Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hot Topic Iridescent Purple: This One Goes To Eleven.

Hot Topic Iridescent Purple (no name, no label, website listed it as Iridescent Purple so that must be the official name. )

There are just some colors that make me stop dead in my tracks and stare. Sure, there are hundreds of colors that I love, but only a few that make me drop whatever I'm doing and exclaim, "HOLY S#!&^!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Hot Topic Iridescent Purple is one of them.

Unfortunately, this polish is impossible to photograph. I absolutely can not figure out how to capture its glory on camera. The picture above makes it look blue, but it is actually many shades of purple. Not blue at all. It also looks flat and not very shimmery in my picture. In real life it is so shimmery and sparkly, it looks like it's alive. It moves and twinkles and changes from light to dark purple, a little red, a little blue. It's like everything I love about OPI Ink, but amplified.

It's OPI Ink on steroids.

The only downside to this polish is the horrible bottle and brush design. The bottle looks cute, yes, but it's nearly impossible to use. The brush stem is long and skinny and the brush itself is a short, mop-like thing with uneven bristles that stick out at every angle. It's like trying to apply polish with a wet Shih-Tzu. Aside from the brush being messed up, the brush stem is so long that it's hard to remove the excess polish from it, which causes it to drip giant globs of polish onto your hand while you're using it. The bottle is also tall and skinny and has a wide mouth, which makes it ridiculously easy to knock over and spill all over everything.

Despite the hilariously bad bottle and brush design, this is one of the most perfect polishes in existence. I love it so much I even bought a backup, even though it's extremely rare for me to use enough of a polish to warrant a second bottle. I never get tired of looking at this color.

And best of all?

It cost me a whopping $1.49.



  1. Lol @the Spinal Tap reference.
    Gorgeous color ;)
    I'm obviously a big fan of blue-purple colors :)
    That particular shade of purple is my favorite!

  2. hey this is kinda random, but where is the best place to buy opi nail polish?????

  3. The brush for those polishes is AWFUL. I bought a bunch of them in October and still haven't really used them because I know it's going to be a huge mess. The colors are so great, though.

  4. the colour of the nail polish in the picture looks like the night sky!

    if you say the photo doesn't do the actual colour justice, i can't imagine how stunning it must look in reality!

  5. Gorgeous color, I really loved it!
    To bad Hot topic doesn´t send nail polish abroad!
    I think I maybe need to move to the states!

  6. I have this one, but haven't tried it yet. HT's NP brushes are just terrible. So, it's always a chore to apply these polishes. But now I might have to.

  7. Ahh my favourite scene from Spinal Tap. Awesome.

    "It's like trying to apply polish with a wet Shih-Tzu."

    I just got the best visual. Your blog is so entertaining. Hahaha.

  8. It looks pretty on your nails.


  9. That color is one of my best polish buys as of late. I adore it. You're right about the bottle and the wonky brush though, they both suck. One way to get around the long stem if the brush glopping polish everywhere is to swirl it against the neck of the bottle as you remove it. That helped keep the polish on my nails and off of my hands and coffee table!

  10. That look so gorgeous!! I need to get to a Hot Topic store. I have no idea where there is a store by me but I'll look 'em up online. I keep seeing amazing swatches. Maybe I'll go tomorrow.

  11. I've seen some really cool-looking colors at Hot Topic. I even saw some polishes with ultra-fine brushes for doing nail art and a knockoff Konad set (Faux-nad?). Sucks to hear about the crummy brush, though!

    Oh, and Spinal Tap rocks! I still nearly split my sides with laughter during the scene with "Stonehenge".

  12. I am amused that with all the professional quality polishes available, you and I are smitten with Hot Topic and Claire's. Truly, we are besotted with Hot Topic and Claire's.

  13. I know what you mean, I have this polish as well. There's like, no way to properly describe it or photograph it! It looks purple, but hints at blue, and I swear the jelly base is navy! LOVE!

  14. gorgeous color !
    my kind of nail polish as well. you are so lucky to get them and the price is cheap too.
    may i ask where did you find this beauty ?

    i need new nail polishes so bad !!

  15. I have this color, and I've been wearing it on my toes for a long time now. I love my OPI Ink, but this color really does rock my socks. It also lasted a long time for me without chipping which is a first.

  16. Oooh great swatches! Yep, your right, that's the name. HT don't have official names I always have to look on my receipt. The brush does suck tho, but I try to look past that because the colors rock. :)

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  18. Jaxapella is right- just swirl the brush as you pull it out of the bottle. I absolutely HATE the HT bottles. I have 2 awesome HT colors that I rarely ever use just because the bottles & brushes are so terrible. It wasn't always this way either! When HT first opened up, their polish was in normal, Love My Nails type bottles. No idea why they changed them to such a horrible design.

    Scrangie- how the bloody hell do you get your polish so dang perfect next to your cuticles? Everytime I try to do mine like that it's so difficult I just say @#$% it & glop it on.

