Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Awesome Promotion from Zoya! Free Downtown or Uptown Sampler with purchase!

So, you all know by now how much I LOVE Zoya's Downtown collection, right? Well, Zoya loves it too and they want you to have it for free!

Zoya is offering an exciting two-part promo only for my readers!

If you've had your eye on the new Zoya Fall Collections - Pulse and Vibe- here's your chance to get an awesome deal when you order them.

If you order a Pulse collection sampler, you'll get a Downtown collection sampler for FREE!

If metallics and shimmery colors aren't your thing, you can order the Vibe collection and get the Uptown collection free!

Or, if you're like me and love it all, you can order Pulse and Vibe and get BOTH the Downtown and Uptown collections for free!

How sweet is that? All you have to do is add the Pulse and/or Vibe to your cart and use code SCRANGIELUV in the promo code field.

All of these collections are perfect for fall. You get the rich vampy goodness of Pulse and Vibe, the edgy uniqueness of Downtown, and the chic sophisticated colors of Uptown. A lot of variety, and that's definitely a good thing.

Here are the official details:

Exclusive ZOYA OFFER

for Scrangie readers only!

Purchase a Zoya Pulse Sampler (6 - 0.5 oz bottles)

get a Zoya Downtown Sampler (6 - 0.5 oz bottles) FREE!

Purchase a Zoya Vibe Sampler (6 - 0.5 oz bottles)…

get a Zoya Uptown Sampler (6 - 0.5 oz bottles) FREE!

Get one or both – you decide.

Free items will automatically be added to your order based on your selections.


Limit one free uptown and downtown per order.

Offer expires 5PM (EST) Friday, August 22nd.

Offer not valid in conjunction with other discounts

Special thanks to Zoya for this awesome promo!


  1. Holy crap home rock.



  2. A special promo for *your* readers?! That's so rad! ;) I'm going to pick up the cremes because I already have the others.

    Thank you!

  3. Gah, now I'm even more sad that Zoya doesn't ship outside the US :(

  4. I so want this! But Zoya doesn't ship to Canada, urgh!! >:(

  5. You got me :(. I just spent more money on nail polish. I ordered both collections. By the way, this is the first time I am ordering from Zoya. Where (what state) are they shipping from and how long does it take, do you know? I wonder if they will give me a shipping number.

  6. Deborah, thank you!! :D

    Fauxfun, how awesome is that?? I'm *so* excited! :D

    Emelie, awww I'm sorry :( I need to find something special for my European readers!

    Karman, oh no! You could always do what some people do and ship it to someone in the US and then have them ship it to you. Don't know if that would end up costing more, though!

    Hallie, it's a really good deal! Zoya ships from Ohio and they usually ship same day or next day. Once it's shipped (and don't worry, they'll send a tracking number!) it only takes two days to get to me :)

  7. What a great deal! I have been eyeing that Pulse collection and this free Suvi and others are sending me over the edge.

    Also, Zoya ships UPS from Ohio and does send a tracking number once the order is processed. You don't have to be home, they'll leave the package.

  8. i'm with emelie. Sad, sad, sad that they don't ship international.

  9. Yeah they usually just leave the package on your front porch, but I am moving to my university apartment in 3 days. Surely they won't leave a package in front of your apt door?!

  10. i forgot to ask: where do you buy elizabeth arden nail polish nowadays? i found a website that sells very few of the brand nail lacquer for $4 each but it was only a few.

  11. GAAH! What about us in Sweden? I'm so sad about this offer ony valid for US... (at the same time happy for all US readers). Can you fix something for us sweet Scrangie? (Or Zoya crew if you read this!)

    Btw I got my first Nfu-Oh's, they are beyond gorgeous! Beyond!!!

  12. As for EA polish this is interesting

  13. Thanks Scrangie! You're such a good enabler! :D

  14. I wonder if there are collections that contain Nora, Trixie and Maya.....

    Would be lovely if they allowed you to mix and match the "minnies"

    OMG Id be in heaven

    These collections for $36 are miniatures, no?

  15. I don't think they are miniatures since they are .5 fl oz. That's a typical OPI bottle.

  16. No, the samplers are full sizes.

    Scrangie - thanks for the suggestion, but yeah, it wouldn't be worth it if I do it that way!

  17. yes, that is right- that is the size of an OPI bottle....ohhhh I didnt know they were full size....

    I think I have to buy them now....

    someone save me from myself...I have spent an exorbitant amount of money on nail color the last few weeks.....

  18. oh. no i just bought the pulse collection a couple days ago. (hitting myself on the head). What to do? I also love the downtown collection. Should I buy another pulse collection? I will have an extra pulse.

  19. and other sites (the one I used was Beauty of a Site) will ship Zoya to Canada. Of course that means we can't benefit from the offer, but you can buy the Zoya collections that aren't sold in retail here. I have never seen Downtown in Trade Secrets here in Toronto, so I ordered online.

