Monday, February 2, 2009

Checking in and thoughts on drugstore polishes.

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I have been pretty busy lately and haven't been near my computer as much.... So, if you've sent me an email or left a comment here, I'm not ignoring you! I'll respond as soon as I am able to.

While I'm working on a big batch of requests, I thought I'd leave you with one of my favorite drugstore polishes.

I know, I don't usually have very much drugstore stuff on here, but that's not because I don't love it! The truth is, I love my drugstore stuff almost more than I love the higher-end stuff. I don't usually post about it, though, because I know that the brands are not available everywhere and I never know how to answer the inevitable "where can I get this if I live in _________" question.

But, weirdly enough, I love old discontinued drugstore stuff infinitely more than anything that's been released recently. It's nostalgic for me, and I am always hunting for the polishes that I used to have but gave away / lost / threw away many years ago.

Wet N Wild Speed. This one's a fairly new release, I picked it up at a CVS last fall. A spectacularly gorgeous iridescent purple with a subtle golden glow. This is similar to both OPI Ink and Hot Topic Iridescent Purple. This is truly purple as well, not blue in some lights like some purples. Just pure purple sparkly iridescent goodness.

I'm thinking about doing a lot more posts on drugstore brands and nostalgic polishes. I'm getting quite bored of focusing mainly on new collection after new collection- though I do love new polish (a lot!!), old polish needs some love too!


  1. I'm looking forward to post about drugstore np.

    I mostly buy the drugstore np as they are both cheaper and more accesible to me.

  2. ooops, i'm Olga i accidentally hit post before signing my name

  3. I can't wait to see your old stuff posts! I get tired of seeing the same new collections on blog after blog - of course I do like seeing the new colors, I enjoy seeing the old goodies too! I'm glad to hear that you are going to be doing this more. You are one of my favorite blogs!

  4. This is a gorgeous color!
    I used to love a drugstore brand, I think it was called Color waves, but I'm not 100% certain.

    I mostly buy polish from Sally's as they're the closest place to my home.

  5. So glad for your post:
    Just got back from Wallie Mart and picked up a total of 3 Bon Bons Nail Polishs'. Adorbable little bottles filled with 1/8 oz of glittery goodness!

  6. Here's another 'yay' for drugstore np posts.

    (I really prefer to buy stuff I can see first, and money is tight everywhere.)

  7. I LOVE the idea to do more posts on drugstore brands. They are so much more accessible for me and I am able to buy them much more frequently due to their (usually) lower costs. Bring on the cheap polishes!

  8. Please do more on drugstore polishes - I'm a huge fan of the old Revlons, Maybellines, SH etc etc. Would love to hear your views and see your pics!

  9. I'd be happy to check out the drugstore polishes from your back catalogue. I can't help but pick up polish whenever I walk into a Rite Aid or CVS. Seriously, the drug stores offer the best glitter top coats.

  10. I'd love it if you post more about drugstore brands. When you live in Canada like I do, I don't always have affordable access to Nubar or Rescue Beauty but we do get L'Oreal, Sally Hansen Revlon etc...P.S. if you have any Revlon Street Wear or Original Urban Decay in those little test tube bottles from when they refused to make anything in the colour pink, I would love to see it!

  11. We are kind of simple folks, so I dig on nail polish from the drug stores and the walmart. I like the whites, pinks, reds and an occasional exotic color that most people think is boring. It's kind of a crap shoot to buy the high end stuff (high$$)and not be satisfied. However, after seeing swatches from unknown (to me) brands and your comments, I'd feel better about buying them for my wife. She let's me pick the colors. I'm a lucky man.

    This color is gorgeous on your nails. Thanks for the swatch!


  12. Ohhh Scrange! I bought like 3 of those wet n wild Speed/Vitese! lol My application was kinda bubbly but I didn't care, the color totally rocked. You should totally blog on drugstores brands! There are so many good ones esp Milani! :)

  13. Wet 'n Wild huh? I think we have that in Holland too! :-O Gorgeous colour!

  14. Old polishes DO need love. I can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  15. I'm interested to see what you think about staying power with drugstore polish. W&W polish started peeling on me about an hour after I applied. Maybe it hated the Stickey. But I love Revlon (old school!) and Sally Hansen Salon.

