Thursday, January 27, 2011

Too Faced Cheap Thrills Kit

I saw this in the sale section on a couple months ago and I had to get it. It has a whole bunch of stuff I wanted to try and it was only $20, which is a pretty good deal for all this stuff.

Look at all this full sized stuff you get for $20! A full sized Lash Injection Pinpoint Mascara, Mirror Mirror gloss, Chocolate Galaxy Glam Shadows in Amber Asteroid and Magenta Moon plus mini Pink Leopard bronzer and lipstick in Free Love.

Here are the Chocolate Galaxy Glam shadows in Amber Asteriod (left) and Magenta Moon (right). I keep wanting to type Andy Asteroids. Whooaaaa nelly!

Here's where my first disappointment is: Look at my pathetic Magenta Moon! Barely any pink veining at all. What's the point? :(

The Lash Injection Pinpoint brush. In case you can't tell the scale from this picture, let me describe it: TINY. It's super super tiny. It's designed to define every single lash, but it doesn't add any volume. For me it's essentially worthless as I don't want definition, I want volume.

The mini Pink Leopard bronzer. Look how pretty that is. I love it. It's a little bit on the shimmery side when used as bronzer, but I just really love looking at it. The mini size makes it even cuter. Not the least bit disappointed with this, I adore it.

The Lip of Luxury lipstick (shade: Free Love). The color looks nice enough in the tube, but on the lips it's a frosty nightmare. It's unwearable. And the smell, oh good gravy, the smell is horrible. Super perfumed but not a nice perfume, a bad old lipstick perfume. This doesn't resemble the Too Faced Lip of Luxury formula with its subtle sweet perfume scent. It doesn't seem like a Too Faced product at all, actually. I have a full sized Lip of Luxury in Cupcake and it's nothing like this.

Here are the items swatched: Andy Amber Asteroid, Magenta Moon, Pink Leopard, Free Love. Aw, those Galazy Glam shadows look so pathetic. I love my Moon Beam shadow so much, I can't believe these aren't as good. They're not pigmented enough and there's barely any duochrome. Not like Moon Beam at all. The bronzer is a little too shimmery, and the lipstick doesn't look too bad swatched on my arm but it's awful on my lips.

I didn't swatch the gloss because it's clear. The Mirror Mirror formula is actually really nice. I have a set of the minis from a few years ago and I really enjoy them. The shade included in this kit is I Know You Want Me. It's clear and it's heavily scented with apple. The Mirror Mirror glosses are all essentially clear (some with slight tints but very sheer) and super strongly scented. They're some of the shiniest gloss I've ever used. Very thick and very glossy. Really nice for a clear gloss.

If I didn't use my Sephora money on this (you know, that $20 they sent all the Beauty Insiders a while back?) I would return it. I don't think I'll ever use those Galaxy Glam shadows, the lipstick is awful, and the mascara isn't right for my needs. I like the Leopard bronzer and the gloss, but I already have a mini size of that gloss so it was basically $20 for me to get a mini Pink Leopard bronzer.

This makes me sad. I normally love Too Faced! I'm devoted to their Shadow Insurance eye primer, their Sun Bunny bronzer is quite possibly the best bronzer ever made and I've recently fallen in love with their Enchanted Glamourland palette. Seeing that sad, nearly non-existent veining on my Magenta Moon was so disappointing. I wonder if I could do an exchange? I'd much rather have one of the Naked/Natural/Smoky/Romantic palettes.


  1. Thats a really good deal for all those products!

  2. I love the Enchanted Glamourland Palette!

  3. LOL, I can't believe you made an Earthworm Jim reference. That game had the best music & sound effects. Now I have it stuck in my head...

  4. @CorgiGrrl: Hey babe!!! *waves* :)

    LOL - So NOT surprised to see you here, you polish-lovin' gal! ;)

    Did you find Milani Gems yet? It is still MIA here but it seems our stores get things later than others so I'm still holding out hope (albeit impatiently). ;)

    Also, Wet n Wild released a *somewhat* similar polish a few weeks ago called Party of Five in their new FastDry collection (part of their core line, not even LE!).

    But from what I'm reading on various blogs it looks like most agree that Gems is a closer dupe to HB than Party of Five. Check out Viva Polish for side by side swatches of Gems and Po5.

    Okay, have a good day, chica!!! :) See you on BBC!


    @Scrangie: Ummm... sorry to hijack your comments thread! :-$ *hangs head in shame*

    Wanted to say thanks so much for reviewing these Too Faced products! I've been debating ordering some of the TF GG shadows and lipsticks that show up on from time to time but I think I'll hold off for now... Bummer that these were not great... :( But at least Sephora has a great return policy, I guess, right?

    Have you tried TF's new Pixie Epoxy yet? I've been lemming it ever since I first saw it - thinking I *need* to order it soon! ;-D And yeah, TFSI IS great!

    Take care! :)


  5. That's an awesome price, even for just the mascara, gloss, and mini bronzer. I have a couple of those Galaxy Glam shadows; I've only ever used them as liners. But I saw pictures of them swatched over Pixie Epoxy and they looked a lot more promising!

    I love Sephora's sales! I'm not sure what their exchange policy is, especially on clearance items, but try giving their customer service line a call. They have always been very helpful in my experience.

  6. I've seen some great swatches of the magenta moon, but I'm guessing you got duds, which is sad. I'd try calling them. Sephora is usually very good with customer service.

  7. I love the Too Faced box palettes (Natural Eye, Smoky Eye, and Romantic Eye... I don't have Naked Eye) and Shadow Insurance but I haven't liked any of their other products. The Leopard Bronzer looks really pretty, though.

  8. I am so glad that I didn't buy this!

  9. Pixie Epoxy? Really? How coincidental that Fyrinnae has had a product by that name for quite some that quite a lot of people have been raving about. Hope Fyrinnae can afford to sue the crap out of TwoFaced.

  10. Sandi, huh? Too Faced doesn't sell something named Pixie Epoxy. I believe Ruthie is referring to their new glitter glue primer, which is a similar concept to Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy but hopefully much easier to use.

  11. the eyeshadows look really pretty. I would love too see how they look on the eyes :)


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