Friday, August 29, 2008

Givenchy Dandy Moire

I saw this lovely little gem on and I knew I had to have it. It looked so amazing in the picture, like a shimmering deep blue/green duochrome.

When it arrived, I felt a little shocked- from the picture it appeared to be a normal-sized polish, but it's actually extremely small- .18fl oz!! That's mini-size! And for $15? Damn! Is that somewhere around $80+ an ounce?? I admit, math is not my strong point, but something seems wrong.

Despite the small size and absurd price tag, this is a very pretty polish. In the bottle it shows a strong blue and green duochrome effect, but it (sadly) doesn't appear on the nail. The brush is very difficult to work with, and the formula is a little thick. Even with all of those flaws, the color still seems worth the headache. It's beautiful.

Dandy Moire.

It's a deep, dark midnight blue with blue, silver and green shimmer and just the tiniest hint of green reflection. It's quite stunning to look at in bright sunlight- very shimmery but not glittery. It looks almost like velvet with a dusting of iridescent sparkles.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm finishing up a bunch of your requests and should have them posted soon. I didn't forget about you! Every request is important to me, and I love doing them. I love doing them so much that I realized I have been spending a crazy amount of time playing with nail polish and sitting in front of my computer, and neglecting things that I should be doing... Like, oh, I don't know, folding the laundry that's been in the dryer for a week? LOL. Nail polish is much more fun than mopping, more fun than working out, more fun than making dinner or reading my growing stack of unread books...

Anyway, I'm babbling. I just wanted to let you know that I love doing your requests, even if it takes me a little while longer than I'd like to get them done. :)


  1. Lovely colour, I can 'just' see the green sparkles on your little finger and it look stunning. I hate it when you see something online and then when it arrives so much smaller than it looked (Stila, you've done this to me many times!)
    And I totally agree, I would much rather be painting my nails than folding laundry!

  2. It is so pretty! I really debated getting this but I can't spend $15 for a such a small bottle. Because if I like it I will want 2 bottles. Nope can't do it. *Partially closes eyes* :)

  3. I was going to buy this but $15 for 0.18 fl oz is just too expensive! But it is very pretty. And yay, requests!! I can't wait to see mine !! =) =)

  4. i want this but cannot spend that much on it. i wish there was a cheaper dupe.

    can you compare Misa Fatal Affair to CC Electronica for me? I have the CC and want the Misa. thank you!

  5. Just got this also. It's beautiful, wonderful shimmer. The only good thing I can say about the price and size is that I was able to get good coverage with one coat.

  6. HotPinkHeels, it's so disappointing when that happens! It's happened to me many times. *sigh* At least the color is nice :) And wouldn't you know, I tore my pinkie nail doing laundry! ARGH XD

    Asia12mb, I think OPI Yoga-ta get This Blue with a little coat of Heartbreaker on top would be just as nice and less than half the price of the Givenchy :D

    Karman, I should have read the fine print or something... .18oz?!?! Unheard of! And your request was fun- I had to dump out some drawers of nail polish and pull out every color I could find that matched, lol, it was like taking a bath in nail polish bottles! <3

    Tink, if you have Pure Ice Heartbreaker or any other sheer greenish shimmer, you can make this. I can't believe I paid so much for such a pathetic little itty bitty bottle! And of course, I'll definitely compare those for you :D

    Roberta S. , yes, you're spot on with that one- it's a one-coater for sure! That eases the pain a little :)

  7. I'm so looking foreward to the result of my request. But I am, if nothing else, a rather patient lady.

    Also: with my 70+ stash of nail polish I do have some to keep me occupied for a little while longer. (My boyfriend thinks I'm mad, but then I tell him about people on the internet who loves nail polish even more than me, and reminds him that it is after all a rather cheap hobby. I could for example have been mad about hats or shoes! *lol*)

  8. Lovely colour scrangie, shame about the size though!

    I have a question for you, have you ever put mac eyeshadow like 3d gold, holo one, into a clear polish? Do you think that'd work?

  9. *gasp* Ooooooooomg it is so pretty!
    why the hell are there so much colors i need to have (very) soon? :D

  10. Wonderful color, but a bit hefty on the pricetag...Still, a beautiful polish can be worth a few extra dollars, right? And it is beautiful!

  11. It's a gorgeous color. It kinda sucks that the bottle was smaller than you first thought, for that price. But there id nothing we can do about that now more than enjoy its beauty. and if it's a one coater you might be able to forgive her a little;-)

  12. ohh i do have heart breaker. too bad i am out of town for the week. it will be my #1 task when i get home. and thanks scrangie! i'm hoping I don't need the Misa.

