Saturday, January 24, 2009

Misa Living On The Fast Lane Collection, Spring 2009

Ooh, I just got the latest collection from Misa, Living On The Fast Lane, and I am so excited! Check it out!

Dirty Sexy Money. Some sort of dusty green-turquoise creme. I have no idea how to describe this color other than freakin' sweet. Dirty Sexy Money is totally unique- I don't own a single color like this. I can't even think of a color to compare it to- maybe if you mixed some green and grey into China Glaze For Audrey? Who knows. I'm in love. Dirty Sexy Money also has a retro kind of look to it, and it really kinda does look like dirty money.

On The Edge. Stunning dark blue creme. Indoors, it's quite a bit darker and more subdued looking, but outside in the sunlight the color really pops. It's bold and dramatic. What's not to love?

Push Upon It. Rich, pigmented berry creme. This color breaks my camera! I can't seem to get a good picture of it. It's like the picture, but darker, deeper, more purple and not as glowy looking. It's close to Zoya Moxie, they have a similar 'feel' to them. I will try to figure out how to get a more accurate shot of this.

Right Here Now, No More Later. Bright sky-blue creme. WHOA. Bright! The picture speaks for itself- this color really stands out. It's cheerful.

Speed Of Life. Orange creme. Orange!! I love orange!! This is a lighter orange, not too deep like a true pumpkin orange would be, but it's not neon, either. It has a soft look to it, like Halloween candy or orange sherbet. Truly beautiful.

Stop Rewinding, Just Fast Forward. Bright coral-red creme. I've been seeing a lot of this color lately. It's like some of the other colors in this collection: Bright, but not neon. It dries shiny. Very rich, very punchy, great spring and summer pedicure color. I imagine that this color would look good on any skintone.

Overall, I'm super-excited about this collection. I have two new favorites, Dirty Sexy Money and Speed Of Life. The creme formula really makes these colors stand out. With all the shimmer I've been wearing lately, these are quite a refreshing change. There's just something about cremes in bright colors that makes your nails look perfect. I love them.

Sure, not all of the colors are completely unique- I could probably find a couple duplicates for On The Edge, Push Upon It and Stop Rewinding Just Fast Forward, but that doesn't make them any less beautiful. I really like how this spring collection is not your stereotypical spring collection. No pastels, no pink! I dig it. Spring collections are my least favorite, and this one is a sigh of relief for me. It was fun to swatch, unlike swatching 24857 shades of pastel pink and red.

The formula is perfect. No issues at all. Smooth like butter. These also, oddly enough, dried much faster than most of my other Misa polishes. I don't know if it's because of the pigment of these particular shades, or if it's the creme formula or what, but I like it. Fast drying polishes are an absolute must for me, I don't have the patience to deal with polishes that never dry even with quick-dry topcoat and drops *cough*CND*cough*.

If you are a fan of blue or green, you need to check out Dirty Sexy Money. You will either love it or hate it. I love it. Like I said, it's totally unique, one of a kind, can't think of a single polish to match it.

One final observation: These smooth, glassy, perfect creme finish nails are just screaming KONAD ME!!!! KONAD ME NOW!!!!!!!


  1. I agree that Dirty Sexy Money and Speed of Life are the clear winners in the buch. Right Here Now is lovely as well.
    You're not the only one I have heard say that CND polishes take forever to dry (or don't dry at all). I think it was on the nail board on MUA that someone said that her CND mani could still be dented after FOUR DAYS! I almost spit out my Diet Coke when I read that. Lucky for me, I never bought any CND, because the colors never really appealed to me. There are a few CNDs at my local Ulta on clearance and they are ugly.

  2. Dirty Sexy Money = GORGEOUSSS

    I have an ever growing list of polishes and need to make an order soon bc I'm going crazy with my same-old polish collection (my boyfriend doesn't understand why I need any more polish. Boys just don't get it. Haha). Any idea when these(and Essie and OPI's spring collections) are gonna be available on e-tailers?

    And as always, thanks for the swatches!

