Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quick Swatches: Color Club Fall 2008 Glitter Vixen and Dance To The Musique

The Polish Addict already has awesome swatches of these, so I just did some quick 'skittles'.

Glitter Vixen collection (not pictured: Sultry Diva, pure gold glitter. Not enough fingers!)
Thumb to pinkie: Tru Passion, Object of Envy, Magic Attraction, Sexy Siren, Art of Seduction. Bottle is Sex Symbol.

My thoughts? HOLY CRAP I LOVE THESE! These are super-sparkly WOW BAM IN YOUR FACE glitter... Once you step outside wearing these, you're liable to blind someone!
Application was quite nice, Tru Passion was a little thick, but nothing a little bit of Seche Restore won't fix. They are fairly gritty- I'd say medium grittiness- but a coat of Seche Vite took care of that problem immediately. These dry very quickly, and have full coverage in two coats. This is some of the densest glitter I've ever seen. I won't lie- they're a pain in the arse to remove, but that comes with the territory. My glitter removing technique is pretty effective on these: Soak your cotton ball in acetone or remover (remover that contains acetone works better than non-acetone remover) and press it on top of the nail. Let it sit there for 10 or 20 seconds, and then with firm pressure, wipe toward your fingertip. There will be some glitter left on the nail, but once the bulk of it is gone the leftovers are easy to remove.

Now, on to Dance To The Musique:

Thumb to pinkie: Feel The Beat , Slow Jam, Electronica, Groove Thang and After Hours. Bottle is Velvet Rope.

These applied like a DREAM. Perfectly smooth, no bubbles, no pooling, just complete perfection. Color Club's formula is amazingly good.

Feel the Beat is a slight duochrome that reminds me a little of Misa Bojangles. Orange and red type duochrome.

Slow Jam is a fantastic autumn burgundy-brown with lots of depth and shimmer.

Electronica is a gorgeous blueish purple with amazing multicolored shimmer. It looks stunning in the sunlight!

Groove Thang is really cool. It's a beetle-like color, dark blue/black/purple with greenish gold and purple sheen and shimmer. Reminds me of OPI Black Tie Optional, but darker.

After Hours is a charcoal grey with loads of colored shimmer. Far away it looks like just a plain charcoal shimmer, but if you look up close you'll see the multi-colored flecks in it!

Velvet Rope is a red shimmer. Yep. I think I'm really bad at hiding the fact that I'm not a fan of plain reds...

Everything about these collections is perfect. Not only do I love the polishes, but I love all the artwork and promotional imagery used on these collections. The makeup on the models is gorgeous, hell, the models themselves are gorgeous! Color Club really did a great job on these collections- definitely different than what I expected for fall and that makes me really happy!

Also, for Canadians looking for local retailers of Color Club polishes, I was given this information:
Jessica's Cosmetic Nail And Beauty, 39 Orfus Road, Toronto, Ontato. Phone number (647) 435-3856. If you call them they can tell you where to buy Color Club polishes in your area.

And just a little reminder, my Zoya promo code SCRANGIELUV expires tomorrow, so if you have your eye on any of those collections (Pulse, Vibe, Downtown, Uptown) it's a great chance to get some awesome free nail polish!!

Thanks, Color Club!


  1. I'm not a fan of glitter so none of those Vixen's are calling my name, the Musique though... gorgeous! I love CC, I have tons of flower power neons and they are amazing, especially for the price! :-)

  2. Hmmm... not convinced by these - I can see how they would be nice as a coat over a shimmer polish, but just glitter is a bit too much like a crafts project at pre-school :) Do you know any European suppliers of ColorClub by the way?

  3. I got some Zoyas off of Ebay! Ki, Yummy, Irene & Yasmeen! So looking forward to getting them... and am wearing NfuOh 52 over black now! It WOWZA factor on that one!

  4. Thanks for the Canadian info, Scrangie! I have to admit that the glitter polishes don't really interest me...I agree with the other posters that they are a bit much. With age comes the need for less effort on the polish front, and fun, but not chunky nail polish...I like mine smooth and shiny :).

    I have never used ColorClub, but once I am out of the no-buy phase, I may look into them.

  5. Well, I ordered from both collections the minute they hit 8ty8. Now I sit here and wait. I wait for Zoya (should be here by now, why, oh why, mr postman do you keep them from me?) and I wait for these and for Misa. This is by far the best autumn ever!

  6. Thanks for the Cdn info doll! I'll be buying on H2T though - the savings more than makes up for waiting for shipping :) ($8ish retail here vs $2 online!)

  7. oh gosh the color club whas amazing! Must have them:)

  8. Carla G, Color Club is surprisingly awesome... it's one of the least expensive brands there is, but has some of the best quality out of all of them!

    Lina-Elvira, LOL :D I like that description! But, I really love wacky, over-the-top glittery things :D Next manicure: Glitter, macaroni, feathers and construction paper nail art! lol!
    I don't know of any European suppliers, but you can always get them from TransDesign or 8ty8beauty :D

    Rocketqueen, great choices!! Those all rock :D And I'm so happy you got the Nfus, I love looking at your pics of them!

