Sunday, August 10, 2008

Comparison: Dior Gold Nugget and China Glaze Prize Winning Mare

When grabbed my bottle of Prize Winning Mare and started applying it, the first thing I thought was, "This reminds me of Dior Gold Nugget!"

And I was sort of right, but not 100%. They are very similar in texture, similar in color, but they are distinctly different. Observe:

Pinkie and ring finger are Gold Nugget. Middle and index finger are Prize Winning Mare. Thumb is Prize Winning Mare and Gold Nugget side by side.

Gold Nugget is definitely brighter and more metallic. Both colors seem to have the same multi-colored microsparkle thing going on, but they're not as similar as I first thought they were.

Prize Winning Mare is Gold Nugget's less flashy, more antique looking older sister. Looking perhaps like she's tarnished a little with age- maybe it's the Future Gold Nugget after too many years of hard partying and late nights. Still very pretty and glimmering, but more subdued, a little more dull, a bit more mature- Gold Nugget post-rehab. Like Lindsay Lohan, without the ability to eat your arms. (Kidding, kidding! I think.)


  1. what nail polish remover do you use? or do you know of any kind/brand that is really good at removing nail polish? i can't stand the removers sold in a generic store; they don't work too well.

  2. Hallie, my favorite nail polish remover is Cutex Original. It's the fastest at removing nail polish, and it's pretty gentle on the nails.

    I also love Zoya Remove+. It doesn't work quite as fast as Cutex, but it's super gentle and smells really good (sort of like lavender).

  3. Thanks for the swatches, have outdone yourself with the thumb comparison...a fabulous idea and perfect when you are testing possible dupes!

    I hope I speak for everyone reading when I say you are hands down the best nail polish blogger!! Keep up the great work!

  4. Mellie, wow, I don't know what to say! Thank you soooooo much!! :D
    I love nail polish and I love my readers, it means so much to me to hear that!! <3

  5. LOL. i love ur blog! u have some of the most awesome swatches and its interesting to read; im finding myself cominr ur ur blog more often for more! :D keep up the great wk

  6. scrangie!!! thank you for doing my request ... you are very awesome!!! ((hugss)) I guess I'll have to get Gold Nugget then :P

  7. Well, I am happy I ordered Prize Winning Mare. I like Gold Nugget too, but PWM is more "me". Not that I am mature, but I am old and tarnished... ;D

  8. That last paragraph is hysterical!

    I have never really took notice of tarnished gold colors, but I must say, I'm really digging them.

    Unfortunately (sorta) I am unable to shell out for any more nail polish because I just ordered three RBL polishes today. Purple Haze (which I have been lemming FOREVER), Recycle (my first green polish!), and Bikini Bottom (which looks like a Fender strat from the 50s!). I can't wait for them to arrive. What kind of base coat do you use with RBL (I don't need ridge filling, but I guess it can't hurt. Lol)? I have heard that RBLs apply better with some basecoats as opposed to others.

    Thanks! Love your swatches (even though they cause many lemmings) :)

  9. wish i could afford dior :( but thisswatch just reminded me....since my NEW nail polish craze i have not bought anysort of "store brand" polishes (only OPI and ESSIE so far) i dont hear you talk about them except sally ... are they horrible?? like the cheap opnes?? perhaps say...revlon? they just came out with the nicest little selection of four fall colours (brioght red, sheer gold, deep chocolate brown and black...but with blue shimmer? hpow random to me?) and as i was looking for the perfect top i bought sally's "diamonds" ... but i bought the gold revlon colour called "gold get 'em" ... any thoughts before i apply them?!?!
    keep up the AMAZING fun work. Stay fab <3

  10. and by the way.. i went to shoppers and asked about remover (just adding to hailys Q) you wouldnt believe it but i bought one of those 5 $ jars that you stick your nail in to remove the polish by "Life" brand...its the BESTBESTBEST nail polish remover i have EVER had....2-3 dips and its ALL gone....apparent ALL of life brands things are guarenteed with money back!! who new?!

  11. Oh, they very similar in texture- like fraternal twins:) one with more gold and one with more silver.

  12. Ocelot1, awww, thank you! :D

    Andromeda, you are very welcome :D I think you'll really like Gold Nugget. It's special :)

    Sminkan, lol you certainly don't look old and tarnished to me! ;-)

    Grace, you picked great colors! I think you will absolutely love all of them. As for base coat, I use Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator lately and don't have any problems with RBL. In the past I have used Nailtek Foundation II and OPI Nail Envy successfully! :)

    Danielle, most drugstore polishes are pretty good- I think Rimmel is the best, and Sally Hansen is nice too. I have trouble with Revlon- the colors are nice but they bubble a lot! I just don't buy as many store brand polishes, they don't usually have the colors I like or they cost almost as much as OPI or China Glaze :)
    As for the nail painting, it just takes patience and practice- the important thing is not to rush, because I always make mistakes when I rush!
    I'm happy you found a remover that works for you! I used to love the ones in the jars, but since I change colors 50 times a day they got dirty too fast, lol ;-)

    Sanna, that's a perfect way to describe it! You're right! :D

  13. thanks :) glad i bought sally...hopefully not too many problems with this gold..its beautiful..and i feel you on the dirtiness...what a shame it works so well :(!

  14. LOL @ GN partying too hard.

  15. Lol @ Sminkan!

    I think that the Mare looks just like an icelandic horse's fluffy fur! Love it!

  16. Danielle, I don't think you'll have any problems with it! It's pretty good polish!

    Stephanie, lol the best description I could come up with XD

    Rocketqueen, that is a beautiful way to describe it, I love it!!

  17. I remember you warning me to watch out for La Lohan, "eating off my arms," as I was headed down to The Robertson Chanel. (So nice of you!)It was the first time I'd heard she could do that. But yeah, I admit ChG PWM does look a bit like it's been out late too many nights, Like LiLo. Spooky. Dead on right. You have magic powers Scrang! -L8B

  18. I totally thought...Dior Gold Nugget and Prize Winning Mare. Thanks so much for this comparison. :) I like my Dior one more..

  19. Just wanted to give a possible idea to those who can't afford the Dior "Gold Nugget" (like myself). I purchased some Milani Gold Lamé (which was /way/ orangey) and added some Wet 'n Wild "Buffy The Violet Slayer" until it reached the hue that I was looking for. Can't do a side by side, but from the images I've found online, I've made a pretty decent "franken-dupe" for Gold Nugget, though perhaps a tad darker. *does a jig*


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