieve with these shades.

The base for layering here is the Revlon Charlotte nail from the Naturally Chic line.

Eiffel Tower Sparkle (one coat) over a french manicure.

La Seine Shimmer (one coat) over a french manicure.

As you can see, these are all very soft, natural, feminine shades of pink and peach. They would make great colors for the traditional french manicure, or they can be worn alone either as sheers or with more coats for full coverage.

Siobhan at The Nailphile did a great post about this which includes some great pictures of La Seine Shimmer and Eiffel Tower Sparkle layered over the other shades in this collection

The formula on these was very good. Smooth and thin, non-streaky and quick drying. I had no issues applying them aside from the brushstrokes on Cineaqua Shimmer, but that's more due to the finish than the formula. I normally have a problem with sheers and milky pinks being extremely streaky, but these didn't have that problem. Very cool.

Not the most exciting collection I've ever seen, but if you're into sheers and pinks, you may really enjoy these, especially if you've had issues with streaky sheers in the past.

This collection is available now at As a bonus, until May 15th, Nubar is including their Foundation base coat and Diamont Shine topcoat free in every order of $50 or more. This entire collection is priced at $49.95 if you buy them all together, five cents short of the free gifts with purchase... Kind of odd, but maybe they'll include it anyway since it's so close.


  1. These colors are so lovely. And your nails are gorgeous!
    Dana Cerise

  2. I quite like La Seine Shimmer as it reminds me of OPI's Altar Ego but there are no real lemmings there - I guess I'm just not a baby pink kind of girl.

    Your nails do look fab though!

  3. I'm not really into sheers or typical french manis. That being said...
    Cineaqua Shimmer is pretty.
    I think I have a pink very similar to Eiffel Tower Sparkle from Finger Paints. I think it's called Pink Inspiration. I love the shimmer, but it's a terrible pink for my skin color.
    La Siene Shimmer is really pretty because of the blue flash. I <3 pinks with blue flashes.

    I <3 your reviews :)

  4. I like Le Seine Shimmer a lot, as well as Eiffel Tower Sparkle. Very pretty.

  5. Dana, awwe thank you! :)

    Helen, they're similar! I'm not a baby pink girl either, and thank you :)

    Phyrra, yeah, neither am I :) I do like the sparkly ones though! Thank you :)

    Clockwork, those would be my picks as well :)

  6. I'm a longtime reader who has gone from 5 to 60 polishes in the last two months thanks to you!

    I just bought Nubar for the first time last week. I am wondering how Oh Baby Pink, Baby Pink (Pastel Collection) compares to Hotel Baby Pink, and Notre Dame Nude.

    I have Baby Pink and was going to go back for Oh Baby. But, now you've got me wondering which one(s) I want....

  7. Not into pink either, most often pink nail polishes remind me of toilet paper. And French manicure really are getting totally old fashioned. I might try one nude though one day some look pretty but maybe a more beige than Louvres nude. But as a French ok that's totally and unfortunately the stuff that could sell here. :-/

  8. I'm a blue and green girl, not a pink and ESPECIALLY NOT french manicure girl, but I'm digging these, especially Cineaqua Shimmer. Some of them look boring, but all I have to say is daaang. But I find online shopping a hassle. Are there any dupes/close colors that are made by brands like OPI, China Glaze, Essie (I think Essie has it, ahaha, no idea why)... etc. Thanks.

  9. I'm not entirely into sheers and pinks, but I do like to use them every now and again. This is a lovely collection of subtle polishes!

  10. WOW! Great Pinks on Gorgeous nails, Scrangie.



  11. Scrangie I am loving this collection. All the colors look beautiful on you. I don't even like French manicures but this is so pretty. Crap!

  12. If pink and white French manicures weren't so ubiquitous, I could probably enjoy them more. I do admit the colors in this collection are good for the job and you showed them well. I wouldn't mind using some of the shimmers over colors from the OPI Brights collection (at the tips). I wonder how a 'shroomy french with shimmer overlay would look...

  13. How do you apply your nail polish so perfectly? It's like...well, perfect :)
    And how many nail polishes do you own? Must be like over 200 :p

  14. Very pretty swatches as always ^^

    Still trying to work out what these have to do with Paris though :-/

  15. Cineaqua Shimmer is really pretty!

  16. wow!

    Your French manicure is amazing!

    Looks so clean and neat work.

    Wonderful ! :)

    Just really shame that Nubar has no international site for me too :(

  17. Oh - It's My other Blogger name -

    It's me- Nitzan

  18. Your nails are looking gorgeous in those colors!
    And I noticed you're swatching on your right hand as well. Nice :)

  19. I love these!!!! I must be losing my mind because lately I have been liking the sift shades and pinks a lot!

  20. I love pastells and Hot Baby Pink is very cute!

  21. Cidell, congrats! :D I actually don't have those polishes to compare, but from the pictures I've seen they're all somewhat similar. I'm sorry!

    Meyahna, toilet paper! LOL! I don't really like the frenches either, they're so boring!

    Anonymous, there are probably a LOT and I'm not sure if I can even name them all... But I'm sure OPI has a bunch if you want to buy in person!

    Mary, I like 'em if they're sparkly so I really dig the Eiffel Tower one!

    Scott, thank you! :)

    Lucy, lol I'm sorry! They are really pretty though :) Delicate!

    Tarotbydiana, that would be cool! I think what I like about french manicures isn't the color but the tip definition. Having my nail all one color is sometimes lacking something, maybe that's what it is!

    Kimi, LOL! It's more like... twenty times 200 :) And practice is how I do it!

    Laure, heh, I have no idea, I don't know anything about Paris actually! Maybe it's just a french manicure reference?

    Vanessa, it is :)

    Tough Cookie, I knew it was you :) Hehehe! And the french nails are fake, I'm not that good on my own :)

    Gerry, thank you! I've been avoiding doing my right hand cause I have been testing fake nails and I can't paint over the fakes!

    Amanda, LOL! Even I get into a pink mood sometimes and I don't even like pink!

    Alexlyndra, it is very cute :)

  22. Do you know if either Hotel or Notre Dame are close to CC Vintage Couture?


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