Friday, January 9, 2009

China Glaze OMG Collection

You know, I meant to post this yesterday but after I got back from the doctor the rest of the day kinda got away from me... But I'm posting it now and that's all that matters, right? Right? *crickets chirp*

From the top!

2NITE. Bright medium blue holo.

BFF. Medium pink holo.

DV8. Fabulous bright teal blue holo.

FYI. Neutral tan/beige holo.

GR8. Gold holo.

IDK. Light dusty purple holo.

L8R G8R. Bright spring green holo.

LOL. Purple holo.

OMG. Stunning silver holo.

QT. Hot plum-pink holo.

TMI. Warm coral/salmon holo.

TTYL. Warm peach holo.

Okay... I think that's all of them!

As you can see, the holographic effect in these is quite different from the holo in the Kaleidoscope collection. These are very smooth and straight, the particles appear more organized and linear. The holographic effect in these is barely visible under low light and indoor lighting, and they actually appear pretty flat and uninteresting unless you're in bright light or outdoors. The Kaleidoscopes, however, still appear sparkly in low light.

The formula on these is a little more tricky. These are best applied without a basecoat, as weird streaking and bald spots occur when applied over basecoat. These do not stain, so don't worry too much about not using a basecoat. The formula is also a little drippy and tricky to apply, but these colors are well worth the extra effort.

They only need two coats for total opacity and they dry lightning fast. They also look best without a topcoat. For some reason topcoat seems to dull the holographic effect.

Another downside is the wear time on these. Even with basecoat and topcoat, every single time I wear these they chip the same day... Sometimes even the same hour. But, touchups are a small price to pay for such an incredible polish.

And a little tip: These polishes work incredibly well with the Konad nail art stamp!
The first time I tried this with Konad (inspired by Misa Masa!) I was blown away- totally freakin' amazing. Look!

With flash. Can you see all that holo goodness? Oh yeah!

Why is it that the blurry pictures show the holo more?

Ths is what it looks like in very dim indoor lighting. You can still see the holo, but nowhere near as much as outdoors or under bright light.

So, Konad-lovers, go get out your OMGs and stamp amazing designs! (Sidenote: I am working on a Konad tutorial. In the meantime, you should check out the Konad Queen, Siobhan.)

I don't think this collection has been discontinued yet, so no rush to buy them before they disappear. However, I wouldn't wait too long, because the best stuff always seems to get discontinued first.

China Glaze OMG. Exactly. I couldn't think of a better name myself.


  1. I just ordered the entire kaleidoscope collection (cos of your pictures) and i feel like ordering all of the OMGs! I need more money!!

  2. I think those Konad pics are the first thing that ever compelled me to leave a comment on your blog. It was as if I were Homer Simpson staring at a box of donuts. They should make drool guards for computer keyboards...LOL!

  3. OMG.............they look so wonderful! Thank you......... I, too, am drooling all over the keyboard!

  4. I was wearing OMG last week when my husband grabbed my hand and said "WOW" whats that cool looking stuff on your nails?" I said its called holo nail polish. He said I should wear it everyday(silly boy) and that I can stop my quest for the perfect nail polish becauuse it cant get any better than what I had on" China Glaze OMG!

  5. Yep. I bought the whole Cool collection after they came out. I want L8R G8R too. They're so fun!

  6. I soo love the konad. That plate is on top of my list just because of that awesome manicure!

  7. Those colors on your nails are STUNNING! Great length and shaped pretty. Thanks for posting and OMG, keep up the good work.


  8. love it with the Konad - and I'm not a humongo Konad fan! (yeah, blasphemy, I know!)

  9. LOL, QT, and DV8 are gorgeous! I think I need to get those 3.

  10. Catching up on all the blogs after my 3week xmas holiday to Sweden and OMG you again blow me away with your posts :D I'm down with the flu travelling back to the UK and the OMG swatches was just what I needed to perk up. You rule Scrangie! :)

  11. That holographic Konad swirl is the coolest thing I've ever seen! I don't have a Konad, but I'm planning to get a set and I'm thrilled to know I don't have to use their "special polishes." It looks so awesome with the China Glaze, I love it.

  12. I love this collection and after your swatches, it's official that I need them all. Like now.

  13. Drool!!!!! :P And your swatches won't do any good to my economy, naughty you!:D

  14. I think I like DV8 the best but it's hard to pick just one favorite. They all look great on your nails! Thanks for the pics and I want to find out more about Konad.

  15. After reading how you don't use a base or top coat with this collection, I tried wearing three thin coats of L8TR G8TR over only OPI Chip Skip. I got almost two days out of it before it started to chip, and that's a lot for me because I wear rubber gloves all day at work so my polish often starts to lift and chip before lunch.

  16. I was browsing Sally's website when I ran across this:,default,pd.html

    You get the polishes, a tool, and instructions for creating OMG swirls. Looks fun!

  17. Anonymous, I know how you feel! I'm counting all my pennies because of all the polishes I see and want to buy :)

    Deb, Awesome! That is probably my favorite Konad design I've ever done. I've tried it with other colors, and I like the OMG the best :)

    Susan, they are wonderful! You must try at least one :)

    MissG, hahahah that's awesome!! My husband loves them too :)

    Kuuipo1207, Oh, you have to try them! They're so wonderful, you'll be staring at your hands all day!

