Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Zoya Twist Collection Spring 2009

Zoya Twist. Swatches first, then I'll give my take on this awesome spring collection.

Barbie. Just as the name implies, it's a bright Barbie pink. It looks like a creme, but there is a small amount of subtle hot pink shimmer in this. This is a really cute color. I don't normally wear pink, but I can definitely see myself wearing this because it's a pink that's not subtle. This pink says, "Yeah, I like girly pink, you got a problem with that?" Barbie is sheer on the first coat, but completely opaque on the second coat. If you wanted to wear this as a sheer, you definitely could because it's not streaky at all.

Cassi. A medium pinky coral with silvery shimmer. Another Barbie-type color. This would make a really cute pedicure. Cassi has that pretty Zoya shimmer that I love- it's like tiny little crystal flakes! This is also sheer on the first coat and mostly opaque on the second coat (this picture is two coats).

Harley. Oh hell yes. This color is awesome! It's a light shimmering concrete grey with just a hint of coppery sparkle. It's like a cross between OPI Sheer Your Toys and Sephora By OPI Run With It. I love this. I have been waiting for Zoya to release a nice grey polish and I am soooo excited that they created Harley! Woohoo! Grey rocks!!!

Jo. First of all, please excuse the tipwear. The minute I saw it, I HAD to wear it, so I slapped it on just-oiled nails with no basecoat or topcoat, and then I decided to scrub the bathtub. I'm surprised it lasted long enough for me to take a picture of it! Anyway, Jo. Dreamy overcast blue. It really says spring to me- it reminds me of a rainy day. There's a small amount of blue and silver shimmer in this, but again, it's subtle. I really adore this color. It makes me feel calm. It's odd for a color to effect my mood, but this one makes me feel all sorts of unexpected emotions. Strange. Awesome.

Malia. Light purple cream. Love at first sight. And you know what's really cool about this color? It's totally opaque in one coat. Shade-wise, it's somewhere in between Rescue Beauty Lounge Purple Haze and OPI Do You Lilac It?. Very springy- reminds me of Easter eggs! It's also not a bright purple shade- it's muted. Cloudy purple.

Moxie. The oddball of the collection. It's a rich crushed-berry creme. Also opaque in one coat! I suppose that this color is also a little muted, but it really stands out among the pastel shades in this collection. I'm not complaining- this is a beautiful color! This is just screaming for some Konad art.

Overall, this is a strong collection. Three feminine colors for the traditionalists and three unique colors for the hardcore nail people like us. I am quite pleased at that trade-off. Normally spring collections are very blah for me, but this one is different. I can foresee Harley being a big favorite with everyone. I'm already wearing Jo and I can't stop looking at my fingers.

The formula on these is top notch. All of them were the perfect texture and didn't even hint at giving me a problem. They were all smooth and perfect without having that gooey, drippy three-free texture. No issues in the formula department.

And on a slightly related note, I got the chance to try out Zoya's new ridgefiller, Get Even, and I'm in love! Due to some health issues, I have recently developed severe ridges on two of my nails and I've been using Seche Base to fill them, but it wasn't quite cutting it. I've also used Lippmann ridge filling base coat as well as OPI ridge filler, but Seche seemed to be the best so far. Not anymore! Zoya Get Even is exactly what I needed. I used it in these pictures- can you even tell where the ridges were?

I'll post more about that later (as well as the new Polish Exchange program Zoya is doing!)
but I wanted to mention it before I got distracted by shiny things.

Zoya's Twist Collection is available for purchase on Zoya.com.


  1. Lovely swatches! I've been obsessed with your blog since I came across it; thanks so much! I wonder how Malia compares to Sephora by OPI Don't Go There?

  2. Thanks to you, I think I need all of them! But you make me want every polish that I've ever seen you swatch! LOL. Thanks for the swatches! They're lovely, as usual :)

  3. Cassi, Harley and Jo really appeal to me :)
    Such pretty colors! Thank you for sharing!

  4. These are absolutely lovely! I particularly like Harley and Moxie.

    I normally get my polishes from head2toebeauty or 8ty8beauty, but no Zoya there :( Any tips on good e-tailers that will ship Zoya internationally?

  5. Holy shizzle! I luffs them all & will be getting 5 of the 6!! (coral + my skin tone = vomit)Thank you Scrangie!! <3

  6. Jo is so awesome! But do I really need another blue?:-D

  7. Love them all! Going to order these ASAP

  8. Wow, I was thinking of getting Hanging on the Stoop by Carolyn NY, but I think I like Harley even better. Ugh, but I have a moratorium on polish purchases for the rest of this month. (On account of I have 12 bottles of Misa, and 3 bottles of Nfu Oh on the way. If I still love it in February, I'm grabbing it!

  9. beautiful!!

    and random comment/question:

    I know you, like me, love pumpkin scents. How do you feel about B&BW's Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin? Cuz it's wildly on sale right now and it looks to have been added to the "classics" line...

    *joyous bouncing*


  10. Thanks for the pics Scrangie! I think i might need to get Jo and Malia, and maybe the ridge filler too :D

  11. Liz, thank you so much! I'll do a comparison, but Don't Go There is more of a muted red-leaning purple, while Malia is a bit brighter and more blue-leaning :)

    Karman, hehehe thank you so much!!

    Phyrra, you're welcome! This collection was a total surprise!

    Lingping, hmm, I hear that there's a good seller on eBay that sells them and ships internationally, but I've never bought Zoya anywhere but Zoya.com. You can find a distributor in your area on Zoya's website, though :)

    Carla G, you're welcome!! <3 I love them all but will probably wear Jo the most :)

    Anniemal, Of course you do! lol What kind of a silly question is that? ;-) Hehehehe

    Steph, yay! I think Barbie and Malia will look especially beautiful on you!

