Friday, August 15, 2008

Reader Requests!

Well, it's midnight and I can't sleep, so what better thing to do than to catch up on some awesome reader requests?

Here we go!

For Alison:

One coat of OPI Alpine Snow for tips and one coat of OPI Bubble Bath for the main color. A teeny bit streaky, but you can hardly tell, right? Both of these dry really quickly. This is a very easy look to do!

For Grace:

Thumb to pinkie: Zoya Snow White (3 coats), Rescue Beauty Lounge Underwear (one coat), OPI Alpine Snow (2 coats) , Essie Marshmallow (3 coats), Essie Moon Struck (3 coats). All of them are fairly bright. The brightest is Underwear, followed by Alpine Snow, then Snow White and the least bright are Moon Struck and Marshmallow. Moon Struck almost has a greyish cast to it, and Marshmallow is a nice, soft, squishy 'jelly' white.

Here's one coat of Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom over those whites in the same order.
I really like how it looks over Marshmallow. The translucent look of Marshmallow gives Bikini Bottom a watery quality that's really pretty.

Here's Rescue Beauty Lounge Square Pants over the same whites. So soft and lovely! Man, these colors make my hands look like lobster claws or something... Do they look bright red to you?? Freaky.

Here's a shared request- a few different people were asking for these so I decided to do them all at once!

Thumb to pinkie: OPI Parlez-Vous OPI?, Sephora By OPI Don't Go There, Sephora By OPI Domestic Goddess, Rescue Beauty Lounge Purple Haze, OPI Do You Lilac It?

Why do my purples always photograph so BLUE? Well, imagine that these colors look the same, only, uh, purpler. Purpler. I think I like that.

Thumb to pinkie: OPI You Don't Know Jacques, Sephora By OPI Metro Chic, Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge, OPI Parlez-Vous OPI, Sephora By OPI Call Your Mother.

OMG. I think this could be my favorite mani of all time!! These colors look like they were made to go together. It reminds me of river rocks or something... I am going to wear my nails like this tomorrow!

Currently in the works: OPI Creme de la Kremlin, Silent Mauvie, China Glaze OMG and Kaleidoscope, "car paint" polishes, Konad tutorial, Half-Moon Mani, Red Stallion and Bitches Brew dupes, Rodeo Diva and Downtown comparisons, duochrome mania, Nubar Moodies, China Glaze In The Mood, New York Summer and Sally Hansen Nail Prisms and my favorite polishes.

If you don't see your request in that list, please let me know! And if you have a request, by all means, drop me a line or leave a comment!


  1. wow scrangie...thank you so much for caring about my requests!! :)
    i had a bad neck injury last yr (broke in car acc) and i hurt my neck bad tosay i think i spent more tim eiwht u then n e one else!! lol!

  2. Hi!
    I tried to email my request to you, but for some reason it wouldn´t I try here instead:-)
    I am in love with three colors that I´ve found on but they all look kinda similar. I live in Norway where they don´t even sell any of the brands you nailbloggers swatch.... Could you please do a side by side comparison so I could see the colors "in person" and that way help save me some money? :-)
    The colors are Parlez vous opi, ChG Channelesque and ChG Who´s wearing what.
    You have a great blog Scrangie, and it is a great help and inspiration to me. A polish lover, stuck in a land with only Maybelline, Loreal, Nivea and Max Factor polishes to choose from:-(
    Thank goodness for the internet!!
    Kind regards M.

  3. Wow I have added Bikini bottom to my list of Must Have Or Will Die. In fact, my BF thinks I might die from the nail polish fumes and says I'm a junkie. You never heard of anyone dying tho, right? Right?.. :\

    Anyway, as someone else said, you're totally a swatching machine!! You bring joy (and despair!) to my life :) You per chance know of any more accessible to Europeans dupe to Bikini bottoms?..

  4. Wow, you're gonna be busy!! Dont forget to sleep! ;-)

    I can't wait for the Nail Prism swatches. I only have Burgundy Orchid but over Liquid Leather it's to die for <3.