    Scrangie, thanks again for being you and helping us to benefit from your awesomeness!

  20. Dramaqueenie2, Isn't it awesome? If I didn't already have all of these I'd be ordering polish like a madwoman! :D

    Sminkjante, it is sad! I'm looking for something for Europeans, I hope I can find something good!

    Hallie, oh, I don't think they'd leave it out in the open like that... I hope not at least! Sometimes UPS is really good- my guy always puts my packages in plastic bags when it looks like it's going to rain! As for Elizabeth Arden, I'm not sure where they're available anymore besides Ulta's clearance racks :(

    Rocketqueen, I'm on the lookout for something, I hope there's a company out there who will do something cool for all the lovely non-US readers! And I just saw your Nfu picture... OMG!!!!! AMAZING!!! I just love your swatches (and FOTD!!), Rocketqueen :)

    Anonymous, interesting! Thank you!

    Lauren, awww I try :D

    Deborah, oh, I'm not sure! These are full size! :D I know that they normally have really good gifts-with-purchase when you order without a code, you should check out their special offers :)

    Karman, ah, it was worth a try! I wish it wasn't so complicated, and that the codes worked for everyone :( Maybe someday!

    Deborah, hehehe join the club! :D I hauled this week too :)

    Anonymous, well, you're getting a whole set for free, and I'm sure you'll be able to trade away the polishes you don't like... Or have backups! :D

    Melli, THANK YOU! I really appreciate your insight, thank you so much for helping out my Canadian buddies :D You rock!!

  21. Darn it -- I bought Downtown about a month ago, and just bought the 5 Pulse ones I wanted this past week. My timing is always so bad...

    That really is a cool offer, though!

  22. scrangie would you happen to know where i could buy some opi colors that are considered discontinued, if discontinued at all. i like edcuadorable or something like that from the south american/classics collection but at 8ty8beauty and trans design and head2toe, none of them have it, among many other opi colors. where would you get those "rare" polishes? i dont want to go on ebay because they can be ridiculously expensive, like $14.

  23. Oh man.. I bought the pulse collection again so i can get the downtown for free. Thanks Scrangie, for your awesome swatches. I think having a backup will be nice, especially I LOVE the pulse collection (based on your pictures). I should get my first set of pulse collection soon. Hope I will like them IRL as much as your pics. Better be I got 2 set coming! LOL

  24. Hey, Scrangie - don't forget your friends in Australia if you manage any deals for the Europeans! Aussies need love (and nail colour), too #:) Especially as Zoya is much more expensive here than in the US...

  25. it is very hard to live in germany since i am a nail polish junkie. *g*

    but it is cool to see such great offers are possible generally (crying since typing ;) ).

  26. Aeryss,

    Hi! I lived in Germany for a few years. What I do remember is that you do have great beauty supply/pharmacy type stores. Lots of different types of make-up, perfumes, hairproducts, etc. I used to love to browse through them.

    What brands are popular there for nail products?

  27. Penemuel, ah, I guess you can't win them all :D But at least you're already enjoying your hot new polishes! :D

    Hallie, your best bet is to go into old nail salons and beauty supply stores and ask to look at the polish. Often they will have lots of old discontinued polish. Other than that, eBay is the only place I can think of XD

    Anonymous, fantastic! I do think you'll really like them, I love mine :D

    Nixxy78, oh of course! Hmm, I wonder, what are some big brands in Australia? I'll have to take a good look. I love my Aussies too! <3 (and everyone for that matter :D )

    Aeryss, awww, I'm sorry! I would trade with you- I go to Germany and you get nail polish! :D

  28. *g* ok ok i will stop whining, i wouldnt really change the country, just the town ;D

    in the bigger citys, we have big shopping temples to. but not all that american brands sadly (i have heard about some citys who have China Glaze! woha).
    i will need to do a little shopping trip and go to a big department store to see what i can find.

    (deborah - where have you been in germany?
    i don't really know wich brands are popular here, i am new in the nail-bussiness *g* dior, chanel, MAC is what is in my mind (and the cheap drugstore brands like Manhatten, P2 and such stuff))

  29. Scrangie~you and your blog are AWESOME, so the code matches you!!!! Congrats again!!!

  30. Aeryss,
    Well, I have been all over Germany, but I lived in Kaiserslautern and worked in Pirmasens....

  31. Oh my stars and garters! I'm so stoked! I just placed my order and cannot wait to try out my new polishes (this was just that extra nudge I needed to make my first Zoya order!) Thank you!

  32. SiennaX, thank you so much, you are sooooo sweet!! :D <3

    Deborah, ooh are you military?

    Megan, fabulous! I really, really love Zoya polishes and I think you will too :D

  33. Oh you really are the best, Scrangie! Thanks!!

  34. Just got my first batch of Zoya. Some of them were lovely...and some I wasnt to crazy about, so I am going to return them.

