Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Look using Wet n Wild Color Icon palette in I'm Feeling Retro

Fast, simple look using only the shades in the I'm Feeling Retro palette. That's what's so great about these- you don't have to think about anything. Just put on all three colors like they tell you to and you're set. That and they're under $3. Love them.

I know, I know... I need a haircut. Please don't make fun of my split ends!

This was:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Pink shade from I'm Feeling Retro wet on lid
Blue shade from I'm Feeling Retro wet in crease and on lower lashline
White shade from I'm Feeling Retro wet in inner corner and lower lashline, dry as highlight
Hard Candy liquid liner in Licorice
Cover Girl Lash Blast

The pigmentation on these colors wasn't as nice as in the other palettes. The blue needed a lot of layering to become deep enough for a crease color, so I decided to wet my brush and apply it wet instead. Worked beautifully. These apply really well wet.

That Hard Candy eyeliner, though... Still not sure how I feel about it. I've been using it almost every day. Will get to a review of that eventually. It has holo glitter but it takes ninety bajillion years to dry and it's so goopy!


  1. i like that liner! Its pretty, but the cons probably outweight the pros.

  2. Niiiice! :) Where do you buy wet n' wild make up?

  3. Melisende, I can't remember which store I got this one from (Had to go to a bunch of different places to get them all) but almost all drugstores and grocery stores in the USA sell this brand :)

  4. Beautiful look, the blue is great used wet!

  5. Your eyes always look so lovely! Goopy glitter eyeliner or not. :)

  6. woooow .... I've been admiring your eye make-up for the last days, and each one has been striking, but this one is just perfect! The blue and lilac and purple, it's just so perfect! I'm gonna save that photo and will try it out on myself :) It's so beautiful!
    I also liked the last ones with the black glittery holographic eyeliner and those with the red shimmer eyeliner - red eyeliner is so cool ^^ but when I tried it out at work, people asked me if I didn't get enough sleep *lol*

    But the blue-purple-lilac eotd today is soooooo beautiful ... totally love it!

  7. Amazing! I think you can wet the brush when you use blue eyeshadow so the color will be more dark

  8. Whoa, that eye look is incredible! You blend like a pro. It really looks fabulous with your brown eyes.

    (And what split ends? I was too busy looking at your eyes...hehe)

  9. I did love this set but I definitely felt like the blue needed more pigmentation. You look lovely.

  10. I picked up four of the new shades based on your reviews and have used 2 in the past couple of days. I didn't even realize they were on sale for $1.99 each until I got home and looked at the receipt (this was at Rite Aid). I gotta go back and get the rest.

  11. You come up with such great looks. I keep wanting to try them but I'm a scaredy cat.

  12. That's really pretty! Reminds me of The Last Unicorn colors. Gonna try something like this for work. :)

  13. What a gorgeous look! It's so incredibly pretty, and I really want to go buy the palette now (but my application skills aren't as good as yours!)

    I've also tried the Hard Candy glitter eyeliner in Licorice and felt exactly the same way about it--pretty, but too goopy, and it takes WAYYYY too long to dry! I definitely can't use it as an everyday product, but maybe for a special occasion.


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