Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Essie Winter 2010 Collection

As with most Essie seasonal collections, I'm not sure if this has an official name or not! So I'm just calling it Winter 2010.

I only have four of the six colors so this will only be a partial review.

Going Incognito. The star of the collection. This is a very blue toned green creme. In some types of lighting it's teal but in others it's a true green. It's a little but muted looking, too. Green is such a rare thing for Essie, so seeing this color makes me really happy.

Hot Coco. This is a soft dusty taupe brown. The color on my nails reminds me of melted milk chocolate. In a way it's similar to OPI Over The Taupe- more brown than taupe but but a greyed-out look to it.

Silken Cord. Gorgeous bright fruity red. It may be hard to tell from the pictures, but this is a very candy-colored type of red. Instead of a true red, it's more of a pink red, like a cross between Red Nouveau and Watermelon. Very fresh and crisp and cheerful looking.

Luxedo. A blackened plum-brown. This is two coats and it looks like it's just plain black with a hint of brown, but it's actually a super deep purple shade. At one coat it's visibly purple, and if you can apply it evenly enough it looks really nice that way- semi-sheer, jellyish. Looks a bit like Fall's Velvet Voyeur.

I haven't seen the other two shades, but I'll keep my eye out for them. This collection is mysteriously absent from every store I've been too this season.

The formula is good. A little on the thin side, but easy to control and with nice opacity. Most shades only needed two coats but they all look even better with three. I had no problems with application, no bubbling, no streaking, good wear and dry time. Essie's brushes are very thin, which can be tricky to adjust to if you usually use the big thick fluffy brushes like I do. But, overall, no problems!

Very happy to see Going Incognito in this collection. Such a gorgeous shade. Very proud of Essie for branching out into true greens!

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. You have a nice blog, I become a follower of you. I keep my eye on your blog. Nice colours! I like Going Incognito! It's amazing!

  2. I love "Silken Cord" and your pictures are always so beautiful :)

  3. I have Going Incognito. It's a gorgeous shade.

  4. I NEEEEEEEED Going Incognito. Its my favorite shade of dark teal I"M DYING!!!! I NEEDD NEED NEED IT!!!

  5. Beautiful swatches as always! :)

    Here's just my humble opinions on the shades you didn't have. Smokin' Hot, is a gorgeous darker version of those beloved gruple/greige creams - it felt like a vampy take on those kind of colors and I thought was an excellent unique success. Not much later after getting Essie Winter I picked up Nina Ulta Pro"s Never Glum Plum at Sally's though and found I'd just bought a Smokin' Hot dupe. Here I thought, so unique! no dupage!, but there it was. Oh well, just going to look at it like a backup bottle as I do adore the shade.

    The other one you missed was the vampy Masquerade Belle - this one, not super unique but a very pretty vampy cream all the same. It is in the vein of Wicked though has more brown to it. Very rich, wintry vampy shade for sure.

    I love looking at this collection as a whole - the colors play so beautiful together as a group that it was too tantalizing to not just haul them all. I'm very happy I got them and through the winter they have been great breaks/color cleanses from all the glitter/nail art/heavily sparkly looks I've been sporting this winter. Nothing like a nice fresh cream, just simply gorgeous glossy color sometimes! :)

  6. I love Hot Coco and Going Incognito.

  7. Lily, thank you! I appreciate your review on those cause I still haven't seen them in real life!

  8. awesome pics.. what top coat if any did u use?


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