  3. Thank you for the pics Scrangie!! I already ordered the green, 2 blues and raspberry, but now I'm wondering if i shouldn't get Speed Of Life as well! LOL and i'm sure it'll look bad on me, but your pic is so wonderful :D

  4. omg i think I am in love with Dirty Sexy Money. ahh! I wished I knew about that color before I ordered my free bottle last week. oh well.

  5. Dirty Sexy Money must be mine! I like them all! great pics!

  6. I love Dirty Sexy Money!
    Brights just seem so edgy when they are slightly muddied.

  7. Strangely enough I don't find any of them striking, they don't have much of an appeal for me...

  8. Looks like Dirty Sexy Money will be sold out soon! I'm loving it too.

  9. woah these are hot. gah these need to hit the e-tailers soon!

  10. Can we order these polishes now??? I was about to send my emailed order to Misa....

  11. Deb, oh yeah, mine don't ever fully dry! Even days later I can still dent and scrape off the polish as if I had just applied it! They have some really good colors, but I never wear them, only look longingly at the bottles, lol

    Grace, *I* understand, hehehe :D These should hit the etailers soon. They're available directly from Misa right now, so it should be any day now... No idea about Essie and OPI- both available directly from the companies but haven't seen them at the etailers yet :(

    Michelle, you are very welcome :D I think it's hot, I don't know what to tell you, lol :D Go for it!

    ItzzzKimmm, ah, it's sooo nice. I literally got these last night otherwise I would have posted sooner :D

    Sanna, yay! Thank you dear <3

    Aprilrobin, you're absolutely right! Maybe we'll see a return of the 90's grunge theme (I hope!)

    B, I think that's good, more money in your wallet for something you really love! :)

    Toma, it's a winner for sure!

    Steph_mark, should be soon, any day now!

    J, yes, you can! You can use them with the Scrangie/Polish Addict promotion too :D

  12. That green reminds me of the 1940s. Love the color! (Do you hear that, China Glaze? You could do this with sparkle.)

    I am digging the whole bright while not yet neon vibe.

    Have you ever tried CND polishes with the Konad. I am very curious to see if they would work. Then I could dent my flowers.

  13. GAAAAHHH awesome swatches I need someone to bring Misa to the UK!! :O Since I got Toxic Seduction by chance I am LOVING Misa, and Dirty Sexy Money is calling me!! :D

  14. OOoooh, I like so many of these, not sure which are my absolute must-haves yet. So I'll stare (read: drool) at them for a bit. But thank you for posting these lovelies. Speed of Life is like a creamsicle, mmm.

  15. Yep - Dirty Sexy Money is the stand out for me. But unless they've changed their formula I won't be able to wear it #:(

    I know Misas were "formaldehyde free", but they still used to have formaldehyde resin in them.
    Do they have the resin at this stage?

  16. I need the three first ones in this post! NEED them.

  17. So cute! But I'm only really lemming Dirty Sexy Money. The rest seem dupeable. I'm also starting to get a little sick of cremes... where's all the duochromes? When is that CG collex with glass flecks comming? GAHH!

    I want original colors!

  18. Dirty Sexy Money is gorgeous! On the Edge kind of reminds me of Dating a Royal? It's very pretty though and I will def be picking up Speed of Life, my school colors are orange and brown so I will buy any orange wherever whenever.

  19. I own only one CND (Cuppa Joe) but when I use Stickey and Speedey with it, it works out great. Okay.. not GREAT.. but it definitely isn't dentable the next day or anything crazy frustrating like that. Maybe I just got lucky? I would love some more, but I've definitely heard the drying time horror stories

  20. how does Push upon it compare to OPI Miami Beet?

  21. this is the nicest collection I've seen you swatch in a long time... loving the dirty money, I really want that one!

  22. *squeal!!* It's been a long time before I've thought enough of a collection to want to buy the whole thing, but I must have all of these. I'll probably skip 'On the edge' as it's a touch 'Dancing with a Royal,' but aside from that they must all come with me!

  23. Scrangie, long time reader, first time commenter....

    Where can I buy these? I definitely need at least 3 of them!