  13. It's a gorgeous color. It's a shame about the size though.

  14. Even though it was pretty darn expensive, it's lovely! Such a beautie:)

  15. Will small bottles of polish dry out at a faster than their larger counterparts (re : OPI) or get gloopy...?

  16. It's beautiful but just too small, they are about $23 over here too. :-(

    IKWYM about time, the MUA nailboard eats my time like Homer eats donuts. :-)

  17. Scrangie - nail polish! I'm not quite there yet, I don't think I have enough polish to do quite that. I already ordered Heart of Africa like you suggested from H2T, but I'm open to more Bitches Brew dupes!!

    fifrildi - I totally agree! This is a relatively cheap hobby (well, except for some of the higher end polishes). I'm really into designer bags like Chanel and Louis Vuitton, and this nail polish addiction is keeping my bag addiction healthy!! Every time my boyfriend groans about my buying more nail polish, I just remind him this is a $10 bottle of nail polish vs. $1000 designer handbag. LOL!

  18. Karman: *lol* When I think about it I only have cheap hobbies! Nail polish, t-shirts and books :) Internet is my savior for polishes. In Norway a bottle of medium priced polish is about 20 dollars, so I'm even considering Essies Starry Starry Nights for 23 dollars on ebay thinking "well, it's still cheaper than most polishes I can by in person". :o)

  19. Scrangie, you're killing me with these swatches!

    Wanna play a game with us? Check it out on my blog -



  20. I love it! But the $$... did somone say unicorn pee?

  21. it looks like russian navy by opi?

  22. fifrildi - HOLY! That is SO expensive! Wow. $20!

  23. Karman: I have the dubios pleasure of living in one of the worlds most expencive countries... ;o) The internet is my friend...

  24. Fifrildi, I love your request and I'm still researching it a bit- I have a few picked out that I think fit the criteria :) And nail polish is the cheapest addiction I can think of! :D

    Nail Juice, I have mixed MAC pigment into nail polish before- Blue Storm and Blue Brown- but I haven't tried using glitter. I've sprinkled the MAC 3D silver on top of wet polish before and it looked really cool, so maybe I'll mix up a whole bottle and see how it turns out! :D I think it would work- I could have sworn I saw someone on Makeup Alley who did a bottle of 3D Silver....

    Aeryss, I can hardly keep up with all the new pretty colors... My head is spinning! lol :D

    Sminkan, I suppose it is an extra special color so I won't feel as bad for spending so much on it... I just wish it were a lot bigger!

    Sanna, I love your positive view :D You're right, I will do that! <3

    Tink, sure thing gorgeous :D I have a feeling you might end up wanting the Misa, it's quite hot ;-)

    Gio, I'm starting to worry that I'll run out too fast... Oh no! It's so small, I wonder how many manicures I can get out of it... *panic*

    Badbomben, it truly is :D

    Fudge... Hmmm... I'm not sure! I have a few OPI minis and most of them seem fine except my You Make Me Vroom wish is almost empty and a little to thick to apply now... I think they have a chance of drying out faster because there is less polish in them, so it dries out more every time you open it? Just a guess, I really don't know about that one! :D

    Carla G, MUA is like a drug.... I have to force myself not to go on it until my housework is done otherwise I sit on it ALL DAY....

    Karman, Heart of Africa is a great one- oddly, I wasn't able to find very many dupes, but I found at least a couple good close ones :D

    Jen, oooh a game! You betcha!!! :D

    Rocketqueen, LOL yes, Unicorn Pee!!! <3

    PrettyFacades, hmm, I don't think they're matches but they're similar colors. Russian Navy just doesn't have all the pretty sparkle and shimmer that this one does. But maybe if I mix in a little Heartbreaker... *lightbulb* Eureka!

  25. Wow...just checking in after being off on holiday, and I have to say that is one expensive bottle of polish! More expensive than an ounce of Dom Perignon champagne (about 10 dollars an ounce according to my triviahound hubby) and less than inkjet toner cartridge ink (the most expensive fluid known to humankind - about 100 for an ounce). You know there are worse ways to spend your money, but it does make your head spin. :) Cherish your bottle!!!

    Missed you while I was away Scrangie, and great posts as always.

  26. Edited to add, maybe bull sperm costs husband and I talk about the weirdest things!

  27. how do you get your nails so perfect? they look so thick and strong.. do you take any vitamins? any nail strengthener? and how do you paint them so well? i guess practice makes perfecT!

  28. Melli, awwwwwwweeeeee thank you! <3 MUAH!

    That's some interesting trivia, lol! I love those kind of facts, that just made my day :D

    Hey Megan, thanks for the compliment :D I do take vitamins (multivitamin, greens, Biotin supplement, et cetera... lots of vitamins, lol!)

    As for nail strengthener, I've been using Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator and I LOVE it! I also really like OPI Nail Envy (all formulations).

    And yes, I do get lots and lots of practice painting :) Sometimes I am very sloppy, though, cause I have shaky hands!


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