Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Zoya Fall 2008: Pulse and Vibe Collection Swatches

Quick and dirty swatches of Zoya's Pulse and Vibe collections.


Alix. Actually, I think I swapped Alix and Dakota when I was naming them, so this might actually be Dakota. Either way, it's a red creme.

Dakota, which I'm pretty sure is actually Alix. I will fix my pictures later, but really, it's just a red creme.

Asia. Another red creme! Zzzzzz.... Snorefest.

Riley. Kind of a berry red creme.

Nina. Ah, that's more like it! Rich chocolate brown creme.

Sam. A pretty reddish brownish vampy color. I can't decide what color this is. Blood red? Brown?

Overall, the Vibe collection doesn't wow me. Sure, the colors are nice enough but none of them are unique, and the only one I can see myself wearing is Nina. Red lovers will love this collection, but it's just not for me. I rarely, if ever, wear red. The formulas were great, I only had application problems with Sam and Nina, which were on the thick side. A word of warning: all of these caused major staining when removed.


Sloane. This might be my favorite from the Pulse collection. Unbelievably beautiful deep vampy sort of eggplant shimmer. It reminds me of those almost-black OPI shimmers like Black Cherry Chutney. I really love the way this look when light hits it.

Jacy. A really fascinating medium purple/plum color with purple shimmer. The shimmer is more subtle than the other colors in this collection. I like the muted purple color with the addition of purple/pink shimmer. Very interesting!

Rihana. This picture came out slightly brighter than real life. It's a very pretty purple or burgundy shimmer. Wow, I am really terrible at describing colors. All I know is that this color is awesome!

Mikka. Muted frosty purple. It's like a dusty looking purple with a veil of silver frost. I think this picture makes it look almost wine colored, but it's really purple. Why is it that my purples rarely photograph well? Maybe it was the sunset and the orange cast it was giving to some of the colors.

Blair. Awesome blackened red. Reminds me a lot of OPI Wine Me And Dine Me. I love this type of color that looks bright in the middle and dark around the edges!

Colbie. Almost identical to Blair, but more on the maroon side. Another one of those colors that's bright in the middle and dark on the edges! Maybe it's Mulberry?? I need to take a color describing class!

I *really* like the Pulse collection. All of the colors are extremely sexy, have depth and shimmer and all that good stuff. I see myself wearing every single one of these! The formulas were excellent, I had no application problems at all. They didn't cause much staining, surprising for such dark colors. I'm really impressed with the Pulse colors. They all looked so similar from the promo pictures, but in real life they're quite different! Love them.

I apologize for the quality of the swatches. They were very rushed and the lighting wasn't ideal. If I get some good lighting tomorrow (still playing around with my indoor lighting situation!) I'll try to get better, less blurry, more detailed swatches!


  1. Well, the Pulse swatches got my attention! I just wish I liked Zoyas formula...accck! I guess that's $ saved. Overall, both collections have nice colors, but like you said, the cremes weren't too original. I guess if someone was just getting into n/p, liked deeper colors, and liked the idea of the big 3 free formula this is probably where they should start.

  2. Thanks so much for posting these Scrangie! They're gorgeous and I know which three I must have now!!!

  3. ack! thank you for confirming my need for both collections! how was the application? was it pretty easy, non goopy? are your swatches 2 coats?

  4. Pretty swatches but I suspect not that speci al?

  5. Lovely swatches, but I'm not digging any of them. Zzzz...

    Reminds me of "Devil wears Prada": - "Floral for spring? How exciting!" Vampy/reds for Fall? wow, that's original.

  6. Aww I really like the cremes lol. I'm sure that is shocking to no one.

  7. I love all your swatches! You make EVERY colour look so beautiful.

  8. Thanks for these swatches Scrangie! Are Jacy and Essie No Boundries close in color? Your swatches always make or break my ordering--they are just THAT awesome!

  9. I can see myself with every single one of these colors, Pulse and Vibe! A fantastic season for nailpolish, this fall! Wish I could afford to by them all!:D

  10. Ooh. Sloane is sexy.

  11. Pulse is very, very NICE!!!!

  12. The cremes seem a bit lazy to me. But I'm in agony about the fall collections overall because winter ends in a few weeks down under and it's time for the brights and neons!