    I'd sell my soul for Turquiose Opal, been searching forver but can't find it anywhere :-(

  5. You know, I really don't like grey in general, but I love those greys! I think I need to get at least one... Your blog is so bad for my wallet :D

  6. As far as your purples looking blue, try changing the "White Balance" setting on your camera from "AUTO" to a manual setting. Depending on where you shoot. Outside? Choose "Outdoors". Inside? Try "indoors" or "Florescent". The way a camera handles White Light can strongly affect how colors are reproduced. All digital cameras should have these options in "manual" mode in the "menu". Hope this helps and keep up the AMAZING work!

  7. Wow - I'm always amazed when you do a French mani simply because your nails always look so pink underneath the sheer polish. What do you use to prevent yellowing? (Mine shows through most pink sheers, sadly.)

  8. Hi! My name is Sigrun, I haven't commented before but I do read this blog a lot. Thanks for all your efforts Scrangie, I love seeing those swatches :)

    I have a request, I'd really like to see the China Glaze "Passion in the pacific"!


  9. Holy cow, this last one is stunning, I even chocked up on my coffee :)

    Do you do french mani free-hand?

  10. im actually really exc. about the car polish request!! never even heard of that! and scrange...plz feel free if you do not have time to just let me know which ones are best (from my request) and hust what you think abour nubar n stuff...dont stress over my request pls!
    and Carla G... i feel so bad! i just found my 6 yr old bottle of turq. opal and i wanna share it!! lol your right..over black it is stunning! i have only that one though :( they seem to have random ones on e bay for cheap so just keep your eye out!! (they dont have turq opal right niow i checked for you!! but ill keep an eye out...its so beautiful i would want you to miss out on such a chance :)

  11. You're amazing! Seriously!
    I can wait for my bottle of parlez-vous OPI? Is so HOT!

  12. Thankyou so much for doing that for me, you're a star. It looks beautiful exactly the finish I was looking for.

    Many thanks it is much appreciated!

  13. Those purples look nothing like Purple Haze! They're all so pretty though...I feel like I need all of 'em.

    I can't believe that you used only one coat of Bikini Bottom over those whites! BB is so sheer on it's own. I have to pick up Marshmallow now, they look so great together.

    Many thanks for the swatches, you're fab!

  14. Also, it's crazy how different Square Pants looks over each white. Wow.

  15. hi - i just wanted to leave you a little comment, because i am a newly nail polish addict and i love your blog sooo much. it's the perfect ressource to find out, what i need to buy in the future to get a little collection on my own. :D

    greets from germany, aeryss

  16. I am so loving those muted purples! Nice set, I love that you're wearing them as a mani!

  17. Great pics!! Loved the comparison of the whites...and WOW one coat and it's bright white like that?? That's amazing!

    I see my requests in the list!! Thanks Scrangie!

  18. wheeee!! Thanks, Scrangie! =) I didn't realize how pale Grunge was until you posted this. You're right -- that color combo totally looks like river rocks. It's beautiful.

    It looks like I'm gonna have to pick up Essie's Marshmallow. (I can't believe I don't own it, hahahah. It's such a classic staple~) I wish RBL did a jelly white, but all the ones I've seen are more bone than white... Boo! Either way, thankee, dear!!

  19. wooo...more newbs like me!!!! your deff in the right place aeryss!!! scrangie IS the BEST!!

  20. Love those swatches!

    I'd actually really like to see Lippmann Lady is A Tramp compared to Essie Tomboy No More! =D

  21. where do you buy your sephora by opi colors? from the store or online at some etailer store?

  22. Scrangie!
    You have amazing swatches.
    I think I'm going to have to go buy at least 10 polishes...your pictures have me convinced. I don't even care if they look good with my skin tone or not!

  23. also, did you do free-hand french tip or did you use stickers?

  24. Beautiful colors! These swatches are making me drool! Could you please do a swatch of Rescue Beauty Lounge's Starfish-Patrick? Thanks!

