Monday, January 24, 2011

LORAC Ulta-Exclusive Box Office Hit Palette

This LORAC palette came out around Christmastime and it's one of those blockbuster-style value sets, though this time it's a more manageable, travel-friendly size.

The case has Lorac's signature faux-croc finish, this time in a deep glossy wine shade. This is one of my favorite palettes to look at, just for the finish. Shiny and pretty.

It opens like a book with a snap closure. It has a quarter-size mirror and the palette can stand up on its own, so this might be ideal for travel. Note the lipglosses below the mirror- they are covered with a see-through door- genius! No more powder and gloss mingling in the palette. I hate when that happens. There are eight glosses, twelve shadows, two eyeliner pencils, a blush and a bronzer.

The glosses with the door flap lifted. They range from light to medium and they're all in pink based tones. Some are creme finish, some are shimmer, and the texture is light and glossy.

Shadows on the top. A good sized eyeliner pencil in black and another in brown. See the ribbons hanging down? Those are so you can easily remove the pencils which fit quite snugly in their compartments. Another detail that I really appreciate. The blush, which looks very washed out in this picture, is a super bright pink. The bronzer is a warm terracotta.

Closeup of the shadows. Feel free to enlarge and view the shimmer in some of the shades. These shadows are all on the neutral and conservative side. Good office-appropriate shades or for a quick, subtle smoky eye. Nothing very dark or dramatic or super colorful in here.

The shadows: Top row, middle row, bottom row. See how the colors morph when applied to the skin. The pan colors are a little deceiving; they look quite different when applied.

Blush, bronzer, eyeliners. It looks too washed out in this lighting, but the pink is insanely bright and almost neon. It can be toned down by blending or applied more heavily for extreme candy color. The bronzer is too orange for my skintone, but might be better on someone warmer. Black and brown eyeliner pencils, average pencil formula, nothing noteworthy.

The glosses. They're on the sheer side and a bit lighter than they look in the pans. I feel like they should have included a lip brush in this palette because they're a little hard to apply with the fingers. They are halfway between lipstick and gloss; a little thick feeling like lipstick but lightweight, glossy and sheer like gloss.

The shadow formula seems the same as other Lorac palettes I've used in the past. They're light and sheer and very powdery and soft. They apply sheer but can be used wet for more coverage. The colors do seem to change after they are applied, I don't know if it's because of my skin chemistry or pH or just my skintone, but they don't look the same as in the pan. They blend easily but the sheer, powdery texture makes them easy to over-blend. None of the colors are super pigmented. I find that this palette is best for sheer, natural looks.

This palette might actually be a good gift for a younger teen girl because it's hard to overdo it with the sheer colors. The packaging is really luxe looking and it has a lot of different colors to experiment with. The only wild color in the bunch is that neon pink blush.

This palette is an Ulta exclusive and it costs $35. It was still available last time I checked, so I'm not sure if it is limited edition or not.

(This was sent to me for review.)

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