Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crayola by Fing'rs Nail Art Decals!

When I was at Hell-mart looking for new Hard Candy things, I saw these carelessly tossed onto a collapsed shelf in the cosmetics department. I thought they were so cute I had to take them home with me.

I'll admit, they're a lot more cutesy than I normally go for, but I love those bows and the multi-colored hearts. Enlarge it to view the detail. The little bows have stitching in contrasting colors!

Though, I'm really not crazy about those Best Friends hearts. I still have an aversion to those things. When I was in grade school, I think it was second grade maybe, these 'Best Friend' charms were really popular with the older girls in school. One day, I bought a pair of best friend charm necklaces and gave half to this girl that I really liked. We were friends, or... at least I thought we were.. Because when she thought I wasn't looking, she got up from her desk and threw her necklace into the trash can! To this day I still remember that. I was so heartbroken. I still have that charm necklace somewhere... Then, fast forward a few years later when I had a real best friend, the Best Friend necklace I gave her ended up getting her suspended from school, but that's a story for another time...


  1. Those stickers are cute. The second best friend necklace story sounds interesting, I hope you share it with us some day :)

  2. Wow, what a twat. Girls suck.

    If it's any consolation, I loves you! ;D

  3. lol the same happened when I gave a girl a Valentine. And I think she got a bit homophobic about it, too. We were like 10.

    Only the under-18 crowd could pull off those Best Friends stickers, though it'd be cute and/or funny if college students tried.

  4. Those are adorable! I have the same feeling about best friend necklaces, etc. ... I always felt left out in elementary/early middle school because nobody gave that stuff to me. :/ I want to hear the second necklace story, though; it sounds funny! :)

  5. Kids can be so mean! I have an 8-year-old and I have a tough time trying to be open-minded when his 'friends' are so fickle. And that sounds like an interesting story, lol.

    Those stickers are super-cute! The details are what make them!

  6. I've been obsessively reading for months but never commented (LOVE your blog). I HAAAAATED those damn necklaces growing up because I went to a small school and the girls all shared them with each other but no one wanted my other half. Girls really suck!

  7. OMG, she threw it away??? What a brat, she clearly didn't deserve you as a friend...

  8. ahhh, they are cute! i'll have to pick up a pack for me and my daughter to fight over :)

  9. I can't believe it! What kind of human being would throw away a best friend necklace?! I'm completely outraged. Don't mind her, you are now adored by millions of reader. :)

    The stickers are cute, although they do seem a little bit childish. Please post some pictures when you will use them! I would love to see that it looks like!

  10. I love the little bows too!

    I'm sorry for the bad best friend necklace experience!

  11. You know, I had a friend who didn't show for my birthday party when I was a kid and I was heartbroken. Weird!
    I'd love to hear about the other girl getting suspended!

  12. omg i gave these to my younger cousin in her stocking hahahah

  13. I remember those Best Friend hearts causing a lot of jealousy.

    I hate them because they remind me of my ex-best friend in elementary school ditching my ass because I wasn't one of the cool kids in high school. GRRR! I still want to hit that b***h with a car.

  14. What a bitchy thing for that girl to do with her half of the necklace. If she didn't want it, she could've just not accepted it.

    And I'm really curious about that other story, too.
    - Mary

  15. You should put the "best" sticker on your left big toe and the "friends" sticker on your right big toe.

  16. What a horrible and rotten thing to do. I wouldn't have done that to you. Your a sweetheart. Adorable stickers, except for the best friend.

  17. Ivonne and Danielle, I may someday but I fear it's not appropriate for some readers, haha!

    Kaz, you said it. Ugh, I'll never fit in! <3

    Katy, what IS it with adolescent girls being jerks to each other?!

    Zara, me too :( No one ever gave me one. I never had any girl friends!

    Ana, that's tough, I'd be so protective!

    Katy, same here :(

    Sarah, I'm so pathetic, I took much more abuse from her even after that!

    Jennifer, awwwe :D

    Jennifer Leigh, aw, thanks :)

    Moosie, I've had that friend-not-showing-up thing too, sucks so much :(

    Skulda, sounds like we all had a shitty girl experience!

    Mary, maybe one day! I'll have to see if she minds me telling the story :D

    Jess, that's a cute idea!

    Lucy, you're so kind to me, thank you <3

  18. Aaww...I totally feel you on the whole "I thought we were friends" thing. My "friends" ran away from me at lunch one day while I was trying to finish eating. I ended up walking around campus alone looking for them until lunch was over. *sigh*

    On the other hand...such cute stickers! They feel so summery to me! =)

  19. Aw, these are so adorable. They do look kiddish but I'm sure you can come up with a fabulous design.

    Kids can be so cruel sometimes :D

  20. I really want to buy that pack and stick half a heart on my philosopher friend's computer. He's such a grumpy bunny. I think I like having the stickers more than wearing them. I swear I have a mountain of drugstore nail art stickers!

    I always wanted to have someone to share a best friend necklace with. I always thought the broken heart image was an odd choice for any type of relationship. I'm sorry about that situation with you childhood friend. I bet she grew up to become a terrible person with limited social skills and an inflated sense of self importance. That seems like a natural end to this story.

  21. Knowing how insane schools have become about nearly everything, I'm >afraid< to hear the other story. WTH happened to common sense? I agree with PaintedLadyFingers about the imagery of a 'broken' heart being an odd thing to share. And the first girl? She now can rest assured in the knowledge that she is despised by thousands.

  22. Awww that was mean! :(
    I wanna hear the rest of that other story too. LOL

    I love the bows!! I was gonna comment on the best friend stickers and say that everything was cute except for those. LOL

  23. haha i along with everyone else wanna know the story!

    also, how many sheets comes in that package?! i'm going go walmart later so i hope i can find them. i adore the bows! i've been wanting to do a bow design recently...i just lack the talent to draw it & the konad plate to stamp it. haha.

  24. Tellmeitsace, there are two full sheets and it was $2.50- pretty good deal! I lack the talent to draw my own too, and the Konad bow is just a bit too big for my nails so it always looks like two triangles lol

  25. Oh my gosh. Feeling so bad for you right now! I was nice to this girl (NOT my friend) and then I heard her say I was retarded. And then I became best friends with another girl. She used me and became friends with the girl who called me retarded. :( What's the matter with girls?

  26. Aw I'm so sorry! That's a sad story! I am really curious about the other story!


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