Thursday, August 7, 2008

Reader Request: China Glaze Kaliedoscope, Part 1

A request from lovely reader Rose! I'm sorry I've been so late in getting these pictures posted! Anyway, here's a few from one of my all time favorite collections, China Glaze Kaleidoscope.

These are very strongly holographic, much more than the China Glaze OMG collection. They require two to three coats each, but they dry lightning fast. Faster than any polish I've ever used!

These are all the colors I could find- I have the entire collection but I seem to have misplaced over half of them! I'll post these for now, and continue to search in between the couch cushions and under the bed....

Sexagon. My go-to polish that looks good with everything. Light silver based holo.

He's Going In Circles. Green-based holo.

How About A Tumble? Light Purple or Rose-based holo.

It's My Turn. Rich gold-based holo.

Kaleidoscope Him Out. Baby blue based holo.

Let's Do It IN 3-D. Black/Charcoal based holo.

As soon as I locate my missing Kaleidoscopes, I'll have those up. OMG is all lined up and ready to go as well!

I'll also be following up on a request for Konad stamps, so hopefully I'll have those posted soon!

Again, I always love requests! Sometimes it takes me a little longer than I'd like to finish them, but I love them nonetheless! If you have a request, always feel free to email me or leave a comment and I'll do my best to fulfill it in a reasonable amount of time.

I feel like I'm forgetting one, though... I checked through my email and my notepad and didn't see it, but I still have that "I forgot something!" feeling... If it was your request, please let me know!


  1. those polishes are great!
    i really like the let's do it in 3-d!!
    i have a request,
    i've seen swatches for the mod about brights 2008 opi summer collection
    but i haven't seen any of the other summer opi 2008 collection
    its called retro fun in the sun
    it'd be great if you could post any of thosee (:
    thanks so much, i love your blog!

  2. Thanks for posting's like you read my mind! I just ordered some of the ChG rodeo diva collection and picked up 2 of the Kaleidoscope collection (the green and the gold). Have you tried layering the K collection over black? I am going to try and let you know how it turns out!

  3. I love holo polishes!! I was gonna skip Sexagon as I have OMG, but it looks so much nicer!! Are they dissimilar enough to justify having both?
    And Yay for the Konad swatches, thank you so much!!

    I bought all the french plates & some print plates too. I've had a little play with the prints but my middle nails both broke really short & I had to cut them all down so I'll have to wait to try the frenches :-(

  4. I only have a few from this collection but I need the whole thing. Daaaamnnnnn you Scrangie.

  5. Jupp here you go again...
    Another collection added to my wishlist.

    Seriously (horrible spelling i know) but if the nailpolish companies had any sense they would send you all of their new collections for free just to get you to do swatches for them.

  6. Thanks so much, you are the best!!! Now I have to decide which ones to buy - I want them all!

  7. Damn it!! You're making me want to buy polishes that I had previously skipped over!! Just when I was thinking about downsizing my collection too!!

  8. nevermind about the retro fun in the sun,
    i saw it while going through the archives
    love themmm (:

  9. I've just bought my first holo from Depend and I'm crazy about it, these all make me drool like a complete holo-fool:P

  10. I have three, He's going in Circles, Visit me in Prism and Let's do it in 3D. I like them all! And of course you gave me cravings for more of them... Gold and purple looks lika wonderfuls colors to add to the collection...

  11. I adore It's My Turn and thanks to your pics I'm going to order Sexagon! Fun holo sparkliness! Holo is great for summer because it looks so fun in bright sunlight :D

  12. Susie, sure, I have some of those, I'll re-post them! :)

    Melli, I haven't tried layering but it sounds like it would rock! Let me know how it turns out, this could be really awesome!

    Carla G., Yes, you NEED Sexagon! For one, it doesn't chip as easily, and it also looks more holo in the sunlight! I think my nails have grown back enough to do some good Konad pics, I will have them posted shortly! :)

    Stephanie, hehehehe ;-) I won't lie, you DO need ALL of them! *evil grin*

    Angela, YES! That would be AWESOME (and save me a whole hell of a lot of money!) I mean, how many people who would have never purchased a certain nail polish, buy it after they see a picture here? I'm making them money, aren't I?

    Rose, aw, you're very welcome! As soon as I can figure out where the rest of the collection went, I'll post those too!

    Mazoo, "downsizing"? What is this "downsizing" you speak of? lol ;-)

    Susie, oh, good! I'm glad you were able to find them, but if you need anything else don't hesitate to ask! <3

    Badbomben, holos are so amazing, I love them soooooo much! More companies need to do holos, and in more colors!