  25. Ooo Scrangie! I love your french manicure!

  26. scrangie...thanks for the great swatches!
    i have another request for you,
    can you swatch essie's starry starry night? and by any chance, do you know where you can get that, other than ebay? thankss~

  27. Danielle, oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that, I hope you're feeling better soon! I love your requests :)

    Micha, thank you so much!! I'll definitely do that request for you :)

    Lina-Elvira, lol thank you! No, I don't think you can die from nail polish unless you eat it! ;-) I'm not sure if I know of any dupes to Bikini Bottom, but I'll do some research and see what colors come close!

    Carla G., lol I have really bad insomnia! I love the nail prisms and was lucky to pick up the ones I have from the clearance bin at Ulta a long time ago!

    Penemuel, hehehe that's what I'm here for! Greys are surprisingly pretty, you should try one at least once :D

    Ron, thank you!! I will try that, hopefully I can improve my photo quality!

    Liz, oh my nails are soooo yellow. Perpetually stained! It's mostly evident on the tips, so the Alpine Snow covers it pretty well. The Bubble Bath seemed to actually counteract the yellow when I applied it... Strange! Otherwise, I use Color Club Milky White French Manicure Base Coat, or Seche ridgefiller which is sort of white. :D

    Hi Sigrun, welcome! I will definitely post that picture for you, it's a very lovely color! By the way, are you Icelandic? :D

    Masa_inn, uh oh no choking!! :D Yes, I do my french manis freehand. I just follow the natural curve of my nail tip and it seems to come out fairly well, if not a little lopsided.

    Danielle, yes car paint sounds very cool! I'm researching car paint colors from that era, this could be very, very interesting!

    Sanna, awwww thank you sweetheart! :D

    Alison, you are very welcome! Thanks for the great request! :D

    Grace, they're all sooooo lovely. I love every single one of them! And the Rescue Beauty Lounge ones are fantastic!

    Aeryss, vielen dank! Es freut mich sehr das zu hören. :D Bis bald :)

    Linnea, aren't they fab? I am in LOVE!!

    Karman, it's the best white I've ever used :) Thank you! Hopefully I'll have all the pics done shortly :D

    Stella, you're welcome! I think Marshmallow is a must-have white. It's much softer than any other white out there, more natural looking and very pretty!

    Danielle, awwwwwwe :D

    Outspokenwallflower, you got it! :D

    Hallie, I got mine on, I haven't seen them in store at Sephora yet, and I haven't seen them anywhere else... Hopefully they improve the formula a little, the colors are so nice!

    Susie, thank you!!! Sometimes finding what looks good in you is trial and error- you never know what might look awesome until you try :)

    Hallie, free hand :D I've tried the stickers, I make a mess with them =X

    Anonymous, sure thing! That's the next color on my wishlist :D

    Lydia, thank you!! :)

    Tiffany S., thanks!! Yes, I can do that! I believe Essie's website has it available right now under "limited edition sets", but it costs a couple dollars more than retail.

  28. Yeah, I also have a hard time photographing purples. Boo to that.

    I really like your taupe comparison... totally lemming those colors right now, even though I own all of them! Will have to try this river rock thing for myself. :)

  29. Ladyslatternly, do it!! :) I love this look, I think I'm going to try it out with other color families, too! :D

  30. those swatch of taupes are TDF!

  31. Hi there!

    Do you know if there is a great difference in color between rbl black russion and china glaze lubu heels?

    they seem so similar...

  32. Steph, thanks!! :D And Grunge is awesome, I think everyone should try a color like it at least once!

    Deborah, they're pretty much the same, but the glitter in Lubu Heels is bigger and chunkier, and the glitter in Black Russian is small and more sparse :D

  33. these are so subtle and elegant - even the collection on one hand works! super super beautiful

  34. actually I was referring to the last one - yes, like river rocks. I love the purply greys. so gorgeous and chic.

  35. Deepo, thank you! I thought so too :)

  36. Hahaha they do make your hands look like lobster claws. =) I looove Bikini Bottom and Square Pants, I just hate the price of RBL! I don't know how long that will last though...


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