Friday, August 1, 2008

Random Swatches: Creative Nail Design (CND)

Thank you all SO MUCH for the photography tips! I'm going to play around with the different suggestions and hopefully I'll be able to take great pictures indoors on dark days! You guys are the best. Seriously. Love you all.

Anyway, since I haven't been able to do new swatches this week, I thought I'd post a few past nails-of-the-day that I liked. As much as I love new stuff (and I really, really love new stuff) sometimes I just have to go back to my old favorites.

This time I'm going to focus on CND. While I do not like the formula of these at all (they never actually dry, no matter what I do!) the colors are truly spectacular.

Polish Addict recently posted the announcement
that CND plans to discontinue almost all of their polishes and keep a core line. This is very sad. If you see a CND polish you like that's not on the list, grab it while you can!!

Okey Dokey Artichokey. Sort of an olive green weird pinkish duochrome. I love colors like this.

Cashmere. I'm not even sure how to describe this other than, "it's awesome".

Family Secret. Sort of a dirty taupe brown color with red shimmer.

Souvenir Junkie. Glowing hot fiery orange shimmer!

VIP Status. A really horrible picture of it, too. It's an incredibly shocking gold and holographic glitter polish that's positively blinding! It explodes with sparkle. I love it to death.

Black Platinum. I think the name covers it pretty well.

Cuppa Joe. I think this is tied with VIP Status and Disco Ball for my favorite CND polish of all time. This polish just makes me feel happy. *sigh*

Deep Velvet. I don't know how well this polish goes with my skintone, but I love the color of it. It really does look like deep velvet. Very interesting to look at.

Hotski To Tchochki. I'm not even entirely sure I spelled that right. This is not only super bright and sparkly, it wins the award of Hardest To Spell Nail Polish Name EVER.

These are only some of the unique and fascinating colors I have from CND, and it's so sad to hear that most of them will be gone soon. I guess I never really wear them very often because of the drying issue, but I sure do love to look at the bottles.


  1. It's so cool that you can pull of so many colors and make it look awesome! I love Cuppa Joe- but the drying time kills me! I sort of gave up after a few hours last time I wore it, because it never dried. And I always use a fast drying T/C. But the color is so gorgeous!

  2. All of them look beautiful! I actually only have two CND left in my stash, Okey Dokey Artichokey and Hyde in the Dark, since I just can't bear to part with them. Awsome colors! Now I want VIP Status and Cashmere... But the reason I gave up CND to begin with was the drying time...

  3. do you have swatches for essie's bridal collection?

  4. Whats the drying time issue with cnd?

  5. Not a Creative fan but Cashmere is calling my name.

  6. CND is gorgeous! I just got that orange and Black Platinum too! Gorgeous swatches, thanks!

  7. The purple one wins my vote. It reminds me of that extremely hard to find Dior lacquer...Liquorice. Still hunting!

  8. I'm so addicted to your blog :)
    Please post something else :)
    /iz having updates withdrawal/

  9. hi scrangie! such beautiful nails! (=

    i was wondering if you had any good recommendations for a classic red? i was thinking about vodka & caviar or malaga wine, but i thought to ask you since you are the expert...and if you could do swatches? thanks!

  10. Sanna, thank you! It's a shame about the formula, they really have nice colors! *sigh*

    Sminkan, isn't that sad? They really should improve the issue, I bet they would sell more polish!

    Hi there Hallie! I'm sorry, I don't have any of the polishes from the Essie Bridal Collection! I can see if I can find someone who does though!

    Nail Juice, it's just that they never seem to dry, even with fast drying topcoat and drops. Days later I can still scrape the polish off my nail because it's soft!

    Tink, it's a great color. I just have a hard time dealing with wet polish for three days ;-)

    Rocketqueen, thank you! :D

    Butterflydiary, if you are in the United States, maybe try giving Nordstrom's Beauty Hotline a call! I got mine from there :)

    Masa_inn, awww :) Sorry! I've been stuck in a rut :/ But I'll try to post a lot this week! :D

    Andie, hello! Thank you :) I think Vodka & Caviar would be perfect. I have a picture of it here:
    It's a touch darker in real life, but it's rich and vibrant and very glamorous!

  11. Cashmere and Family Secret are beautiful. I googled but can't find it, is it still available? I want.

  12. Cashmere and Family Secret are beautiful. I googled but can't find it, is it still available? I want

  13. Gail, I got mine from, but I'm not sure if they still have them. It wouldn't hurt to email them, they usually respond pretty quickly. I haven't seen them retail anywhere, but I've seen quite a few on eBay!

    They are discontinued, but some places will still have a few, usually!

  14. Thank you, I will search Ebay and the site you gave me.

    I enjoy your blog.

  15. Gems4Me, I don't think they will be very hard to find :D Thank you!!

  16. drying time does kill! as a nail tech, best thing ive learned is to use one of two techniques, the first being coat and a half. use only one coat of polish, just a little more than a smear. or you can do the first coat, but barely put it on, jsut enough to cover it up. then a thin 2nd coat is enough to cover.
    technically it takes 15 full minutes between each coat to dry fully. doing this though, should shave pleanty of time off of that. hope it helps!
    happy painting!

  17. hi scrangie :) just did a google search for CND 'grapeade' and your site came up. i'm a nailtech and pretty much use creative and opi exclusively on all my clients and no-one ever has a problem with polish not drying. if you have acrylic on your nails, i would've recommended CND's 'heatdry' - except they've discontinued it (most retarded of a whole bunch of retarded decisions they've made lately). i've just switched over to NSI thermosheild (could be aussie-only brand, not sure...) and it's actually better. both products cure in 3 mins under a normal 60watt light bulb (or any heat source - warm hairdryer is good too). these topcoats are so good, i usually paint my toenails, use heatdry, blast them with the hairdryer and then put my shoes on - no smears, smudges or marks. if you are painting on natural nails, opi rapid dry is excellent and will keep your polish on for days. takes a little longer to dry, but definately does dry. hopefully will help you stay with creative...they do have amazing colours (then they go discontinue them!! grrr...)


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