Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara with Black Galaxy shadow

I love trying new mascaras (well, really any new beauty product actually...) and when I saw this Revlon mascara I had to try it. It said the magic words: grow lashes. I'm a sucker when anything claims to help your lashes grow. My lashes are naturally really nice: long, dark and thick, but a year ago I had a bunch of them fall out and they haven't grown back in the same since. So, into my shopping cart it went!

I loved this mascara instantly. It makes thick, lush lashes. Not super defined like my beloved Lash Blast, but as softer, more fringe-like lash. I like both. But I liked this one so much that I used an entire tube of Blackest Black before I could even do a review of it.

It's one of those mascaras with the gigantic brush so it helps build huge lashes really easily. It isn't quite as big as Benefit's Bad Gal brush, but it's still pretty huge. This shade is Blackest Black, by the way. Here's a picture of me wearing it:

The shadows are Urban Decay Last Call, Bordello and... I forget... a light pink frosty one. SWF? The liner is Milani Infinite liner in Infinite (the crazy awesome bright blue). Milani has great eyeliners... I rave about them so much and I always forget to post a review.... Anyway...

This isn't so much of a review as a rave and a shopping tip... so... maybe I should work on a real review (two things in one post that I need to finish reviews of!).... But I wanted to mention this while it's still available:

Walgreen's was doing a special where you can get a free Revlon shadow with your Grow Luscious mascara. The Black shade comes with this really cool looking Black Galaxy shadow:

It's a very soft black (more of a charcoal/grey really) with lots of iridescent blue/purple and subtle rainbow sparkles. It's actually rather sheer and the sparkles don't show up really well when applied, but I love looking at it in the pan.

The Blackest Black shade (which I prefer over the plain Black) comes with Lilac Shimmer:

This is a soft, dusty light lilac with some silver glitter. I have not tried wearing this yet; these colors tend not to look good on me. Maybe I'll try it this week...

These duos were around $10 at Walgreens, but just last week I saw these at Big Lots for $4. They only had Black and Blackest Black and only in the non-waterproof formula, but wow, that's an amazing price. You can get two mascaras and two full sized shadows for less than the price of one at Walgreen's. Needless to say I grabbed a couple... I'm on a budget and you can't pass up a deal like that.

I get so excited when I find a good sale...


  1. The shadow and the mascara both look good...

  2. I tried this mascara and I did find that it flaked and was harder to remove than others. BUT and this is a big but, it did help increase my lash length. SO....it's a fair trade in my book.

  3. Wow... I thought you were wearing fake lashes on that photo... o.O

  4. What did you think on the "growth" of your eyelashes? Either way it makes you lashes nice and full looking.

  5. Lucy, the mascara is really nice :)

    SweetsQueen, I did notice that it's a little harder to remove, but I haven't had any flaking (or growth, really)

    Tamara, nope! I'd wear them more often if I was better at applying them. *sigh* haha

    Mel Martini, well, I haven't noticed any growth, but the mascara is nice enough even without it :)

  6. pleassse review cliniques chubby sticks! i got one of them (the rest were sold out!) and I LOVEEEEE it. I'd love to see what you think of them.

  7. I have this lady who comes into my store all of the time and I noticed that her eyelashes were WAY long. So I asked her if she had gotten extensions and she told me that because she had the habit of picking off her mascara that her eyelashes started to fall out. She said she bought this stuff called Lilash and that it worked wonders in just two months. Maybe if you are looking for something to help boost growth you could look that up...

  8. I LOVE the combination of Grow Luscious with Lash Blast. Coat the base of the lashes with Lash Blast to separate them and then a add a full coat of Grow Luscious then maybe a coat of Lash Blast over it. My lashes looked like falsies (I have very average looking lashes naturally) and still grew!

  9. Tried the Grow Luscious but didn't like it. It was sooo difficult to get a decent/even coverage on my lashes; and it's a PITA to remove! My Lash Blast works faster, gives me gorgeous evenly coated and spaced thick black lashes and removes like a dream! ;)


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