  24. dirty sexy money is AMAZING! Since I can't justify make another Misa order just yet (I still haven't even had a chance to wear the 12 polishes I ordered from them) I tried making a franken dirty sexy money. My mix of 9 drops Misa's blue over a boy plus 1 drop of Carolyn New York's greenwich ave was pretty close. Whenever I tried adding any gray or milky blue colors to add a more dusty look they ended up overpowering the blue and green... has anyone else tried to make a dupe?

  25. Dirty Sexy Money! Ma lawd! Must have it. I can't get enough of these grayed colors...

  26. this is probably a stupid question but ive always wondered why some people dont paint the full nail?

  27. keisha - I don't paint my full nail because if I do, it "pools" at the cuticle and looks messy. So if I leave a tiny gap at the cuticle, it looks much neater. I think that's why Scrangie does it too...

    Scrangie, you're costing me money again...I didn't want to need any more spring polishes!! Fab swatches as always.

  28. I had to come back today just to gaze at DSM again. On second viewing I realized it reminds me of a hunk of turquoise. Huzzah for this color!

  29. Dirty Sexy Money is speaking to me and saying. "Hey Honey, go break your no-buy! I'm waiting!"

  30. Too funny! I'm sporting Rescue Beauty Lounge "Teal" today. Reminds me of "Dirty Sexy Money" in a second-cousin sort of way. Thanks for the great swatches! These are great!!! :)

  31. I ordered dirty sexy money, right here now no more later, and speed of life. The misa promotion is still good but since I already got a free bottle, I was charged $1.50 for each bottle. I can't wait to get them

  32. Tarotbydiana, yes, isn't it amazing?? And I haven't tried CND with Konad. I should try. I haven't worn one in months actually >.<

    Lina-Elvira, at least you can get them from Head2Toe right?? I hope! :D

    Azucar, thank you and you're welcome. It's one hot collection!

    Nixxy, ooh, you know, I'll have to check the ingredients label! I will check when I get home.

    Chaosophia, they'll look gorgeous on you :D

    Katrina, I agree :D

    MariahGem, I'm digging the cremes lately! I have so much shimmer in my collection and not a whole lot of creme. But I think there will be a lot of great stuff coming out soon :D I think the Summer Days collection comes out in early March.

    Annessa, I am always excited by orange and blue :) I'll compare these with the OPI equivalents :)

    Anonymous, Yeah, I think I'm one of the unlucky ones! Sad, because they have such nice colors!

    Mimi, I'll do a comparison shot, but they're very, very similar :D

    Anonymous, thank you :D I think so too!

    Rach, they are *fantastic* :D

    The Lady Gooner, ooh how exciting :D Thanks for commenting! You can buy these directly from, or from :)

    Anonymous, ooh I'm curious as well. I might try mixing my own!

    Ladyslatternly, me too! I hope there are more of these in our future :)

    Keisha, I just think it looks nicer and more professional. Personal preference I suppose! It also can help prevent peeling from the cuticle edge :)

    Gymnastgirly, hehehe thanks :D

    Ladyslatternly, that's the same impression I got from it too :D

    HoneyHoneyNY, lol! I love it! At least it's not too expensive, it's within reason hehe :D

    Team Morris, I love Teal!! They could definitely be related!

    Sharon, fantastic!!

  33. Lina-Elvira - Misa Polishes in the UK are availavle here

  34. actually, their postage is a joke £8.36 + VAT for a £2.40 polish? I don't think so!

  35. oh ok, thanks gymnastgirly!

  36. Alison, thanks for the help :) I appreciate it!

    Anonymous, ouch!!

  37. Hi Scrangie!

    I just received my order from Head2Toe and tried out Dirty Sexy Money. I had HUGE issues with application - it was extremely thick and goopy so I came back to your post to see if you had any issues. I'm surprised to see you didn't! Have you had any experience with formulas being different say, between batches of the same color? I was surprised that this bottle was so thick and hard to apply! :)

  38. Tape_queen, oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that! I had no problems at all, in fact I thought the formula was pretty awesome on these! However, I have experienced formula texture variations between bottles of color from the same brand, maybe it's due to temperature or humidity? Or maybe just a bad batch :( Adding a few drops of polish thinner should fix it though :)


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