Friday, January 9, 2009

Quick Preview: Essie Spring 2009 Collection Swatches

Since there hasn't been any sunlight at all, I haven't been able to get decent swatches done. I really want to post these colors, so I did some quick, messy, indoor swatches.

Please excuse the blurriness and the dry cuticles. I'll do "real" pictures and a "real" review of these as soon as the weather permits me to do so :)

Here it is, Essie Spring 2009!

Eternal Optimist: Spiced Tea Rose

Flawless: Cherry Blossom Pink

Lacquered Up: Red Hot Crimson

Mesmerize: Royal Va-Va Blue (that sounds dirty)

One Of A Kind: Poppy Red Kiss

Status Symbol: Feisty Hot Pink.

So far I'm really digging Mesmerize (of course) and One Of A Kind. I'll do a proper review as soon as I get better shots of these.

What do you think? Like it? No?


  1. It must be someting wrong with me, I think I like them. =0

  2. a blue creme!?! from essie!?! i need it. i actually kinda like this collection.

  3. The first looks like an RBL Grunge dupe...

  4. I'm sorry, but Essie just doesn't thrill me that often. Very little holo, shimmer, or duochrome. What can I say? I'm a magpie.

  5. I'm digging Cherry Blossom Pink. SO feminine and sweet!

  6. I heart Mesmerize!! =]

  7. Definitely want the blue. Did you break a nail mid swatching?

  8. I am feeling this collection. Of course I am creme lover. Thanks for the pics pretty lady!

  9. Order of Fav's:
    6.Eternal Optimist,eternally Old Lady
    5.Flawless, is pretty, pretty, pretty
    4.Status Symbol--girlie hot pink
    3.One Of A Kind, orangey goodness.
    2.Mesmerize, Delicious HOT blue!

    and my pick is
    1. Lacquered Up: Red Hot Crimson
    Great swatches! Thank you for taking the time.


  10. I am sort of anti-Essie, but I do this this is a decent collection. I might pick up one. Thanks for the swatches :)

  11. Neh... Not for me. A bit boring actually. Well, the blue one is okey but isn't there a Zoya-polish that looks a lot like it? Tart? Yummy? Something like that? I would prefer Zoya over Essie since I prefer the formula of Zoya. And since I don't remeber the name of the polish I am thinking about it really didn't make that much of an impression. Something is wrong ith me. I usually love almost every blue and green polish oout there.

  12. I think the blue is nice. I compared side by side pictures of Essie Mesmerize to the new Zoya Jo and they seem to be the same tone of blue. Mesmerize is the creme version and Jo is the frost. Now I don't know if I want the creme or the frost, or both. Hmm, decisions, decisions.

  13. Mesmerize and Status symbol are absolutely gorgeous!!

  14. Ooohhhh!!! Feisty hot pink looks lovely!

  15. I'm not sure whether I like any of these, I don't wear blues and all the others we've seen before from essie and all the other polish companies out there. I much prefer the OPI south beach collection for spring.

  16. Thanks for the swatches. Hey, is Eternal Optimist similar to OPI's Tickle My France-y?I know I want to get one. Which would you recommend for a light olive skin-tone...or neither?

  17. Karianne, me too! I had expected to hate them!

    Katee, It's hot!

    Tink, I know! Crazy!!

    Anonymous, it does look like it, but it's actually way ugly lol

    HoneyHoneyNY, hahaha me too!

    Kat, it is pretty :)

    Itzzzkimmm, me too! It's shockingly cool!

    Mazoo, lol! My left index? It's been short for a week and I've been trying to hide it XD

    Hailey, awwwe thank you! I'm not normally a creme lover, but for some reason am digging these.

    Scott, thank you! And thanks for reading :) I have to agree with your list, but I would swap Lacquered Up and Mesmerize :D

    Diann_co, hehehe agreed.

    Pixie, the blue is really nice and the reds (oranges? Can't really tell) are bright!

    Sminkan, I wouldn't normally wear the rest of the colors, but the blue is hot! It is a lot like the new Zoya blue (Jo), but brighter.

    Dee, both! Never too much blue in the world :) lol

    Iraida, yay! I love Mesmerize :D

    Kris, hot pink fan? I like 'em too :D

    Alison, my pick for spring is Zooya Twist. It seems like every company had the same ideas for spring *sigh*

    Atomica, Tickle My Francey all the way. Eternal Optimist is really ugly. LOL I don't know how to describe it other than murky brown with a reddish tinge. Not a fan. Tickle My Francey is actually beautiful and flattering on most people :)

  18. Not really my cup of tea...maybe the blue one?

  19. Love the blue (though I'm not sure it's a unique shade, unusual to Essie anyway), but am bored by the rest of it. Not a huge surprise as I'm seldom thrilled by this brand.

  20. Oh Essie, I am gonna Konad all over you! Imagine it: Mesmerize with the mermaid and the seahorse. Maybe a fish? That blue could be the sky. It could be the ocean. If the polish were on my nails in time, I could stamp a silver snowflake on it. Essie, you suddenly have a purpose!

    I was loving the description "spiced tea rose" and I was into it when I thought it was the color name. Then I read the actual color name and changed my mind. I also looked at the color too. :P

  21. OOOHH LAWWD!!! im gonna NEED that blue!!!! maybe two since im not getting anything from OPI south beach (i had wanted the nude, but then i found out its frosty..eewww...)

  22. I love Essie and My favorites are cherry blossom pink,red hot crimson,vavablue and feisty hot pink.

    Great Spring collection indeed.
    I am obsessed with pink colors and this is definitely a pretty collection.
    where do you purchase Essie ? Like OPI,China Glaze and other imported Nail Polish..Essie is expensive here.

    xs: Scrangie, thank you for following me at twitter. i'm so happy to have a new friend. xxx

  23. I have to say, I'm liking Mesmerize. It's not all that unique of a blue but it's pretty nonetheless.

    How do you feel about nail art pens? I was browsing through Sally Hansen the other day and they had a huge display of their new Nail Art pens. I reckoned it requires artistic skill to make pretty designs, something which I have none of, and backed off. I'm itching to buy Konad.

    You know what else is funny? After Sally's, I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up some allergy medication and I saw some cheap, discounted .89 cent nail polish called BonBon. They're wonderful! I swear. Great variation of color and they last for days. Application is a DREAM. The formula is just the right consistency. I think it has a lot to do with the engineering of the bottle and brush. It's a very, very small bottle and the brush wand can't be more than an inch and a half. It was so easy to apply.

  24. They look pretty!
    I think I wanna rock Mesmerize with PI heartbreaker:)
    I little more excited about OPI's South Beach though, but that's ok:)

  25. Mesmerized is spectacular. It's nice to see Essie stepping up to the plate lately, offering more than sheerish nudes!

  26. I'm digging Flawless and Mesmerize right now. Can't wait.

  27. still torn between essie status symbol and opi elephantastic pink!
    any chance of a comparison?
    thanks, love your site!


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