    HoneyHoneyNY, oy I know how it is! I have to go on a "no-buy" because I've been insane this month, argh!!

    Sweetpea85, thank you!! And I do like Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, but it's not what I would expect for a pumpkin scent. It's more light and sweet, like cinnamon apple cider. Pretty, but I don't find it to be particularly pumpkiny :)

    Michelle, you're welcome! :D I know that Jo will be *super* hot on you! <3

  12. Thanks for the lovely pics as always, Scrangie! I really like Harley and Jo too!

    I am currently on a no-buy phase after ordering some Nfu Ohs (still waiting on them...). You are the mother of most of my lemmings :).

  13. Malia and Harley, come to mama!! Beautiful swatches and commentary, Scrange. You rock!!

  14. I am loving Harley & Jo! I have all 6 of them sitting, waiting to be swatched, but I have no time!!

    And no, I can't see your ridges as all! The new ridge filler must really work well.

  15. I followed the "Polish Exchange" link you posted. Sounds intriguing! This might be a good way for me to unload a few bottles I have that turned out to be clunkers in exhange for something better. I have a bottle of OPI's That's All Bright With Me that I never use. It's yellow with silver shimmer. The problem? It's rather sheer, even after three coats. Needless to say, you end up looking like someone with a severe case of jaundice wearing silver glitter polish.

  16. Awesome swatches! I really like them. Harley looks like a great grey, and I like the name:)

  17. been a fan of your blog for quite some time now yet this is my first time commenting! :-D you are doing a top-notch job delivering drool-worthy swatches! :-D i actually discovered and loved Zoya 'cause of you! :-D btw, i am also wanting some RBL lacquers... may i ask where did you buy yours? i tried buying at their site but my internet explorer warns me their site's security certificate is not valid so i have some doubts ordering from there... thanks in advance!

  18. Nice swatches, Barbie is unexpectedly pretty, Harley and Moxie are cool... Thanks for the swatches!!

    Gotta find ZOYA seller who ship internationally to my area :)

    Good day!

  19. Melli, thank you! I'm on a no-buy (well, realistically, low-buy) too, and Nfu Ohs are next on my list! I need more of the holo ones!

    Masa_inn, I thought you might like that one :) I can picture it now with one of your awesome Konad designs on top!

    B, thank you! The feeling is mutual :) <3

    Katee, good to hear, it's my new favorite ridge filler now!

    Deb, I think it's really cool of them to do that! I don't know if I'll participate because I can't imagine giving up bottles of old polish! I love them all too much lol

    Sanna, thank you :)

    Moiheartsmakeup, wow thank you so much!! :D I mainly get mine from Rescuebeauty.com (have not had a problem) and Beautyhabit.com (but Beautyhabit only carries a couple shades). I have heard that they sell on Amazon as well, and you can get free shipping that way :)

    Shun Ian, thank you!! :D

  20. I'm planning to do the polish exchange. I have about ten bottles of "What was I thinking?" or "Why did I buy a dupe of that?" polishes. If I figured it out properly, it will come out to about $4 a bottle for 10 Zoyas shipped to my door! Also this will slide by my January polish moratorium because I have 'til the end of February to do it.

  21. My faves are Malia and definitely Harley !!! And i am wearing kind of a similar color like Maxie right now and it is from So Laque Bourjois !
    i am hooked to your blog. lovely nails.

    do u have a youtube channel ?

  22. I LOVE Zoya! I need Harley but it's not available at ebay...I have to wait :(

  23. Please tell me that there won't be any new collections released until next month. I've recently ordered 45 colors (including Nfu Ohs!) AND the new color lock system. I don't even know where I'm gonna put them! Maybe my husband can build me a rack like your awesome OPI one... O.o

    I view your blog as the lemming generator. My wallet is afraid... especially when you start throwing in makeup... my original color obsession! Stop the bounty of wonderfulness!! (I'm kidding; don't do it!)

  24. thanks scrange! you're the best!

  25. Beautiful colors. I may have to git me a few! Thank you for posting.

  26. Great collection - thanks so much for the swatches! What an interesting collection, Zoya has done well with this one. I really love Moxie!

  27. That is the most amazing blue shade that I have ever seen. I must have it!

  28. Lovely. I think I will have a lilac kick this spring. Does Malia look like Chanel Rodeo Drive lilac, which I love from pictures in Internet but never see in shops myself? Would be interesting to see the swatch of all these lilacs from OPI, ZOYA, RBL and Chanel, and maybe China Glaze had something close to it?

  29. Awesome Shots!! I have some new lemmings!!!

  30. Cassi is the EXACT orangy pink color that I have been looking for... OMG off to order my first Zoya polish.

  31. Awesome collection! I love them all!

    How do you think Harley would work on warm-toned skin? I like the color but not sure if it would look good on me.

    Jo is the first mid-tone blue I ever liked. I only have dark ones now.

  32. HoneyHoneyNY, good deal :D

    LuckyMirai, thank you! :D I don't yet :)

    Nina, it should be by now, from Sparkling*Nails :D

    Fauxfun, hehehe thank you so much!! :D

    Yummy411, awwwe thank you :)

    Azucar, oh you will love them!

    Stefanie, thank you! I think Zoya did great!

    QueenIsabelle29, it is FABULOUS!

    Anna K, I think there's a few comparisons on NailGal and I've done one here somewhere, but it's similar to the Chanel in shade but the Chanel has shimmer.

    Elvira, thank you :)

    Kelly, they're so great, you will love them!

    Anonymous, definitely. I feel like it's warmer toned than all my other greys, so I bet it will look awesome.


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