    Sminkan, if you like gold at all you need It's My Turn! It's, in my opinion, the best gold holo available!

    Katherine, yes, exactly! Once you step outside they start sparkling like crazy and you can't take your eyes off your nails! I love it! :D

  13. Hello! My name is Amy! I just bought my very first China Glaze polish yesterday! After seeing that you say such great things about there colors! I purchased Liquid Leather! I am now in love! Every girl needs a black in my opinion!

  14. They're so gorgeous! And there is sexagon again! Now I want it more. I have It's my turn and octa gone wild. I've used them both in frankens with great results:)

  15. I have a request :D

    I'm looking for polishes that are wery "car polish" like. Much like the ones they used during WW2 when they often used actual car polish on their nails and yellows, and greens started showing up as well as more "regular colors".

  16. Scrangie: HEY!! So i have a ps3 for internet so ill be pissed if this doesnt post it will be long(ps3 isnt GREAT for the net)which is why i will not be making an account and staying as an ANON :( ANYWHO! first off, your great! i know youve heard it again and again, but it never hurts to hear one more time. I (for some reason i go through "Sperts" of obsession) have just hit my lacquer craze, (last was lipgloss) about a month ago,when i was getting sick of my dollars store brand chipping in an hour, so im a fresh newb. Im learning alot about the applications from you!!(i never new there was so much to polish!) so far i have only ORDERED from essie (the summer shorts mini collection,3 way glaze, and To dry for. But bought about 5 (not many!) Nicole's. Im in canada so shoppers is my place to be and they ONLY carry nicole!!!!! :( Where in the HECk can i find RBL (im on SUCH a tight budget so i should not even FIND these polishes but i must!mmm BUTTER!! Also, im in canada so wal-mart is EVERYWHERE but Pure Ice

  17. (stupid ps3 can only hold so many Characters) anyways... Pure ice is not in my wal-mart!! i NEEED heartbreaker to go over my shorts!! lol please help me find this :( !!! im loving SO many collections that i cant afford right now :( RBL spongebob colours, kaleidoscope, OMG, Mod about brights rotro fun in the sun, Ink!, Candy byt zoya.......ooo0o0o0o0 your swatches kiiillll me scrang!!!!!!! lol

    Shit this was WAAYYY toooooo long... im sorry !!
    Stay Fab!!
    Danielle-19-Canada :)

  18. Anonymous, congrats! I remember my first China Glaze polish... Pink Voltage! Everyone does need at least one good black polish, and Liquid Leather is a very good one!

    Sanna, ahhh you need it! ;-) I've used It's My Turn in a frankenpolish and it turned out awesome, I should find it and post a pic! A brown holo!

    Fifrildi, ah! How interesting! This sounds like a very fun request, I'll do some research and see what I can do :) Thanks!!

    Danielle, you have PS3?? I'm jealous!! ;-) Anyway, hehe, thanks so much for the amazing compliments! That makes my day :)
    As for Rescue Beauty Lounge, I always order directly from, or, but they are also available on Amazon. If you would rather see them in person, you can email them for a list of salons that carry them- I hear there are quite a few!

    And Pure Ice... I haven't found a place that sells them other than Wal-Mart, and I haven't seen them online other than eBay. I'll check up on it and see if I can find another retailer. I'll see what I can do! Thanks so much for your comment! :D

  19. i have TWO ps3's :) (so i can beauty shop and he can play video games LOL! thanks for the tips i will look online :) and i really hope you find pure ice for me!! i need the perfect top coat!

  20. Hi!

    May I know if this shiny/glittery collection have those scratchy hard particles that are a pain to remove? (I just started reading your blog, and i LOVE the photos! You've got me lemming for countless polishes!)

  21. Kinna84, hey there! Thanks! I'm happy to say that these are completely smooth and very easy to remove :) No scratchy bits at all! :D

  22. great! i've put an order in for it! *excited*

  23. were you able to find the rest of your kaleidscope collection? i've heard that it's being dicontinued, and wondering which ones i should stock up on--i've only got kaleidscope him out and love it1

  24. Martha, no I never did find them :( But I did buy them all again so I'll be posting about them soon :) They're all really nice though!

  25. First time I've commented here, though I've been viewing for awhile now. Would you someday post the rest of the collection? :) I never get tired of looking at your posts...

  26. Agmini, I did in 2009 :)


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