    Melli, hee hee, I know glitter is definitely not for everyone, in fact, most people I know in real life hate my glitter nails! But no matter what you like and don't like, always wear what makes you happy :D And you should check out Color Club sometime, very high quality and extremely affordable :)

    Sminkan, yay! We are gonna have rockin' nails this fall :D

    Gymnastgirly, H2T is always the way to go :D I can't believe I ever paid retail!

    CrazyNails, aren't they?? You'll have to try them out :)

  9. scrangie, h2t is more expensive to buy than 8ty8beauty, but shipping is less? is it less enough to even save you any money? and it's quicker than 88? i have never ordered from h2t but i just recently ordered from 88 and i'm still waiting for them to send a confirmation letter!

  10. Hallie, I really think they're about the same usually... The shipping and product prices usually even each other out. H2T and 8TY8 usually ship next day, but 8ty8 doesn't seem to send a confirmation until the ship. Really, I like them both equally, so usually I order from whoever has what I want in stock at the time :)

  11. There's something about glitter I just can't resist! How bad is the removal process - glitter everywhere? I'm so behind with all these fall collections.

  12. instantly from here to ebay to get that glitter-stuff :D
    i am maaad atm i think *g*

  13. Scrangie you've been hearted! Jag älskar din blogg och alla fina bilder som du visar oss!

  14. They all look so awesome on you! groove Thang must me mine!
    Love to you<3

  15. Was wondering, as anyone every tried Orly Rubberized Base Coat? Sounds interesting.

    Also, is there a preferred area for posting generalized questions/comments....I feel like Im so off topic!

  16. Oh I just can't believe it! They didn't have Ki after all so I got my money back for that one! Were they just luring me into buying more I wonder? Ki was the one I wanted in the first place!

  17. Steph, yes, it was *quite* messy, but I think it's a small price to pay for uber-sparkly nails :D

    Aeryss, we're all mad here! :D I love glitter!! :D

    Rocketqueen, awwwwe!! Tack sa mycket! Jag alskar dig ocksa, Rocketqueen! :D :D :D

    Sanna, I think it will look great on you! :D Hugs and kisses <3

    Deborah, I think that's Orly Bonder, right? I used to use it all the time and it worked very well! I like it a lot!
    Feel free to post any questions or comments anywhere you like- it doesn't bother me if it's off topic :D

    Rocketqueen, oh no! It seems like Ki is always out of stock :( I hope they aren't going to discontinue it! I can't believe they didn't have it :(

  18. Great swatches again! Just wondering, how in the world do you apply your nail polish so neatly near your cuticles?? The polish has the exact curvature of your cuticles! When I apply polish on my fingers, it's jagged and gross and almost square sometimes because of the, Scrangie???

  19. Hey there Karman :) What I usually do is stop a few millimeters before my cuticle and press down on the polish brush so it fans out- it usually forms into the shape of my cuticle, and then I pull the brush straight forward. If I don't get complete coverage, I tilt my nail to the side and starting at the bottom of the U shape, swipe the brush in a curve going sideways and then straight up. That's how I do mine :)

  20. Very skilled! Thanks for the tip, I'll try that out next time!

  21. Karman, you're welcome, I hope it works well for you :D

  22. I could definitely go for "Feel The Beat" because it has a lot more depth than a basic black or dark gray creme, with some shimmer, and it's not as 'goth' as black either! I think this is one of those versatile colors that men and women can easily wear and it looks classy (classic?) on both!

    Thanks for the great posts Scrangie.

  23. Jason, you're right! (I think you're thinking of After Hours, though?) It's much better and a lot more interesting than just plain black. And thank you! :D

  24. those nail colors are so baeutiful!I have ugly nails.What would help them grow?Also do you cover makeup?I just found and they have some awesome looking products, have you heard of them?

  25. Mandy13, the most important thing is to keep your hands and nails moisturized! You can use cuticle oil like CND Solar Oil, or hand lotion, or both. Another thing that really helps your nails grow is to take a Biotin supplement- it takes a month or two to see results, but it really does make a difference.

    I cover makeup too- I haven't heard of that company, but I'm going to go check out that website now! :D

  26. hey scrangie, thanks for these swatches! electronica and after hours look amazing! :)

    btw, how does CC's after hours compare to essie's over the top?

    im asian chinese, wonder how Electronica will turn out on me. but what the heck, im gonna buy it anw! haha!

    maybe you can suggest some colours for asian skin? would love to see that! :)

  27. Hi Tess!

    After Hours is less dark and more sparkly than Over The Top, but you're right in comparing them- they're very similar!

    As for Asian skin, hmmm, good question! I know a lot of the more tan/warmer Asian skintones look great in golds and silvers, reddish purples (like OPI Catherine The Grape) and medium beigey nudes like OPI Tickle My France-y and Who Needs A Prince.

    I hope this helps :D


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