Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nine New OPI Designer Series Shades!

I'm a huge fan of the OPI Designer Series polishes, and I just saw a huge ad for the new shades! WOOHOO!!

They are:

Coronation: Silvery platinum crowned with diamond dazzle.

Extravagance: Glittering, glamourous magenta.

Reserve: A shimmer of vintage pink.

Opulence: Magnificent mauve drenched in diamonds.

Tapestry: Dazzling deep rose.

Reflection: Rich, glowing ruby.

Classic: An elegant shimmer of golden beige.

Limited: Glistening, glimmering warm peach.

Illuminate: A brilliant sparkle of rich, burnished gold.

I don't have a scanner, so I'll have to look for some pics of these to post. From the picture, none of them look that interesting, but that seemed to be the case with the rest of the Designer Series polishes also. I'll have to wait until I see these in person to pass judgment. I can't wait. You can never have enough holo!

I hate the names of these. I can't tell them apart! Half of these already sound like existing DS colors, but I can never remember the names of them to tell if they are new or old. *sigh* Confusing!

This ad also featured close-up bottle pics of OPI Holiday In Toyland and there appear to be some GLITTERS! It seems like Glamour Game and Brand New Skates are fine glitters, and Baby It's "Coal" Outside! and Play 'Til Midnight look pretty sparkly as well. A Ruby for Rudolph and Don't Toy With Me look pretty sparkly, but maybe it's just these pictures? The texture of the polish in the bottles reminds me of the old OPI Glitter Topcoats, but I won't know for sure until I see them in person.



  1. Hi Scrangie, I can't wait to see your pics!

    Where do you buy OPI Designer Series from?

    Every store near me only seems to carry regular OPI?!?!?

    Thanks for the help!

  2. Oooh, the OPI site has pics of the bottles, and some of them look pretty. I like the idea of a deeply red or magenta holo!

    beautylover, I see them at Ulta and at a large local beauty chain - HTH at least give you some ideas where to look!

  3. Thanks Jennifer for the suggestion! Sadly I don't have an Ulta near me and Sephora doesn't carry these. I hate how Sephora does not carry OPI online. Target and Walmart have the regular OPI. Would Sally Beauty carry these? Any other suggestions for where I can get these?

  4. *** oops I meant I hate how Ulta doesn't carry OPI nail polish online!

  5. Trade Secret also sells OPI Designer Series. I'm looking forward to these new DS polishes, the other ones have been around for a while.

  6. I saw them all in a nail supplies store ($6.50), and bleh - not getting any.

    They are not holos. Just ol' good shimma with a hint of holo.

  7. I am a huge fan of the Designer Series, so your post has made my day! Can't wait to see them!

  8. Here! Crappy pics but they'll have to do!

    I'm only excited about the platinum one...whatever it is. As for the Toyland collection...I can't wait for the midnight blue and the charcoal shimmer!

  9. woho! Sounds exciting:D
    I hope there is an awesome red holo in there! *crossed fingers*

  10. *Homer Simpson Voice* Hmmmm, pumpkin butter juicie.....
    Not at all excited for the new DS shades, but can't wait to see the holiday colours.
    Scrangie - have you smelt the new Jessica Simpson perfume yet? I'm relying on living vicariously through you!

  11. It would be great to see some real life pics, at least close to real life. it's really hard to tell them apart from the promo pics. I'm super excited too, or was.. I think i'm getting the first 4 in the list, the cool shades. I have a fear they wont be larger than life COS THEY SHOULD BE. THEY ARE OPI DS!!!! lol. we should work for opi, what do they really know.

  12. More red DS's - Yay!! I can't wait for these and the Toyland collection. Can't wait to see pics of these collections :)

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  14. I saw these in a dusty last week and not knowing if it was a new or old collection, I just tested "DS coronation" on one finger and figured I would do research online.

    It looks just like "Paris Couture for Sure" from what I can tell in nailgal photos. (Granted, I don't have PCFS, but I study the nailgal pictures like my grade depends on it.)

    It has the smooth holographic foil shards of China Glaze's Kaleidoscopes, but in a much smaller glitter piece and a denser concentration in a clear base.

    Now that I know what I found, I'm going back to buy at least 2, maybe 3.

    The magenta one was unique among the bunch, and despite what others have commented, was also a holo.

  15. Sorry about the above post removal. Didn't mean to choose a blogger identity when I am not one. Yet.

  16. This sounds very interesting! I am all ears for more news! And eyes, of course, not to mentions nails.

  17. SALLY (THE STORE) IS COMINING TO NIAGARA CANADA!!!! WOOOO IN ST.CATHERINES SOOOON :o) other then lots of CG (so ive heard) what other NP lines do they carry ??

  18. Oh, *brilliant*. I've loved every DS I've owned - can't wait to play with the new ones!

  19. Beautylover, I get mine in-store from Ulta, Trade Secret or some salons, and online from or :)

    Jennifer, oh, thank you! I'll have to see if I can link or post them here :)

    Azucar, I have seen them there too, thank you for your help :)

    Masa_inn, oh noooooo say it isn't true!!! *sigh* Well, maybe the shimmer is just as nice... *hopeful*

    Kimmy, yay, thank you! I can't wait to see them also, I'm excited!!

    Karman, THANKS!! I need to check these out in person now :D

    Sanna, that would be great!! :D

    Kittylamour, I haven't seen it in any stores lately, but there was a scent strip in Allure that I sniffed! I liked it- it was slightly fruity, a little floral and caramelly. I'll have to wait until I smell the real thing to decide for sure though :)

    MizzX, lol exactly! HIRE ME, OPI!!! :D

    HotPinkHeels, I'm so excited to see these too, I can't wait to do swatches!

    Wixbetty, wow, thank you for that!! PCFS is one of my favorite polishes of all time (I even wore it on my wedding day!) I can't wait to see these!!

    Sminkan, :D I'll be sure to report as soon as I have these little beauties :)

    Danielle, YAY!!!! Sally has Finger Paints, which is an awesome brand of polish!! They also have Savvy, Nina, Sally Girl and something else that I can't remember... But YAY!! You can also get a Sally card for a discount on stuff :)

    Liz, me too! I'm so excited!!

  20. im so excited!!! :o) i will have to try FPs... and how much is the discount card??

  21. Danielle, yes you must try them, they are awesome! And the card... oh, I can't remember! It was pretty cheap, you pay for a membership by the year. I think it was somewhere around $5 or $10, but someone correct me if I'm wrong!


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