Thursday, January 29, 2009

Misa Promotion Ends Tomorrow!

Just wanted to let you all know that the Misa polish promotion ends this Friday. So be sure to get your orders in before tomorrow, Friday January 30th, because they won't be accepting any more orders after that date.

If you've emailed them and haven't heard back, I would give them a call just to make sure they got your order.

And, to top it all off, I just found this super cool video some beautiful girl on YouTube made! I'm sitting here going, "Awwwweeeee!!!" I love it! I hope she doesn't mind me posting it!


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  2. omg scrangie! haha. thats my SISTER! i think she is going to be THRILLED when i tell her u posted up her video on your blog! :D i'll be sure to let her know! and thanks for your LOVELY PROMOTION!!!

  3. That is such a cool video!
    I just called yesterday and payd, plus I canged one of my colors to Dirty Sexy Money - your swatch made me buy it :)

  4. Thanks for the reminder. Can't get thru to the 888-733-6472 number..rings and then disconnects. I placed my order via e-...
    Hope they can handle the volume :-)

  5. MissG, I would just call until they answer :D

    Loveva, ahhh how cool!!! I love her video :D

    Ane Kristine, isn't it? It made me smile :) So happy you were able to order!!

    Tiso, ooh, I have heard of that happening with other peopl, I would call back until someone answers, just to be safe :D

  6. Can you do a comparion of Parlez-Vous OPI and Done Out In Deco... Pretty please?? :) (sorry, figured I'd comment on your most recent post). Love your blog by the way! Thanks so much for all the pics.. you've created many lemmings!

  7. I odered on 1/29. the guy answering the phone is funny! I got four of the new collection due to your swatches and two older colors.

    thanks for the Promo and reminder!

  8. Hi Scrangie!!

    omg! coolness!!!

    Your an NP and MU celeb chica! lol

    And you are right, she is just adorable...she has the prettiest eyes!!!

    Ok- off to do a mani...

    see you on NB :)


    Deborah (SoPolished)

  9. That was a cute video!

    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the promotion and all the swatches. I ordered twice from Misa and then went to head2toe and picked up some discontinued polishes they no longer had at the mothership. I can't believe Misa is across town from me!

    I have over 40 polishes coming from those 2 sources. They should all be landing next week. Eeep!

  10. hi scrangie,im not sure where to post this but ,i have a quesion about nail fungus. what do you know about them and what can be done about them. can you do a piece on them .i love your blog i cant beleive there are so many polish fanatics out there. thanks in advance.missb

  11. Anonymous, you got it! :D

    Angel, ooooh wonderful! I've heard lots of good things about Sunne at Misa :)

    Deborah, I was soooooo excited! Isn't she just the prettiest thing? Eeeek!! I love it!!

    Vodca, I think so too :)

    Tarotbydiana, OMG that sounds awesome. That's my kinda haul!! :D I am so excited for you!!

    Lilly, I have limited knowledge on nail fungus, but I can offer a few tips. One, if you have acrylic nails, remove them until the fungus is clear. Two, treat the fungus with an over the counter remedy like TolnafOil or Vick's Vaporub, and see a doctor or dermatologist! It takes a month or two to clear up completely, but be very diligent in washing, drying and treating the affected nails.


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