  19. Hi there again !
    i just love your new nail polishes..
    anyhow, thanks for making a response to my comments. I would like to ask if you use coupon codes on the sites that you gave me ?
    I am thinking of ordering at today.
    Hope to hear from you my lovely.

  20. PBI 8ty8 does not do coupon codes.

  21. Holy sh*t! I want this one so bad right now!!!!

  22. I love Hot Topic's color range, did you see my post on it's awesome green color? I ended up pouring it in another bottle, which made application so much easier.

  23. that is such a beautiful color!!

  24. i just bought this color today; it's amazing! it IS impossible to photograph; while it looks like a true purple on the nail, it can't translate onto my digital camera! *sigh*

  25. @Asian girl,
    where did you find this nail polish ? i am searching for it and i hope it is online:)

  26. @luckymirai,
    i bought it at my local shopping mall's Hot Topic. i think it's also at

  27. Phyrra, hehehe :) It's a winner for sure!

    Anonymous,, and are the best!

    Colleen, I know it's SOOOOO BAD!! I don't know what they were thinking!!

    Rebecca, great description! It really is completely breathtaking in real life. Seriously. Beautiful.

    Hotlilmama, it is! And so inexpensive!!

    Lina, OPI Ink is the next closest shade to this if you can't get your hands on it :)

    SW, I can't believe how terrible they are. Don't they have quality control or anything? The polishes are amazing though.

    Mazoo, hehehe thank you! <3

    Scott, thanks! :)

    Jaxapella, thanks for the tip! I've been trying to scrape it on the bottle and it doesn't really work. lol. I'm almost tempted to transfer it to a new bottle!

    Diann_co, oh no, call the ambulance! :D Isn't it pretty, though? *dreamy sigh*

    Katee, oh you have to try them!!

    Deb, hahah Stonehenge!! YES!! LOL And Hot Topic does some amazing colors, they are definitely worth the stupid brush :)

    Tarotbydiana, isn't that so funny? I'm in love with cheap polishes lately! Glad you feel the same way <3

    MariahGem, it's so amazing! I need a magical camera to capture it :)

    Luckymirai, I got mine on :)

    HoneyHoneyNY, how cool! I LOVE OPI Ink but this is just WOW. WOW!! :D

    Steph, I'm dying to get those new Hot Topic colors you swatched! Planning a big haul :) Thanks for doing what you do! <3

    Kabuk1, okay I really have to try that method! And for the polish application- part of it is just practice since I've been doing it so long, and part is technique. It helps to not have much polish on the brush, and to stop the brush a little before the cuticle and press down on the bristles. That usually makes the perfect "U" shape :)

    Luckymirai, Oooh what colors did you choose? :) 8ty8beauty doesn't really have coupon codes for polish, but they have a 20% Off code for IBD products (IBD20OFF is the code)

    Sanna, I thought you might like this color! :) I will keep that in mind.... hehehe

    N, yes, I loved it! And welcome back! :) We missed you!

    Javy, indeed! :)

    The Asian Girl, isn't it just the most fantastically cool thing EVER??? *hugs it*

  28. Hi!
    I got 14 China Glaze nail polishes. But i am annoyed on their ordering process. I paid using my mastercard for $38.14 and I have no idea how much they will deduct for the shipping cost. I haven't receive the invoice on the shipping cost and I can't remember how many times I emailed Tom. He sent me 3 messages with the same content !blah ! I don't know if my package is on the process. grrrr...don't know what to do..

  29. Luckymirai, don't worry! That's just how they are. You don't normally get an invoice until the day they ship your order, and that's when they add in shipping. It only takes a couple days to process usually, and Tom is very helpful but is always very busy and writes short emails :) They have good customer service, so I wouldn't worry about it too much, they will take good care of you. :)

  30. thanks for this message calms me.LOL.
    tom,emailed me this morning and he said that the order is in process.But he asked about "order number". I didn't notice that there is such and I have no idea. I wrote him and he hasn't replied since.
    Oh and thanks for the hottopic site.. cool products they have there.Unfortunately, the iridescent nail polish cannot be ship to Japan.
    Love you Scrangie ! Muah.

  31. I think different people react to this color in different ways. On my nails, the blinginess/glowiness was just too much-- I felt like I was in a disco porn.
    But in general I am a huge fan of HT colors...

  32. Ladyslatternly, lol! Disco porn! I love it!

  33. Your inability to photograph the purple polish without the picture rendering the color as a deep blue is not your fault.

    This is a known problem with many models of digital cameras. Sometimes it can be fixed (somewhat) by turning your saturation setting down one notch (if your camera permits you to manipulate the saturation this way).

    Someday, the camera makers will fix this, but for now... eh, you take your chances, especially with cameras a couple of years old. I hear some of the newest are better at purple, but my own camera is a 2006 model and never does capture purple properly.


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