    Liz, awesome! I love L8R G8R. I've never seen another polish like it. :)

    Emelie, awwe thank you! That plate looks like you took your time to do really complicated nail art, but nobody will know that it was just a stamp, hehe :)

    Scott, thank you so much!

    Jennifer, thank you! Konad definitely isn't for everyone, but I love to play with it :D

    Phyrra, do it! You will not regret it!

    Lina-Elvira, wow, thank you! :) You're such a sweetie :D I hope your holiday was wonderful!

    Asami, you will love the Konad! You can do so much cool stuff with it. I used to just like the little stars and spiders, but I'm really getting into the whole nail designs now :)

    Savvy, yay! You will love them, they're mesmerizing :D

    Badbomben, *hugs* thank you :D

    Cybele, isn't it beautiful? After OMG, DV8 and LOL are my favorites. And check out this site for all the good Konad stuff:

    Sheila, oh that's really good! I never even make it a day with these, thanks for the Chip Skip tip (hey, that rhymes!) :D

    Deb, OMG that's awesome! I'm going to go to Sally's and look at it, maybe it's something I can do on my own... Thanks for the link!

  18. Scrangie, the CG Holos are AWESOME, and you do them very well!
    Thank you for these - they are probably going to remain my all-time favorites! :-)

  19. ...and MissG, you should encourage him to try it too (on his toes)!! OMG is the only one I wear from this collection, but my wife has four of them.

  20. Hi Scrangie! This evening i have OMG and i have a lot of problem when i put it on my nail...streaky is allover on my nail!!!
    And when i have used with konad the stamping is little visibile...
    Perhaps works well only on dark polish???
    Many thanks!!

  21. Thanks for these awesome swatches~
    I recently bought Gr8 and FYI (one I LOVE) now looking at these, there are a few more I am looking to get :)

  22. Jason, thank you so much! :)

    Astasia, oh, I'm so sorry! I haven't had a problem using them for Konad, but they do show up best when there's a lot of contrast. Also, be sure to scrape gently on the Konad plate so you don't remove too much polish from the indentation.

    Rasilla, you are very welcome! I love this collection!

  23. I bought a bunch of these polishes the other day. I decided to try OMG first.

    I was leary about going without a topcoat so I put on a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong. I did one hand first to see if it really dulled the effect; I don't think it did (after it dried).

    I didn't use a basecoat. My nails are natural and about as long as yours are in the OMG pictures.

    I did my finger and toe nails about 24 hours ago, and 2 tiny bits chipped off one nail, the rest are perfect. I even wore flip flops today.

    My only complaint so far is this polish draws attention to any vertical ridges in your nails. I'll buff my nails better next time.

    Now to get my claws on some of the Kaleidoscope's and a konad stamper.

  24. Michelle E, ooooh good to know! I have that topcoat, I'm going to give it a try next time I wear one of these. I agree, these are not good at hiding any flaws... really draws attention to ridges :(

  25. Update-
    I left OMG on for 5 days.

    The first 2 days I got (and fixed) a chip on my right pointer finger. If a finger is going to chip that's usually the one to do it.

    On day 5 i got a small chip on my left pointer finger.

    Tip wear was minimal.
    Toes stayed perfect, despite being barefoot or wearing flip flops the whole time.

    For me that's only a little bit worse than average wear as far as chips go, for tip wear it was average.

    I could have left it on longer, probably a week total. I was too anxious to try other polishes though. :)

  26. Michelle, Very good to hear! Thanks! :D

  27. I've just come accross this page, as anyone ever tried that? I'd love to see the result on hands.

    I think it can be done with real nails too, and any recipent or tools could be used:


  29. Meyahna, I have in the past. It is *very* messy but the results are cool :) You can use any polish in water to do the marbling :)

  30. Ok, I'll have to try that. :)

  31. I just put on 2nite and used nailtiques formula 2 as a top coat and it didn't dull the holo effect one bit!!!!

  32. These definitely want to make me say OMG! I love them. I want the silver one :)

  33. Hi, can i just check for the konad you used OMG (the silver one) right? :)

  34. I really love them!

  35. I was not watching polish shades but for holiday collections when these came out - so I missed these and the Kaleidoscope holos completely. Now am kicking myself for not paying attention because the prices for both OMG and Kal. collec. on 2nd market are getting super high. I got 2 from OMG and was deluded after getting them - chipping as you said and just not as exciting as I anticipated from the whole holo thing I had heard so much about.

  36. if u ever wanna get rid of these contact me! i'd like to pick up a few.. or shall i say all of em :D . hahaha just a tought

  37. OMG China glaze is actually going to be coming out with a new holographic collection coming next year (2013)! I guess they got the memo that we really wanted a new holo collection for those who missed out. I'm super excited!

  38. I want to ask your opinion! :D I want to buy my first OMG collection, what do you think? 2nite then IDK, or IDK then 2nite? I'm confuse to choose one of 2nite or idk, thanks:D

  39. can I ask your opinion? I want to buy my first OMG collection, what do you think? I buy 2nite then idk, or idk then 2nite? I'm confuse to choose one of them:( thanks:D:D

    1. I'd say IDK and then 2NITE, just because I really like purple, haha :D


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