Friday, January 23, 2009

Lippmann Collection Spring 2009

Lippmann Collection's new colors for spring, inspired by high-end designers and fashion photographers.

Purple Rain, designed for Zac Posen's spring collection at New York Fashion Week. A light, delicate metallic lilac/violet shade. This seems like a polish that would show strong brushstrokes, but they're really not bad at all. It looks very "stripey" when you apply it, but once it's fully dried, the brushstrokes are only barely there. Really nice shade, very spring-like. I wonder if this would work well with Konad...?

PYT: Pretty Young Thing. A soft pinky coral JELLY!! I love this! I almost want to call this peach, it seems too interesting to just call it pink, and too light to call it coral. You guys know that this is not my type of color at all, but I'm in love with this one. It's very sheer, but once you get to three coats (this picture is three coats) it has that squishy-shiny-translucent jelly finish. Awesome. The color is really flattering, surprisingly. Usually pinks make my hands look dirty, this one just looks fresh and pretty. And squishy.

The formula on these is perfect. I can't find anything wrong with it. It's smooth, it dries very quickly, it's not runny or gooey despite the three-free formulation. When your polish costs $15, your formula better be perfect, and Lippmann Collection doesn't disappoint.

Overall, very pretty, very springy, very feminine. Not my typical choice for polish, but they're just so pretty I can't not like them! Someone take my temperature.... I must be sick...


  1. wow! I don't have any Lippmans because I just haven't been impressed enough with the colors to pay such a high price.. but I love the purple. Eek! Probably no dupes for that one?

  2. Wow! I want BOTH of them! So only two colors for their spring collection? Regardless, they are both gorgeous...when are these coming out?

  3. Nevermind Scrangie, I see that these are out already...found them at some makeup sites for sale, now I just need to find a place that has reasonable shipping to Canada!

  4. Lovely! That's a great purple!

  5. Do you think that jelly pink looks anything like Starfish Patrick? If you have both this is my request for comparison pics...

  6. Great pics! I love PYT.

  7. OMG awesome :O I wish these were available in the UK :)

  8. I really like the purple, but I'm a sucker for metallics or purples.

  9. How does the purple compare to the new ChG one? and the other, does it compare to the RBL SPonge Bob collex?

  10. I love the purple. There is a Konad plate that has branches of cherry blossoms on it. That would look awesome if done in black over this purple.

  11. Ooh, that purple polish! I feel a little sentimental that it's named after Purple Rain. A good friend of mine is a big Prince fan, as is an awesome lady at the post office. I seriously want to go mail a package just to tell her.

    Pinks usually hit my snooze button. but PYT hits a different button. Woo! I am buying that one too. Yes, I am!

  12. Gorgeous colors. These colors are really all about spring. PYT is my fav, but I dig pinks anyway. Purple Rain is one of the prettiest purple/lilac I've seen lately. Thanks for your dedication to nail color!


  13. i never heard of this brand before but i'm loving the colours. it's very feminine. thank you so much scrangie for sharing your swatches with us. i appreciate your efforts.<3

  14. Woah Woah Woah!! Need that purple!

  15. wooza! awesome! takes your temperature...500 degrees? No, this can't be right! Oh, I get it! Your heart is burnin' :P

  16. Scrangie, I think your picture of Purple Rain resembles one of those slightly-out-of-focus romantic pictures from the 50s. It has such a beautifully smooth finish to it! Awesome color - thanks for posting it for us to enjoy! :-)

  17. Lauren, Ooh, I will check :) Lippmann is really nice, but pricey!

    Karman, yep, only two, but they're pretty :) I think these are out already, should be up on soon :)

    Pixie, I think it's very pretty!

    LizardLady, I will definitely compare them! I think Starfish Patrick is darker but they have a very similar vibe.

    Dramaqueenie2, thank you :D

    Lina-Elvira, Ooh, I'm sorry! I thought they were available there :( But, you could probably find duplicates for these :)

    Decorative Diva, me too :)

    Katrina, I don't normally like pinks but this one is sooooo pretty!

    Diann_co, I'd say it's not as shiny/chromey/foily, more of a soft metallic. I'll do a comparison :)

    Deb, awesome, I have that one, I'm totally gonna try it!

    Tarotbydiana, You know, a whole Prince themed polish collection would be pretty awesome. SO much potential!

    Scott, thank you so much! And thanks for continuing to read and comment :)

    Luckymirai, thank you so much, that means a lot to me :D

    Bananarchy, purple rules! And I love your name lol :D

    Sanna, hehee that's right! <3

    Jason, oooh thank you so much :)

  18. Do you know of any polishes similar to PYT?

  19. Stevie, hmm, I feel like it's somewhat similar to Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick... I'll have to check my stash!


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