Friday, September 2, 2011

PAPERSELF Eyelashes!

I was browsing Sephora's website last week looking for new fall things when I spotted these. Paperself paper eyelashes. You may recall me freaking out on Twitter about them. Seriously... these are the coolest lashes EVER. No, I haven't actually tried them, so I can't actually review them, but PAPERSELF was kind enough to share some hi-res images with me so please, take a look!

The lashes come in several styles and each style seems to have both a large and a small size set of lashes.






Here's what the designs look like on these lovely models (click any picture to enlarge it):

Model wearing PAPAERSELF Deer and Butterfly

Models wearing PAPERSELF Under The Sea

Model wearing PAPERSELF Peach Blossom

Model wearing PAPERSELF Peonies

Model wearing PAPERSELF Clown

Model wearing PAPERSELF Horses

Model wearing PAPERSELF Peacock

These are fairly pricey at $19 a pair, but they're truly a unique product. I've never seen lashes like these. Sephora now carries six of the styles here. Like I said, I haven't tried these for myself yet, but if and when I do, I'll be sure to do a full review!

For now, I'm drooling over the pictures. Deer and Butterfly and Under The Sea are pretty much the greatest lashes I've ever seen in my entire life.


  1. I'm forwarding this to my makeup skilled friend because these are gorgeous and I want to look at pretty things!

  2. im so excited for them!!! i talked to them at the makeup show last year. i bought two pair and haven't felt up to wearing them yet.... so glad they are more accessible in sephora... i deft want a pair of clowns. hopefully i can get them and do an fotd... or even with the ones i already have hahaha!

  3. Your favorites are my favorites, too! I stink at applying lashes, though, so I would be scared I would ruin these in 5 seconds

  4. the peacock halves look sooo pretty!

  5. I've seen these on Jangsara's blog, they look awesome....but not something I would wear.

  6. I have a set of the half horses at home kicking around waiting for some glue. the clowns look good on! might go and get some glue now...

  7. I've bought a pair at the IMATS this January, but I haven't tried them yet.
    They are truely gorgeous.

  8. love the peacock one! :)
    The pixiwoo sister used this in some tutorialS!

  9. I definitely want to try the small Peacock ones. I think they'd be fairly subtle, if you didn't want to go all out with the full lashes!

    I'd worry about wrecking them though, I'm not exactly pro at falsies application.

  10. These are intense. Should look great with a very dramatic eye shadow look. Peacock seems the most wearable.

  11. OH, MERCY!
    Those are the coolest things evah!!!! Superawesomesauce.

  12. GASP!! I need these in my life like, yesterday.

  13. I love these but strictly in an arty way (especially the under the sea ones), I don't think they're particularly wearable in real life.

  14. WoooooW! how pretty these are! :)

  15. Noticed these on the Sephora site last week. I need more lash glue... might as well get more lashes then, right? I think I love the under-the-sea motif the most. Come on F&F!!!

  16. These are really cool looking. Not something I'd wear but enjoy looking at!

  17. GREAT photos! Thanks so much. I got a notice about these in email from Sephora I think it was 2 days ago for the super major insiders (whatever that level is after basic insider). I usually don't like stuff that looks odd. But I have to admit, I was and am drawn to these. I would get a pair to try...and not for Halloween...a music event or something like a dinner party - wearing jeans and a cool top, then these!!! I have zero eyelashes left post chemo, so I am used to wearing regular false lashes.

  18. I have the Peach halves! They're the greatest things ever! Considering they're paper, they're completely worth the price, in my opinion. Plus, when you buy the halves, you get two pairs.

    They're a bit tricky to position right at first, because of the material. They're made from a pretty thick paper, so there's a definite edge that acts like the "lashline" on normal lashes, but they're a lot less flexible, so it takes a while to get used to applying them. Also, they're pretty delicate and will probably break down after too much use and glue.

    BUT THEY'RE SO PRETTY! And they cast the prettiest shadows in restaurants etc.

    When I got mine, they only had the Peach blossoms, the Peony blossoms, and the Horses. I'm seriously excited about these new designs, and that I can get Sephora points for them now!!

  19. these are bleeping faaaaaaaaabulous!

  20. I like that they're creative, but I think they look like a hot mess on those models. Still, they look pretty fun for something costumey.

  21. These are so unique, but it takes a really brave and creative person to be able to pull those off. I can see them looking great for Hallowe'en (can't wait for Hallowe'en!). :D

    I just love seeing people push the artistic boundaries. Really inspires me.

  22. I love the look of these so much! I would wear these with an awesome konad/fauxnad mani to match.

  23. I agree with Beachgal (a few comments back)

    These would look great with a simple outfit and they will be the stand-out accessory.

    My faves are the small deer and butterfly.


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