Tuesday, January 27, 2009

OPI Valentine's Day Collection 2009 : 90210 By OPI

Edit: LOL sorry about the typo- I'm pretty sure that it's about Beverly Hills, not Chicago... Oops!

OPI's Valentine's Day release this year is a set of three polishes based on the new 90210 series. Another collection I have mixed feelings about.

Sweet As Annie-Thing! A light red with gold shimmer. Pretty, yes, but not the best red with gold shimmer I've ever seen.

Queen Of West Web-erly. Medium metallic red-purple shimmer. This is very sheer, it needs 3-4 coats to get rid of the "visible nail line". Not a bad color, but it doesn't stand out to me at all.

Pretty & Privileged. Rich red shimmer with pretty flakes. This is my favorite from the collection. I'm not really a red person, as anyone who's read this blog for five minutes can tell you, but this is sort of unique. The color is rather bland, but when you look up close at it, there are flakes in it! Little weird-shaped shimmer flakes. Like a very toned-down Nfu Oh Shiny Opal type of flake. I haven't seen that from OPI before, and I'm happy to see it make a debut. It's very, very subtle in this polish but it's definitely there.

Just like with South Beach, I'll admit that I know absolutely nothing about the new 90210 series. I've never seen a single episode, don't know a single character's name (but I'm guessing Annie is one of them!), I don't even know when it's on, and I don't really ever plan to. So, I have no idea how these colors relate to 90210. I'm assuming they each represent a character, but I could be wrong. How do the colors tie in to the show? Do they even? Like I said, I have no idea.

I'm not particularly wowed by any of these shades. I will say that they are all very appropriate for Valentine's Day, and will no doubt be popular with a lot of ladies. I have already heard stories of these selling out. So, if you love them, more power to you.

I'm really not all that excited about anything in this collection. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with any of the shades... Lots of people love red shimmers. It's just that we've seen these all before. Previous Valentine's Day releases from OPI have been much more unique. For example, the E-Romance Collection, which had two reds- one of which was a duochrome and one amazing glitter topcoat. Or, the Red Like Roses Collection which had an extremely unique metallic red, a romantic red and a beautiful shimmer topcoat. This collection needs a coordinating specialty topcoat!

Formula-wise, these were decent. Sweet As Annie-Thing! was the easiest to apply, perfect texture and everything. Pretty & Privileged gave me a little bit of trouble- it has Three-Free Syndrome: it's runny and thick at the same time. Not an issue if you're expecting it, but can give you a little difficulty if you're not. Queen Of West Web-Erly, however, was the problem child. It's both sheer and watery, which is a tricky combination. It needs 3 or 4 coats for opacity, but if you try to do too many coats too fast, it pools around the edges and near your cuticles. Other than the textural issues, there was no bubbling and the drying time was good.

Overall, nice for Valentine's Day or if you're a big 90210 fan but not as cool as OPI's previous Valentine's Day releases. It's missing the signature OPI coordinating glitter topcoat!


  1. pssst scrangie...just a heads up..its 90210 lol ;-)

  2. Danielle, LMAO THANK YOU!!! OMG I have it mixed up with my old zip code! AHHH I'm dying over here LOL I will fix it!

  3. Thanks for the pics scrangie. I was wondering where the glitter topcoat was too. I got all excited last year thinking about what colour this years was gonna be.

  4. I layered Queen of West Web-erly over LPAD and it looked much more like I thought it would (opaque and a little darker). I might do a few more layering experiments with it since I really do like the color but hate the sheerness!

  5. Sorry to hear that the "Queen" was so sheer! That was the only shade of the three I was attracted to at all.

  6. I feel the same as you Scrangie. Nothing to wow about.

  7. P&P looks really nice!
    I love your comment about thinkin' of me when you watched Mamma Mia! Aww. makes me happy:D
    hugs and kisses

  8. I think that the economy is making companies release boring nail polish. They're sticking with "safe" colors.

  9. These are just blah to me. I looked at them in the store, and they just looked like more of the same reds.
    I remember the holo glitter from last year. It was called Text Me, Text You. My local Ulta still had bottles of it up until last month. They were on clearance for about $4. I was so tempted to get one, but I had promised myself that I would scale back on my np purchases. They sold out around Christmastime. I regret that decision big time.

  10. *yawn* I want the European exclusive OPI Valentine's Day collection. That one's cool looking!

    TY for the great swatches!

  11. OPI is losing their omph IMO. Everything looks like a repeat of colors already in the collection or in past collections.

  12. Steph, Yeah, me too :(

    J, ooh that's a good idea!

    Diana, it's also kinda similar to Catherine the Grape, which is much less sheer :)

    Rmcandlelight, maybe they'll have something better for summer :)

    Sanna, awwwe hugs and kisses to you :)

    HoneyHoneyNY, I agree! However, Color Club looks like it's going to save us from boring colors :D

    Deb, awwwe, Text Me Text You is beautiful, but if it makes you feel any better, it's very sparse. A very subtle glitter!

    Gymnastgirly, me too! I'm devastated! Those look incredible!

    Hailey, I agree. They have been so much more exciting in the past, now they're playing it safe. I hope they still do brights this year!

  13. I saw those today at the salon and wasn't impressed but I finally did pick up Brand new skates :)
    I love your blog, keep it up I visit to see all the new collections and colors.

  14. I think Sweet As Annie-Thing looks really nice, but you think theere are better reds with gold shimmer? what would you recommend Scrangie??

  15. where have you seen the European exclusive??????

  16. awwww, these are the Valentine's Day collection? That's kind of messed up considering (as gymnastgirly mentioned) that European collection is so much more unique looking and actually what I would have expected of OPI to put out over here. Hopefully they will become retail store available on this side of "the pond".

  17. love the Sweet As Annie-Thing!!!! i am so so so so craving for more OPIs but sadly they are so expensive in malaysia! :'(

  18. Scrangie--like usual, the colors look great on your nails! OPI still has a lot of cool, unique names, but ran out cool and unique colors. Thanks for swatching.


  19. Ally, awwe thank you! And Brand New Skates is beautiful, OPI needs to do more fun colors like that! :)

    Anonymous, I really like reds with gold shimmer, my favorites are Misa Girl Friday and China Glaze Pin Prick :) There are a lot more nice ones, but I can't recall the names at the moment!

    Anonymous, it was on a UK beauty website, I'll have to find the link again, but I think it was a woman's name...?

    Hontapocasgreen, I hope so too! I feel like we got cheated this time, lol :) OPI has done such amazing stuff in the past, I know they can do it again!

    Prettybeautiful, ooh you have to order online, it's so much cheaper! Try head2toebeauty :)

    Scott, thank you so much :) I really value your input!

  20. Are these the ones you're talking about as the European Valentine polishes?

    The page is a Swedish shop:


  21. Nekoi, yep, those are the ones! Aren't they awesome?? I wish we got them here!

  22. Thy seem very awesome, but very very pricey in Sweden: 17$ a bottle =( So unless I find them somewhere else, I won't be owning them.


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