Monday, January 24, 2011

Speaking of LORAC (Spring 2011)...

... Look what just showed up in my inbox! This looks like the coolest spring collection ever. Duochrome eyeshadows and lustre drops plus new shades of Multiplex 3D gloss?! I may faint.

(Warning: These pictures are humongous and may take a while to load, but they're totally worth viewing full size)

LORAC 3D Liquid Lustre. The press release describes this as a sparkling topcoat for eyeshadow. I've never seen anything like this but it has me super excited.

Multiplex 3D Lashes. A triple-volume mascara with a curved wand.

Multiplex Lipgloss in 4-D- a new shade? It's described as bubblegum pink with 3D glitter. They said the magic word: Glitter. It's being promoted in a set with 3-D (the bronze duochrome glitter shade I love so much)

Last but not least... a 3D Multiplex EYESHADOW PALETTE. They don't look very duochrome in the picture (except for that Club-clone in the top row) but they're described as, "luminous, prismatic, holographic" so I have my fingers crossed!

I think these items are up on now, but they were a complete surprise to me!


  1. I saw the glosses and I think the palette at my Ulta yesterday. I desperately wanted the gloss set, but, alas, spending $50+ on nail polish (I'm sure you understand), I had to set the glosses down...

  2. Thanks for sharing this! If you get any of these items and they do turn out to be duochrome or holographic will you please post pics? Thanks! I love your eye looks!

  3. Pretty palatte! Ooooh!

  4. I tried the liquid lustre at Ulta tonight, the shimmer is goldish green and INTENSE. I like it.

  5. ARGH, you're killing me! Love LORAC! Mmmm! I think it's one of the more overlooked brands, though... Weird.

    Are the Multiplex glosses anything like the LE MAC Superglasses? They were GREAT - so glittery! :) Why LE, MAC?? Why?? *sob*

  6. I tried that lip gloss on over the weekend... Very pretty on!

  7. I opened the liquid lustre in our shipment tonight. Haven't tried it but I'm pretty skeptical. It's REALLY watery.

  8. the lustre drops look BEAUTIFUL mixed in with foundation :)

  9. I really like Lorac. Love to see what this collection looks like.


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