Monday, January 12, 2009

Lancome Pink Irreverence Collection : Questions

I just got an email about this pretty sweet looking new collection from Lancome: Pink Irreverence.

There is a nail polish called Piha Black (also the same name as the really cool black lipgloss!). It looks really cool, like a super sparkly black. My questions are, has anyone seen this? And if so, is it a twin to Dior Black Sequins?

I have sworn off buying sparkly black polish, but this looks really awesome. Hmm.


  1. It's all sold out on the Lancome website. I've never worn or seen sparkly black nail polish on anyone I know...This makes me curious. :) I wonder what the black lipgloss would look like? o.o

  2. I was also wondering about the black lipgloss! I'm sure it's fairly sheer.
    I'm holding off judgment on the NP until I see swatches...

  3. Swatch the Piha Black, Lippmann Rhapsody in White and China Glaze Exceptionally Gifted. Pretty please.


  4. i wonder if the gloss is like the kat von d one or the tux de lux mac lipglass. i hope the lancome sparkles show up...the dior's didn't.

  5. kinda meh about black nail for sparkly black, it kinda reminds me of what opi baby it's coal outside...wonder if it looks anything like that...? curious to see swatches!

  6. I have the lipgloss and its slightly pigmented and very sparkling. Also with that collection is a very matte pretty classic red lipstick.

  7. I haven't seen this Lancome one but it sure looks like a dupe to Black Sequins from the pic...

  8. i just bought hot topics sparkly black. from the application of HT's blue iridescence, i'm not sure i'm looking forward to wearing it.

  9. I swear I saw that polish when I was in the UK at Christmas. I picked it up, thought "meh", and put it back down. Don't know about if it's like Black Sequins at all, I'm not familiar with that one.

  10. Personally. I like to buy dupes of colors I like over and over again. It saves me from buying back ups and I get to feel virtuous because there is nothing wrong with having two polishes with different names. Yes, I am a sick woman. :P

  11. Molly, I'm curious too :)

    Ladyslatternly, I don't think I'm going to get it. I have too many sparkly blacks! But I'm sure it will look nice.

    Scott, heehehee, if I had them I would :) I might have Exceptionally Gifted, though.... I'll go check :)

    Jaxappella, ooh I don't know. I hope it's darker than those, because those were a little too sheer to be called black :(

    Lizzz262, sparkly black doesn't really appeal to be because I like adding my own sparkly topcoat to black. I don't think these will look a whole lot like Baby It's Coal Outside, though. :(

    Tammi P, oh, awesome! I might have to go see it in person. I've had my eye on it for a while now, and now that it's been released I'm having a hard time resisting!

    Vampy Varnish, I think so too. Hmm...

    Yummy411, oh, it'll be a pain in the ass, but the color will look fabulous :D LOL. I wonder who makes Hot Topic's polishes? The colors are amazing!

    Gymnastgirly, thank you! I'm feeling meh about it too, but I was coveting Dior Black Sequins for quite a while. Just got over that 'lemming' :D

    Tarotbydiana, LOL! I like the way you think :)

  12. I'm very curious about the black lipgloss. I just got OPI by Sephora Never Enough Shoes and I haven't tried it yet. I'm an accountant, so you don't see many colors like black at my office! Once of these days I'll get brave and wear it to work!

  13. Sasha, ooh you have to try it at least once :) Who knows, you might even start an office trend :D

  14. Piha black looks bland in real life. It's akin to the surprise and excitement the haute chocolat brought about during advertising campaigns, only to find out that it's not as exciting as it seemed on the ads. I'd say SOPI's never enough shoes ousts this color. I never tried Dior's black sequins, but I'd love to!

    I have pictures as well of the lipgloss, which I thought was pretty unique, but my friend didn't like it on me so I didn't buy it at Macy's. In the picture it looks more brown, but in real life, it's a dark grey and not brown at all. It probably looks brown because my lips are red-purple. My friend didn't like it and thought it "ate away" the color from my face. I kind of liked it, but it looked too "emo" for me.

    Pics (ignore the horrible condition of my nails and skin :P):

    the lip gloss (it's much darker in real life and not brown, but more dark charcoal):

    note: in real life it's not that sparkly, scrangie! (the ugly pink nail smudged and is sassiness. it's much more gorgeous in real life. the name is so weird for such an innocent color...)

  15. I tried this in the shop today and I just don't think the sparkles are visible enough. It certainly doesn't look worth £14.50 ($22)! Does anyone know a black polish with more noticeable sparkle that is available in the UK please???

  16. Jeskabe, oooh thank you for the pics! I like them, but it looks like I have tons of similar colors, I guess I'm okay without them :) All the links are taking me to the polish picture, though, just a head's up :D

    Anonymous, do you have Sally Hansen or Orly in the UK? Orly Goth is my favorite, and Sally Hansen Raven's Wing is awesome too :)

  17. No Scrangie, we don't have Orly. We get all the Sally Hansen treatments etc here but we don't get the colours for some reason! I wish we did, they always look fab on you! Anyone got any other suggestions?

  18. I tried the black lipgloss. I have a lot of pigment in my lips, and it didn't really show much. it's kind of a sheer charcoal. I'm always tempted by black lip gloss, and always let down.

    The other day while playing with makeup at home I did a black lip.

    Black liner pencil + NK black lipstick+clear gloss= my lips looking like patent leather. One day I'll be bold enough to wear it outside of my bathroom.

  19. the black lipgloss of lancome i don't think it looks good by them self but if you used it like for highlight with other color it does look good, like the pink ad highlight on the heart shape of your mouth it looks good .

  20. I tried the black gloss. It looks like a beautiful glittery black with blue glitter in it, but once on it turns a bland, pale charcoal grey. Not only that, it migrates like a bitch. Any attempt to actually build it up to black results in it sliding down your face ten minutes later. So you have to wear lipliner with it.

    As for Piha Black polish, I'd love to try it but there's so many other pieces of interesting cosmetics out there I haven't gotten round to it yet. I do have Dior's Black Sequins and unless you paint two coats of it and use an ultra-shiny topcoat with it, then the glitter doesn't even show up that well. (sequins my ass.)

    The black-based polish I've liked the best so far is Chanel's Nuit de Russie. The cool green microfine glitter just lights up in sunlight and even in regular light, the green undertone is visible. It's a Chanel polish that surprisingly doesn't suck!

  21. Anonymous, you should try ordering from, they ship internationally and have some good black glitter polishes!

    HoneyHoneyNY, that sounds AWESOME! In my little goth girl days I was much more comfortable in black lipstick so I've been itching to revisit it lol

    Anonymous, ooh good to know, thanks!

    Anonymous, oh, disappointing! Thank you!
    I've been wanting that Chanel but I'm not buying it out of principle lol

  22. Piha is where I am from! Named after the black sand surfing beach, in the sunlight it shimmers, because of the iron in the sand from a volcanic eruption. Makes it really hot to walk on barefoot in summer though!


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