  13. I liked Blair, thats my kinda colour. But I wouldn't fork out for any of the others, very un-original, but maybe I just have a thing for my greens, blues and purples? :P Just a wee question; Will you be swatching Gussied up green from the new collection from ChG?..

  14. Hontapocasgreen, I agree. The cremes remind me an awful lot of Essie's fall collection!

    Twinkle10, you're welcome!! I'm glad I could help!

    Andie, application was pretty good, no problems really. All were two coats, formula didn't seem as goopy as 3-free polishes usually are. I was pleased!

    Diann_co, yep, all are very pretty but quite similar to other polishes I own.

    Masa_inn, lol, exactly! Not that I don't like vampy, but a little too predictable!

    Stephanie, aww there's nothing wrong with the cremes! They're very pretty, I just don't feel that they're terribly unique, that's all!

    Knittingbeauty, awwwe thank you so much!! :D

    SiennaX, yes, they are! Really, quite similar... both pretty! And thank you :)

    Sminkan, fall colors are always the best :) I think this year is the best fall we've ever had as far as colors go!

    Samhainophobia, you better believe it :) I really dig Sloane, right up my alley!

    Stubby, I agree! Love them all! :)

    Shryh, oh no! Well, who says you can't wear vampy colors in summer? ;-)

    Lina-Elvira, I will have swatches of all the Rodeo colors later on today :)

  15. I recently found your blog and it has turned into my daily "must see"! I truly appreciate all the swatches you post... it helps SO much (esp. the comparisons). I just ordered the Pulse collection and am now even more excited for them to arrive! Thank you!! :)

  16. Love the pulse colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Thanks for posting these Scrangie! I prefer the Pulse to the Vibe colours as well. Did you use topcoat in the pics? If so, which one? It looks super shiny!

  18. Fauxfun, wow, thank you *so* much! That makes me soooo happy to hear! I love to help :D

    Tink, me too! I bet they'd look hot on you, too, especially with some Konad action ;-)

    Melli, you're welcome :) I didn't use any topcoat in these pictures, they're just that shiny! Pretty, right? :D

  19. Oh, I wouldn't say no to any of them! Many pretties!
    But I see your point- one red after the other- but at least they're gorgeous:) even if they're not totally unique.

  20. Sanna, true. They are all very pretty and there's absolutely nothing wrong with them! I just wasn't expecting so many plain colors, Zoya usually has really creative collections!

  21. Vibe is quite boring but I love almost every single one in the Pulse collection! I might have to order my first Zoyas. :)

  22. Katherine, do it!! ;-) Zoya rocks! While you're there, take a look at the Downtown collection from last year (or was it 2 years ago??) It's my favorite Zoya collection and if you like the Pulse colors, you'll probably like those as well! :D (I'm so naughty, aren't I?? LOL!)

  23. I love your swatches -- it's something about the way your lighting shows the beautiful SHINE in the shimmers, I think. That and your gorgeous nails :D

    And now I have to get at least 4 of those Pulse colours, too...

    At some point when you have some spare time, can you do swatches of any duo/multichromes you have (other than Ki since I saw those earlier)? I just put on OPI Glacier Bay Blues today and am amazed by the variety of shades in it. I got Zoya Ki when they did the get 3 free promo, using your code :D

  24. Penemuel, Thank you!! I would be happy to do those for you- duo/multichromes are my favorite :D

  25. Scragie...in my opinion the Zoya Colbie was a russett-ish color...which is why I didn't purchase it! I ordered Zoya Sam, Blair, Rihanna, and Mikka. I LOVE Mikka..not dark enough but not vampy...never thought that I would love a pearly purple..Sam..to me a brownish red..it's OK. Rihanna...exactly how it's described on the web site..a rasberry plum...ok, but a bit too Vegas to me! Blari...deep red..I like it okay..but I pruchased a similar one before...Nail Tek Marooned. I didn't get Zoya Slaone b/c it looks to similar to OPT Balck Cherry Chutney which I already had. I didn't get Zoya
    Nina b/c I'm not a fan of staright browns.


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