Thursday, January 1, 2009

50% Off Every Order at Carolyn New York!

Just got this in my email, thought I'd share:

Carolyn New York is wishing you a happy 2009 with a limited-time New Year's sale guaranteed to keep your lacquer lasting long!

50% off plus free shipping for one week only. Must end January 7th. Use promo code HAPPYNEWYEAR

Sweet. The bottom of the email also says you get a free base coat and top coat with every order.

I have a few Carolyn New York polishes that I've never gotten around to reviewing, but I do like them. Here are a couple of the ones I've swatched:

Subway Surfing

Hangin' On The Stoop

Handball Courts

Greenwich Avenue

Frankie Joins The Navy

Good gravy those are terrible pictures... but you get the idea. Pretty sweet grey, green and blue polishes!


  1. My fav is Handball Courts. Does it fit in with blues or grays? Greenwich Avenue is pretty, too. Thanks for swatching them.


  2. Thanks for the good news, I hope this also applied to international shipping. Since I haven't found any brands offering such a good deal, I must check it out!!

  3. I ordered Greenwich Ave,
    Frankie Joins the Navy,
    Hangin' on the Stoop, all for $8.99 INCLUDING shipping! YES FREEEEEE Shipping!!! yay!!!! Thanks for the tip Scrangie!

  4. Thanks for the tip! I ordered 7 colors. This will be my first Carolyn NY Purchase!

  5. wow what a deal! I just discovered a Sally Beauty store in Brooklyn - yay! Now this! Bonanza! Thanks for the tip - 3 nail polishes for 8.99 = totally awesome! Oh yes: handball courts, mugged on the 6 train and eastside brownstones.

  6. ohhh I love frankie joins the navy and greenwich ave! might just have to place an order :)

  7. Weird, when I tried to place my order, $9 shipping was added so I decided not to confirm it :(

  8. Yeah, I just tried to place an order too, but shipping was added.

  9. Scott, definitely greys :)

    Shun Ian, you're welcome! 50% off rocks!

    MissG, sweeeet! I love those colors!

    Brooke, awesome :) I ordered a bunch too, hehehe

    Anonymous, isn't this a great deal? I couldn't resist. 50% off. OMG!

    Katee, doooo it!!!

    Anonymous & J7, oh no, that's not right! I placed my order last night and had free shipping, there must be something wrong with the website :( I will email Customer Service and see what's up :(

  10. Hi there ! nice blog you have here.i'm glad i found your place.
    My fave is Hanging on the stoop and frankie goes to the Navy. I actually like all of the colors. you have a beautiful nails.

  11. I love this company(I'm actually doing a giveaway of these next week)! I've placed 3 orders in less than 2 weeks! I LOVE Frankie Joins the Navy. These polishes are so easy to remove, even the dark colors. Your pics look great to me! Thanks for the swatches.

  12. Unfortunately not for international customers :(

    UPS Worldwide Express $67.68
    UPS Worldwide Expedited $60.38
    UPS Worldwide Express Plus $113.68
    UPS Express Saver $64.29

  13. Oh No! They aren't terrible!

    They look wonderful, and especially FJTN...that looks great on your skin tone!

    Thanks for sharing your swatches...

    I ordered will be my first experience with CNY- as a New Yorker, I guess Im a little behind aren't I?


  14. hey everyone, I just got an email from Carolyn New York that they are "extending free shipping and 50% off until 1-10-09 due to overwhelming demand"....

  15. omg the grays are just fabulous!! I have been looking for gray nail polishes. I have OPI Sheer You Toys, but its not a creme. In certain lights it looks somewhat purple.

  16. I would love to order from them, but the can´t only use UPS to ship international, they should have USPS also or?
    Even with som shippingcost it still 50% off.
    Tried emailing but no answer!

  17. Thank you Scrangie!! I was searching for some info on Hangin' on the Stoop and found your blog. I just placed an order for it--$3 total with free shipping & handling.

  18. I wonder if they shipp to Sweden? Navy I liked the most.

  19. Too bad their international shipping costs are insanely expensive. :-( Don´t understand why they don´t offer cheaper shipping. I´ve bought a lot of nail polish from US sellers lately, and never come across such expensive shipping cost.
    Too bad - it was such a great offer...

  20. wow this blog is great!
    hope you don't mind if I put it on my roll

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Can you compare Subway Surfing to OPI's Brand New Skates? Thanks :)

  23. I bought Frankie Joins the Navy based on your pics! I love that it's a tad green.

  24. Thank you for posting these pictures! Handball Courts looks like the perfect gray I've been looking for, but you never would have known it from looking at their swatches on their website.

    I ordered that and Frankie Joins the Navy for $7.99. Excellent!

  25. Luckymirai, thank you so much :)

    Toma, awwe thank you!

    Anonymous, that's some nasty shipping! Ouch!

    Deborah, thank you! :D I really love the bottles and brushes!

    MissG, yayyyy!!

    ItzzzKimmm, I love greys and these are *very* nice!

    Lina, oh I'm really sorry, I have no idea :(

    Claudia, good deal! Thank you :)

    CrazyNails, I think they do but the shipping cost is very high :(

    Miette, I agree, the shipping is outrageous!

    Charlii, thank you! Of course, that's fine, I'll check out your blog right away :)

    Anonymous, they're very different. Subway Surfing is a deep charcoal shimmer and Brand New Skates is a medium grey-silver with lots of shimmer :)

    Ladyslatternly, yay! I hope you enjoy it- it's great with glittery topcoat too!

    Erin, what a steal! I'm happy they had this sale :)


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