  16. That color is so gorgeous! Kind of reminds me of sexy divide a little bit.

  17. Yay for cheapo drug store brands! I wore W'n'W Wild Orchid a couple of weeks ago; it took like five friggin' coats to get my nails to look like the bottle but they ruled once they dried. Deep purple with lots of sparkles.

    Another brand that I've just discovered in a 99¢ store, of all places, is Nicka K nail polish. They're only a buck a piece (!!!), and there are a _ton_ of colors.

    I second the vote on Milani; they have a dark red with red sparkles that is awesome.

  18. Wooooooh.
    I wish to see much more gorgeous colors from drugstore brands around here too!
    ok ok, the color range is growing, i am just impatient :D

  19. Living in Toronto, I find most of the colours at Shopper's Drug Mart kind of boring (reds, pinks, beiges, browns - mainly mom colours), and Trade Secrets is only okay for some brands (OPI and Zoya), tending to buy the reds/pinks/nudes more than anything else. Sally is okay, but the service and selection really varies each time I visit, to the point where there are certain outlets I avoid.

    My main issue is that Canadian retail outlets cater to the "safe" nail polish buyers, and tend to only rarely include colours and finishes that we nail connoisseurs enjoy (greens, blues, purples, yellows, holos, duochromes, etc.). When they do, they sell out really quickly (Emerald Sparkle lasted 2 days at 5 different Sally outlets near me - I had to order from Head2Toe, which worked out fine).

    I do look forward to your posts Scrangie, since it seems the US retailers are way more diverse in their product line than up here in Canada - we aren't really a nailpolish wasteland, but I envy American nail polish bloggers :).

  20. I *definitely* love my old drugstore polishes better than my newer higher-end ones. I miss my Streetwears like crazy! And I will never stop kicking myself for throwing out old Blue Cross Liquid Euphorias that I got at Forever21. :'(

    I also love my Bruccis to death, and they are a sort of cheapo drugstore brand in NY and NJ that most people don't pay a lot of attention to.

  21. Dooooooooood!!! I love you even more now!

    I'm so obsessed with discontinued d/s brands that it's not funny! My latest kick is L'Oreal Jet-Set's and Laquiresists. Seriously, I would give an eye for some of those pretties.

  22. rimmel makes some pretty fab nail colors too.

  23. Olga, ok, I feel better now :D

    Brooke, as much as I love new collections I'm so tired of them! :D I love old stuff the most :)

    Phyrra, ooh, haven't heard of it...

    Tiso, ooh I love Bon Bons!! :) Glitter!!!

    Anonymous, woohoo :D

    Anonymous, will do!

    Blacktaffeta, awesome, I will get to work hehe :D

    Tarotbydiana, seriously! Have you seen those Cover Girl disco ones? Amazing!

    Taffy, ahhh I used to have those! I've been trying to find them again! I got rid of almost all my polish years and years ago and I regret it!

    Scott, awwwe thank you :)

    Steph, aren't they awesome?! I love it!! And I love Milani too :D

    Bianca, yay! That makes me happy!

    Pixie, old polishes are the best kind :)

    GablesGirl, I think most drugstore stuff is just as good if not better than more "prestigious" brands!

    Katee, you're right, they do look similar!

    Danielle_a_k, I *love* Wild Orchid! I haven't heard of that brand but now I'm going to look for them :)

    Ray.of.night, yay! :D And good to see you again :) <3

    Melli, ooh, very interesting! Thanks for your comment! I haven't been to Canada in a while, next time I'm there I'll have to observe :)

    Michelle, ahhh me too!!! :D Why do they always discontinue the good stuff :(

    Mazoo, AWESOME!!! Seriously, I think I'm getting a little girl-crush on you hehehe :D

    Anonymous, Rimmel is one of my favorites!

  24. I'm an exclusive drugstore buyer. I'm just not impressed with all those overhyped brands that are supposed to be the only ones to get. OPI doesn't grab me and the only thing I like about Essie is the name. I buy the colors as "potentials", because I'm a mixer, and pride myself on having knockout one of a kinds. I have a secret way to make watery colors opaque. But, there are many gorgeous colors readily available in the drugstore. Especially limited edition collections.


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