Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reader Request: Yellow Comparison

I have a serious 'thing' for yellow nail polish. It seems to be a pretty rare color- most lines have only one or two shades of yellow, and sometimes none at all. I love all of them. As I've said before, yellow polish rocks. Seriously.

Anyway, an awesome reader sent in a request for a comparison between two of my most favorite shades of yellow: OPI Need Sunglasses? and OPI The "It" Color.

As you can see, my cuticles are in pain- sub-zero temperatures have taken their toll on my poor nails and cuticles... Please pretend that you can't see them :)

Index and middle: OPI The "It" Color
Ring and pinkie: OPI Need Sunglasses

And here's a shot indoors, the colors seem even brighter in dim indoor light:

There are two main differences between these polishes. OPI The "It" Color is much more opaque, only needing two coats to be completely so. OPI Need Sunglasses? requires three or more coats for total opacity- these pictures are three coats.

The second difference that I notice is that OPI The "It" Color is more of a yellow mustard shade, a touch darker than what I would consider to be "bright" yellow, and it almost has a hint of orange to it. It has a retro 60's-70's avocado-colored-appliances sort of vibe to it.

OPI Need Sunglasses? is about two steps down from neon- bright, but not retina-burning yellow highlighter bright. It's a cleaner looking yellow, and while it is bright and cheerful, seems to have a more mellow look to it compared to some of the other yellows I have.

Application-wise, they're both three-free (though I could have sworn I had a nice 'old' formula bottle of Need Sunglasses? somewhere...) but OPI The "It" Color applies a bit more smoothly than OPI Need Sunglasses?.

Both are amazing, I wouldn't give up either one. I feel that they're different enough to own both.


  1. love! i have a thing for yellow polish too, i wanted the new SH insta dry yellow & it was sold out! so for sho some others love yellow too...i am currently lemming the it color. i have sunglasses, but its so sheer, i put it up on s/l, i cant deal w/ those nps that are too sheer...

  2. Scrangie, I’m looking for a nail color similar to Essie’s Barbuda Banana. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. I adore The "It" color from OPI! Perfect yellow shade for me, I love it! I'm pretty sure it's one of my top 3 polishes of all time..

  4. I love Essie's Shorty Pants! Its bright as!

  5. Both are pretty, today I like Sunglasses. Great colors for these dreary, cold-assed days. How about Sunglasses and a Glock?


  6. Speaking of yellow polish I just picked up a Claire's Mixalbe called "Ninja Turtle". In the bottle, the top layer is yellow, the middle layer is green and the bottom layer is orange (Obviouly,it's Michaelangleo)It comes out a greenish yellow. It a cool color, though being called ninja turle, I think it should be more green. I wonder is the color it comes out changes as you use up the differnt layers of polish. I never use up that much polish in any one bottle, so I'll never know!
    Oh yeah, and my bottle of OPI the "IT" Color has one of those horroble uneven brushed to the point I can't even use it for the streakyness. I tried cutting it and that didn't work either. I've e-mailed both OPI and and Head 2 Toe looking for a new cap/brush and have never gotten anything back from either of them.

  7. My local Ulta had a bunch of the colors from the "Mod About Brights" collection on clearance. I remember they had Mod-ern Girl, The "It" Color, and Dating A Royal. I was on the fence about The "It" Color, but these swatches make it look really cool.

  8. Thanks so much for doing the comparison for me! I only have one yellow polish so far (China Glaze Golden Opportunity) and since these are very similar I will probably only get one since I don't wear yellow *too* often. But which one to get....they're both so cool!

    Thanks again, Scrangie. You're the best!!

  9. I am currently loving Orly Spark. Cannot wait for warmer weather...:)

  10. Ocelot1, I've been looking all over for those! I want to see the yellow and the green in real life :) You could try layering it over a white creme, that helps :)

    Melvel, I'm curious too, actually! Barbuda Banana is on my wishlist :) Sorry I'm no help!

    Chaosophia, everything looks beautiful on your gorgeous nails :D

    Dee, oooh me too! One of the best!

    Scott, hahaha great combo :D

    Sheila, Michaelangelo was always my favorite turtle :D I hate messed up OPI brushes!!! :(

    Deb, that entire collection was excellent, not a single bad color :D

    Grace, you're very welcome! And *you're* the best too <3

    Selena, I *love* Orly Spark! The only think I don't like about it is that it stains my nails radioactive yellow, lol! It's so worth it though :D

  11. i was wondering about these 2 polishes myself, thanks so much for posting this :)

  12. hope you don't mind but i used your hot topic nail polish swatch on my blog, with credit to you. i didn't see any rules on your blog about posting/hotlinking your work, if you mind, let me know and ill take it down :)

  13. Wow! You can totally pull off any color!


    Btw, I sent you an email begging for your advice on Zoya.

  14. I really love sunglasses!! So pretty. I think it would make an adorable pedicure w/some tiny flowers or something like that.

  15. Both looks so hot on you!

  16. hi there gorgeous Scrangie !!
    i just love your blog so much !
    i think i have to order one of this nail varnishes. it's a pretty and lively colour. reminds me of my favourite tropical fruit Mango !

    have a great weekend girl.xox

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  18. Sorry for my negativity today, but I'm not feeling the yellows either!

  19. Javy, thank you! It doesn't bother me one bit :D Go right ahead <3

    Phyrra, wow, thank you :) (Got it! :D)

    Katee, totally!

    Sanna, thank you :)

    Luckymirai, thank you so much! I love mango too! <3

    Stubby, awwe :D Different strokes! I love 'em :D


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