    Joy and Annie, are going back- I have to say I just wasnt too fond of them. Casey Im keeping- my first thought was that I didnt like it, but I think its growing on me, I think its one that if I return it, I will regret it.

    I love Akyra, Elodie, Sparkle Topcoat, Asia and Sam.

    Asia and Sam are going back too though because I just realized they are in the sampler I I figure, if I return them, I can get some different colors instead!

    Does anyone have any suggestions for Zoya "must have" colors? Id love to hear what you ladies suggest...and Id really appreciate some opinions!!!

  35. Hi there, I've nominated you on my blog, hug!

  36. Rocketqueen, awww thanks :D <3

    Deborah, wonderful!! :D (My best friend is Air Force, she makes me so proud!)

    I think I love all the colors you mentioned, even the ones you're returning :D Well, I'm not that crazy about Asia, but I really don't do reds often.

    My must have Zoya color: Yasmeen. Love this color to death. Other awesome ones: Anastasia, Ki, Trixie, Roxy, Kylie2, Gabrielle, Vivi, Hope, Pasha, hmmm, too many to name :D

    Badbomben, awwwwwweeee!!!! :D Thank you!!! <3

  37. Thanks Scrangie for the color suggestions.

    Wow- your bf is military too-how interesting. Is she a nail polish lover too?

    Funny- Air Force women have alot more leeway with their makeup and nailpolish. I have to be very careful about what I wear to work on my nails!!!! (But they cant see my toes can they? HA!)

  38. Deborah, she's not really into nail polish, she's one of those girls who are so pretty without makeup that you're always secretly jealous of them :D If I could look that good without makeup... *sigh* hehehe :D

  39. Well Im looking at replacements, sheesh its so hard to tell the colors online!

    Im looking at:
    Sophie, Manon, Marcella, Kylie 2, Kate and Uma.

    Sophie, Marcella and Kate seem to be mauvey- terra cotta- pink brownie....I wonder if they are too similar?

    Are you familiar with any of those? (besides Kylie?)

  40. Is Kylie 2 very close to Elodie?

  41. Oh gosh, those top two arent ANONYMOUS- they are me, forgot to enter my name. Sorry

  42. Deborah, hmm, I don't have any of those! I thought I had Manon, but I went looking for it and couldn't find it. I do know that Kylie 2 is pretty close to Elodie- same color but maybe one or two notches darker :)

  43. Thanks!

    Well, the good thing is that they have a seemingly good returns system....

  44. One day- you should do a reader poll...

    Everyone names their ONE favorite of all time...

    Wonder what would come up.

    Oh gosh- it would probably just make me shop more...when I saw them lol...

  45. Scrangie, I received my first batch of zoya pulse today (I was the one who ordered another pulse to get downtown for free)...and I LOVE it. The application just so dreamy. To tell you the truth I like the application much more than OPI France collection. Don't get me wrong OPI colors are beautiful but I think Zoya application just beat them all (one coat and it;s almost perfect) and the colors are as pretty as OPI's. I think from now on I am a ZOYA converter. Zoya should thank you, Scrangie...I ordered my first Zoya because of your awesome swatches. Love your blog and Zoya.

  46. I bought the Pulse collection(Thank you scrangie for the free Downtowns!). I also picked up Angelina since it is my namesake. haha. This was just the push I needed to try Zoya. I can't wait ,especially for Sloane - I have been drooling over it since you first posted your swatches.

    Thank you so much!

  47. Just got my two Zoya samplers and the two freebies. They are beautiful! Cant wait to try them all.

    The only complaint I would have about Zoya collections is that within the collections, sometimes there is no variety....example why do you have to have 3-4 reds or purples that are just a few tones difference from one another? Spice it up....put a little variety within each set!

    But overall....gorgeous....

  48. Deborah, that's an awesome idea! I wonder how I could set that up... I'd love to do that!!

    Anonymous, thank you! :D I really love Zoya's formula too, and the brushes, and the bottles, and the colors! hehehe :D I'm glad you were able to try them, I love Zoya! :)

    Angel, you're welcome! I'm happy you were able to get some free polish :) I love Angelina- it's a gorgeous color!

    Deborah, sometimes I feel the same way, like all those red cremes- Alix, Asia, Dakota, all so similar! But they are still wonderful when you put them on :)

  49. Well I just put on Nina. Ummmm THICK! But very pretty.

    Scrangie, how do you get your nails so absolutely neat and tidy? Do you use one of those "cleaner up-er" pen thingy's?

  50. Deborah, Nina was a little thick for me too, but not impossible! If it's really bad you can always add a little thinner (Seche Restore is my favorite).

    Thank you! I don't use one of those pens- I like to prevent the mess :) I stop polishing a few millimeters before my cuticle and I make sure that there isn't too much polish in my brush so it doesn't drip or run 'outside the lines' :D


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